Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Tips & Tricks For The Working Day

Hello lovelies,

I've been wanting to write up this post for the longest time! If you know me, you'll know I spend a lot of time at work. I'm probably there more than I am at home! I'm very lucky to say that I do really love my job, but sometimes I'll have those days where everything is just too much. I've put together a few pointers on how to make that working day a bit less stressful & hopefully it can inspire you if you're having one of those days too!


1. Keep hydrated
I'm an absolute nightmare for drinking water throughout the day. Mainly because I dislike water. It just tastes so bland. What I find really helps is if I can see it infront of me. I keep a bottle of orange squash in my locker at all times, so I can just pop into the office & top it up. My other tip for this point is having a 'fun' bottle. I don't mean anything like a kid's beaker with flashing lights.. I just mean something more appealing than a plain plastic bottle. I have a glass jar with a straw that I take in, filled with a few fruit shaped ice cubes & it makes the squash so much more appealing to drink! Maybe it's a psychological thing, but it really works!

2. Take a break
& yes, I mean a proper break. I know I'm guilty for leaving my desk & going & sitting away from my computer, only to pick up my mobile & spend my break scrolling through social media. I always feel so much better when I take my eyes away from a screen, either but sitting & actually concentrating on my food, or by reading a book, which leads me onto my next point..

3. Take a book to work
If you know me personally, you'll know I only tend to read when I'm on holiday. I just can't "find the time" to read in every day life. This we all know is bullshit. (however, I still can't justify that there is time to go to the gym everyday.. you're super talented if you manage to fit that in!) I've recently loved taking a book to work & completely immersing myself in it. If you don't feel like reading a fictional book, you could always take a puzzle, activity or colouring in book. I quite often take my copy of Calm. It's perfect for when you're feeling a bit anxious & I find when I return to my desk I feel completely refreshed & ready to start work again.

4. Go outside
I work in a building that looks out onto the outside world. You can see everyone pottering around, doing every day things & walking from A to B. So why is it when my half an hour break comes around, I decide to go & sit in the back room, away from the sunlight eating my lunch / dinner. Crazy. As the weather has been so nice recently, I've made myself cross the road & head into the park. It bemuses me why I never thought this was an option before, but now I try to go out whenever I can (weather permitting) even if it is just for a short walk & I actually eat outside. Just like reading a book, I come back feeling totally refreshed.

5. Take a healthy lunch / dinner
I work shifts, so I could be working anytime between 9.30am & 8.30pm. This usually means if I'm on a day shift, lunch for me will be around 2pm & if I'm on a late, usually around 6pm. I can't stress how important it is to take food with you to work. There is nothing worse than sitting there starving at 4pm, looking at the clock, waiting for the shift to finish. I always try to take a piece of fruit, I've been loving raspberries & strawberries recently, alongside a salad or sandwich. Being hungry at work really can effect your mood, so make sure you make time to bring food with you.

6. Wear clothes that give you confidence
A lot of work places have uniforms, mine is smart dress & it must be either black or white. I actually quite like our dress-code, as it gives you freedom to wear your own clothes plus I'm able to separate work from day-to-day wear as I love being able to wear colour when I'm not working. However, some days I get into my work clothes & nothing looks right. This is where my underwear comes in. I hope I'm not the only one who feels so much more confident when they know they are wearing their favourite pair of pants under their work uniform? Haha! It really does make a difference.. give it a try!

7. Always remember:
"Everyone you meet is fighting their own battle you know nothing about. Be Kind, Always."
If you work in customer service like I do, this quote is very difficult to remember when you're getting abuse thrown in your face for a reason you have no control over. It can be hard, but always remember to this person who is currently shouting at you, in a few months time, they won't even remember it happened. I've had it multiple times where a customer has come back in, I've instantly remembered their face & the conversation we've had, but they have no recognition of it even taking place. It hasn't effected their life, so why should it effect yours? Just smile & let it slide because it's not a personal attack on you.

I hope this gave you a few pointers & it will help you get through that never ending day! Let me know what you do to make the day go a bit quicker! : )


  1. Such a lovely post. I think staying hydrated is such an important part of the working day that gets neglected so often. Thanks for reminding me of that. BRB gotta grab a cup of water now.

    Love, Kerstin

    1. You're welcome! Thankyou for your lovely comment :D x

  2. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)


  3. Great post! I'm guilty too of going through my social network accounts during break time; trying to stop that habit though haha. I like these kind of posts. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Nour | www.ohmynour.com


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