Friday, 11 February 2011

It's Nice My Boyfriend Has A Full Length Mirror..

  So, I'm currently sitting in my boyfriend's room, while he's out in a meeting & thought I would write a quick post. Last night, I caught the train to Leicester & arrived at 9.04pm to see him waiting for me on the platform. We hadn't seen each other for a month & I'm still proud to say after nearly 2 years of being together, he still makes my tummy flip like the first time I saw him. He walked me back to his, (my flowery pink suitcase in tow) & we talked. Like, properly talked for hours. Catching up on everything. We do speak everyday but usually by text, not the same as being in person. Anyway, becuase I leave on Monday, we've decided to make Valentines day tomorrow. I've got my dress all ready, (I'll make sure to post a picture of it at some point) for our evening out.

  Anyway, what I'm wearing today:

Tiger top: £8
Jeans: £8
Socks: £1

All Primark.

  I love these jeans. I've had them ages & I basically live in them. The tiger top I bought last weekend & I was so annoyed they didn't have my size, but I still went & bought the larger one anyway. (I'm usually a 10, this is a 16!) It actually fits pretty well, but thats Primark sizes for you!

  Has anyone got any plans for this weekend? I must say I'm feeling rather excited about mine. : D

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  1. your top is so adorable!♥ love it!


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