Saturday, 28 May 2016

Life Lately #106

Hello lovelies!

Last week, I met up with my girl Ricka & we went for a walk & had a catch up at our local garden centre. It's the perfect location, a short walk from her house, takes us through the fields, across to the café. They do the most delicious cookies as well as proper lunch time meals. It's always so relaxed in there & despite them always being busy, there's plenty of seating, indoor & outdoor.

Ok, so the main update & highlight of this month was last Saturday when two of my best friend's tied the knot! It was the most perfect day, despite the occasional shower of rain. (May weather, so unpredictable..) They got married in the local church & held the reception just down the road. I can't stress how proud I am of both of them, it was such an emotional day. Vlog will be coming soon!

Sunday I was also lucky enough to not have to work, so James & I made the most of the sunshine & went for a long walk with the dogs. Honey gets extremely hot in this weather with her long coat, but she did amazingly well with her little short legs! We also visited James' dad & Maria for Sunday dinner. Was so lovely as we hadn't seen them for over a month & a half.

On Wednesday, my friend Sarah drove to mine for a walk with her year old dog Vinny who is such a crazy character! We took Harvey with us & they both seemed to get on really well.

Thursday I met up with Lorna & we went for tea in our local town. I always love meeting up with her, she has such amazing stories to tell!

& finally, last night the girls & I; Mils, Cathy, Kym & Catherine went to see Busted in London. Oh my god. My teenage self was extremely happy. I have loved James Bourne since I first saw him in the What I Go To School For video! I'd highly recommend going to see them live if you get the chance, they all have so much energy!

How has your week been lovelies? : )


  1. It sounds like you've had a lovely week my friend!
    Many congratulations to your best friends on their wedding! I can't wait to see your vlog :)
    Oh my, Busted sounds amazing! I hope that you had a great time lovely! I would love to see them live hehe :D

    Have a great weekend :)

    El xxxx

    1. They were so amazing live babe you should definitely try to see them if you can!


  2. Aw this sounds like such a lovely week! Congratulations to your two friends as well. Lovely post!

    Ella xx

  3. OMG I am so jealous of everyone seeing Busted seriously it must be so nostalgic and fun! And the weather was so nice (even the rain and wind) haha perfect time of year for a wedding xxxx

    1. Ah babe you should go see them! They were so good :) xxx


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