Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Life Lately #99

Hello lovelies,
A few weeks back I was very brave.. & had my hair cut.. but not just cut.. I had layers put back in! I haven't had layers in my hair since I was about 18, which was 7 years ago but decided to take the plunge. My hair is so thick & can get really frizzy & it just felt so heavy around my face. My hair dresser understood exactly what I wanted & I'm so pleased how it turned out. I'm really enjoying wearing it like this, when I can be bothered to style it!
I met up with my girl Lorna for tea & a catch up at Costa & it felt like we hadn't properly seen each other for ages! She always knows how to put a smile on my face.
I also got to have lunch with my favourites at Bill's. Just look how much Lily has grown since I last featured her on my blog! She's the most adorable little thing & has just turned 2 months which has gone by so quickly! It was also lovely to see Naomi who was back from uni & Cathy's friend Ash was also down, so we had a lovely catch up before I headed to work. I didn't realise, but Bill's do a bargain lunch menu, which included steak, salad or a fish dish + a pudding or starter for £10. Amazing!
On 21st Feb, I met up with my tea ladies to celebrate Sarah's birthday. I was working late but managed to make it in time for the most delicious pudding & to see her open her pressies.
I mentioned this is my January & February Favourites post, but James' dad & partner Maria got engaged! We were all so pleased for them, myself & James decided to set up a few balloons & banners for them on their return to England! I can't actually wait to hear about the wedding plans!
& finally last Friday & Saturday, it was my nan & dad's birthdays & we celebrated with a family meal on the Friday night. I always love seeing my grandparents & so nice to get us all together around one table! 
How was your February lovelies? : )


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! And I really feel I'm missing out by not having a Bill's!

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

    1. Awwh thankyou babe! You should try to go to one, they are so lovely & do the nicest food :) x

  2. You are looking beautiful, your hair really suits you like this- I have a mixture of inspo and envy ;) I still need to go to Bill's actually I have wanted to for a while xxx

  3. Your hair looks absolutely stunning hun! I LOVE your layers, they really suit you :).
    I would love to eat out at Bill's, it sounds like such a nice restaurant! I'll so have to visit one time :D.
    Awww Lily is so beautiful! She has defiantly grown a lot since January!

    El xxxxx

    1. Thankyou babe! I know! I can't quite believe how big she is now, she's growing up so fast! :) xxxx

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous, it really suits you! It sounds like you've had time catching up with friends recently and the food looks amazing!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  5. Your hair looks lush! I haven't had layers for donkeys, my hairs feeling pretty heavy so I may nee a chop too. That cake looks delish too x

    Tamz |

  6. Your hair looks lovely! I always love the feeling of having my hair done by a pro! x

    Xtina G Says..

    1. Thankyou babe, yes best feeling ever :) xx


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