Friday, 9 May 2014

Next Paradise & Just Pink

Hello lovelies,
Is it just me, or do you feel the need to splurge out on a new perfume the moment the sun comes out? I'd usually buy a floral, light scent regardless of the time of year, but Spring just screams at me to go & buy the girliest, pinkest perfume I can find! Please tell me it isn't just me..
On a recent shopping trip I found these two diamonds. I had a Next gift card left over from Christmas, so I couldn't resist.

Just Pink & Paradise

Just Pink - "A fresh green floral fragrance with soft fruits & pink blooms."
Paradise - "A light fruity fragrance with white florals & green notes."
Both of these are Eau De Parfum's & are 30ml.
They're both quite similar scents (I'm rubbish at describing them I'm afraid!) but if you like fruity, light perfumes, these are the ones for you.
Have you tried any of the Next Perfumes? : )


  1. I got a bottle of Paradise in a Next gift set for Christmas one year and it is lovely! I wouldn't even think about going to Next for perfumes normally! Xx

    1. Thanks babe :)

      Yeah it's such a gorgeous scent xx


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