Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Floral Heaven

  Hope you all had a good Valentines day! Mine was spent travelling on trains for 4 hours & then straight to work for a 6 hour shift, so not the most perfect day, but my weekend was pretty damn special.  

  On Saturday, my boyfriend took me out for a meal at this beautiful Indian restaurant & then to the cinema where we were going to see How Do You Know, the new film with Reece Witherspoon in, but it was sold out so we ended up going to see The Fighter. Not your typical Valentines day film, but it was actually really good. Here's my beautiful card & Toblerone, (YUM - one of my favourite chocolates).

  Then on Sunday, I went to visit my best friend in Birmingham. Neither of us had ever been to Birmingham before, but it was a central meeting place, in between my boyfriend's uni & hers. We managed to find a huge shopping centre (wasn't that hard to be honest, it was right next to the train station!) & spent the day looking around the shops & eating Subways. I immediately fell in love with the huge Forever 21 shop. It had 3 levels! I had to buy something from there, so I settled for this gorgeous necklace:

Necklace: £2.80

 I would have bought tons more, but I have limited funds until pay day on the 19th. I also got these from Primark:

 Earrings: £1

Makeup brush: £1.50

Earrings: £1.50 (3 pairs)

  I'm in love with floral accessories & clothes at the moment. When I get paid, I'm so filling my wardrobe up with pretty floral items for the Summer.

  How was everyone's weekend? Did anyone get any surprise cards? : D


  1. Was it the Bullring shopping center (the big silver one) you went to? I love it there and the Forever 21 store.

  2. Yeah it was that one! It was lovely. :)

  3. Thank you so much !
    I really like your earrings (:


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