Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Life At The Moment #61

Hello lovelies,
Mum's been decorating the bathroom this week & every time I go in, something new & pretty has arrived. Starting to look so nautical.
James returned from his cookery course having picked up some delicious tips & tricks. We don't have much time to cook meals 'properly' because of our working hours, but one evening, he managed to rustle up this. Seriously, nom. And as you can see, he inspired me to bake some cakes in return. (much to the joy of the ladies at work)
Myself & the girls (+ a few bf's) went out for dinner last week to Chiquitos. Their steak is seriously yummy. Have you ever been? I'd definitely recommend going.
Myself & James came back from Chichester yesterday, after visiting his family & his cutie of a cat. We watched the Liverpool match Monday night, which resulted in me having a very grumpy boyfriend for the rest of the evening.. Really doesn't help me saying "It's only a game.." Yes, I've learnt from my mistake..
& finally, Elisa celebrated her 21st! The picture on the bottom row, far left is a throwback to my 21st (2 & a half years ago! Scary how time flies..) We went out for brunch on Sunday with the girls which was lovely. Oh & in my last update post, I mentioned I was off to Elisa's 21st birthday bash! So here's a snap on the end to show you what I wore. I went for a side plait with a body-con black & white dress : )
Hope you're all well lovelies!


  1. Super in love with your pics and your blog as well.
    Maybe can we follow each other? ^^
    I'm looking forward to your visit to my blog! Thanks.


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