Sunday, 15 May 2016

Life Lately #105

I can't actually believe I'm writing this to be honest, but last weekend, I travelled to Gloucester for the final time. For those of you who are new to my blog, James my boyfriend, has been going to Gloucester university for 3 years & he has almost finished his final year. We've been together for 3 & a half years, so the majority of our relationship has been long distance & has involved either me travelling to Gloucester or him travelling home at weekends & holidays. It felt so strange to know it was my last time on those roads as I've gotten so used to the journey now. The first time I drove there, I was so scared as it was the longest journey I'd ever done, plus it has a long stretch on the motorway, which I'd only ever been on a handful of times before. Saying that, I now actually quite enjoy it & will miss doing it.

We decided to go shopping in town on the Friday & had lunch in Bills. It was so lovely & hot we sat outside with a glass of pink lemonade & ice cream. Heaven! We also managed to complete our holiday shopping for our trip to Corfu with the family next month. I managed to get a suitcase (I do have one but it's not a hard case, so decided that would be more suitable for the flight) & we stocked up on sun cream. I'm actually so excited! 35 days to go!

On the Saturday afternoon we went to a dog show in the local park. James' friend Tom went last year & said there were hundreds of dogs, so of course, we had to go! We made friends with this little black pug who basically followed us around the whole afternoon, along with lots of other adorable dogs.

Last Tuesday I had my hair cut & sorted. I've found going to the hairdressers more regularly does make my hair grow longer quicker & now that I've started having layers out back in, I do need to go more often. I used to have ombre hair & I let it grow out, then I had a form of balayage done (the lady that did it was awful & I hated the way it looked) but now it's grown out a bit I'm not sure what to do .. what do you think?

You might remember last year that a local farmer hired some of our fields to keep his pregnant ewes in & luckily for us, he asked this year if we could look after them again! This was one of the first lambs to be born (I took this photo when he was less than 24 hours old!) & they are the most adorable little things. Because the ewes are so tame & used to humans, we can get really close to them.

It dawned on me last week that Honey, apart from the occasional dip, had never had a proper bath! So, of course, with the weather being as nice as it has been, I jumped at the chance to get her in the tub! I bought some dog shampoo (which I'd actually quite like to review, if that would interest anyone?) & vlogged the experience, much to Honey's excitement. She came out looking like a complete puffball & ran round the house & garden in a complete craze! I'll hopefully get round to editing the vlog soon so you can see!

On Friday, Elisa & I took a trip to Worthing, to meet our friend Gemma who's training to become a professional piercer. I've wanted the top of my ear pierced since I was 18.. 7 years ago.. so I was finally brave enough to do it! Because she is training, it was completely free & I even got the stud thrown in as well. So proud of myself for actually doing it, even though I squeezed Elisa's hand to death & maybe cried a bit.. I'm such a baby!

It was also my bosses last day on Friday, so after lunch in the sunshine, we headed to work for a farewell drink. I don't think it's properly hit me how different work is going to be without him, but I know everything is going to change. I don't want to write too much on here as I know work colleagues have access to my blog, but all I'll say is I'm going to miss him so much & if you are reading this Nigel for any reason.. you are amazing. Thankyou for being a fabulous boss but more importantly, being my friend.

Ah moving on to happier things, just look at this cutie. This is Gemma & Ollie's new puppy Pushka. They picked him up on Wednesday, so he's only been with them less than a week & is already proving to be a tinker, but just look at that face! So adorable. We all went round to Gem & Ollie's house for Gemma's late birthday celebrations on Friday evening, as they were away in Africa on Gem's actual birthday. I went along after work & had a catch up with everybody & of course met Pushka. I can't wait for him to grow up & we can take him on adventures with us!

How has your week been lovelies? : )


  1. Lovely photos! So many adorable animals in this post! Also, loving the new hair and piercings x

    Xtina G Says..


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