Monday, 28 February 2011

I'm Seeing Spots

  Hey gorgeous girlies. So Thursday, I went to the hairdressers. You'll all be pleased to know I went for it.. I got a fringe! (Probably not the most amazing headline news to most of you, but a big change for me as I haven't had one for years!)

  Right so down to my outfit post. Sorry I could only get two pictures, the lighting on the other ones I took were awful & I apologise you can see the side of my bin. Was the only place I could find with the white wall behind me.

  Top - free in a magazine!
  Cardigan - Clobber £7.99
  Skirt - Primark £4
Belt - Primark £3
  Tights - Tesco
  Slippers - Tesco (I did wear proper shoes when I went out don't worry!)
  I'm a little useless, so I'm sorry I haven't got all the prices down, the slippers were a gift & the tights came in a pack & I have no idea how much they were! I got back from Leicester about an hour ago, just made myself a cup of tea & I'm snacking on a chocolate orange. I have work at 4.30 tonight, so I need to start getting ready in a bit when all I really want to do is sleep! Because it was my boyfriend's birthday yesterday, we went out Saturday night & his brother bought him a onesie! So funny. This is the only picture I could find that looked similar, obviously it was an adult version! He had a really cute heart-shaped tail too. N'aww. : )

  How was every one's weekend? I'm sorry to all of you I follow, I'll be catching up on all your posts tomorrow. : D


  1. The fringe really suits you. Lovely outfit, I love the polka dot skirt.

  2. Your hair looks amazing! I love the cut :) Happy birthday to your boyfriend! Sounds like a fun evening :)


  3. aww! gorgeous!♥

  4. I love your hair! It looks gorgeous!:)

    lovely blog; will follow x


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