Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Revolution - 144 Eyeshadow Palette 2016 Collection

Hello lovelies,

Let's start by me saying, this palette was very difficult to photograph! The amount of shots I had to take to try to capture all the shades took me forever, so these are the good ones of a bad bunch. Saying that, I couldn't be more excited by a palette, but it's not just any palette.. it's a Revolution palette.

I reviewed the Makeup Revolution Palette - Girls On Film back in February & that's when I realised I had a love for this brand. The shades were extremely pigmented so I was very excited to try this palette that I was gifted for Christmas. (Thankyou Ricka!)

What I love most about this palette, is what ever occasion, I can find the shade I want. There's quite a few natural day colours, but also some darker evening shades & then some completely wacky, out-there shades.

All of the colours that I've used so far are highly pigmented & have lasted the duration of the day. I'm a massive fan of just selecting two shades & a bit of mascara & heading out the door & these colours are some of the easiest I've worked with. They all seem to blend so naturally together.

This palette retails for £20 (I think you can get it cheaper in select stores) but it's such good value for money & definitely worth the price tag!

Have you tried any of the Makeup Revolution Palettes? They are quickly becoming one of my favourite brands! : )


  1. I have quite a few MUR palettes myself, like the Flawless one, but none on this level. Jeez what a palette! I think for me these sorts of palettes are so wasted as I don't adventure much with eyeshadows and stick with warm neutral shades, but can imagine this being such fun to play around with! xx


    1. Awwh yes I'm looking forward to using it for dress up events as well as every day! xx

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous eye shadow palette, all of these colours are absolutely stunning! I LOVE them all :) I'm a huge fan of Make Up Revolution, they make some amazing beauty products! Fantastic review lovely :D

    I hope that you're having a great week so far :D

    El xxxx


  3. WOW this is a big big eyeshadow palette haha, I totally need something like this for versatility, it's all you need ;) No excuse to keep buying a tonne of palettes now haha xxx

    1. Hahaha I know right? I'm addicted to buying eye shadow palettes though, I have a problem! :/ xxx

  4. I don't own any of their shadows, but this looks very pretty and versatile, not to mention it's huge ahaha! I would love some swatches.


  5. I'm in love with this palette! I've been looking for new brands to try and makeup revolution has such a good reputation, this post has definitely made my mind up!

    Lauren x

    1. Awwh lovely babe! They are such a good brand :) x


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