Friday, 6 May 2016

Topshop Highlighter - Sunbeam

Hello lovelies!

I've only recently got into highlighters in the last few months & I'm starting to wonder how I ever survived without them. They can complete a look with just one swish of your brush & give me the most spectacular cheek bones I could ever wish for.

I've added a few to my collection since the beginning of the year but I wanted to share this one with you today from Topshop. I think I must own one nail polish & one lipstick from their range, so it's fair to say I'm not an expert when it comes to their beauty products, but I decided to give this highlighter a go after testing it on my latest shopping trip.

I picked up the shade Sunbeam, which is a beautiful golden colour. I must also comment on the packaging which is what first drew me to the beauty section. I absolutely love the simplicity of the designs, they are so on point right now. 

I tested four highlighters while I was in store & decided this was the prettiest shade for my skin tone. (James also helped by pointing to the most sparkly, multi-coloured one I've ever seen, but we decided I didn't need to look like a fairy in every day life..)

I've been testing this highlighter for a few weeks now & I have to say I'm in love! I adore how shimmery & beautiful it makes my cheeks look, especially when it catches the light. (I included it in my Favourites Post this month, so you can see how much I adore it!)

The main reason I bought this highlighter was because we are going to Corfu in June & I wanted a product that would work with my current skin tone & once I've (hopefully) got a bit of a tan!

I read quite a few reviews that said this product was quite drying on the skin but I haven't found that to be true at all. It's so beautiful & definitely worth the £10 price tag!

Have you tried any of the Topshop makeup? I have the Everything Stick's on my wish list! : )


  1. I've been wanting to try this, I must get around to doing so!

    Lovely blog post babe 💕

    With love,
    Alisha Valerie.xo


  2. I've had this highlighter for a few years & I still love it so much! Such a perfect shade for summer skin.

    I agree with you about it not being drying, if anything I think it's quite creamy-looking on the skin.

    Corfu sounds exciting - have a great time looking glowy and golden!

    Becky xo

  3. I've not tried many of the Topshop beauty products (with the exception of two eyeliners and a nail varnish which I won) but I agree, their packaging is so pretty. This highlighter looks gorgeous - glad you're enjoying it! x

    Xtina G Says..


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