Thursday, 3 February 2011

My Inspiration

  Hey everyone!

  So, my first post on my new blog, how exciting!

  I guess I should start off with what made me want to write this blog in the first place. I absolutely love reading, funny really, when I was made to read in those hour long English lessons in secondary school, I was so uninterested. Now I have the choice what to read & when, I'm more inclined to do it. So, usually I go to the local library & choose as many rom-coms as I can find! Yes, I'm a sucker for romance. But, I got a free book with a magazine a while ago & I was in the middle of reading another one at the time, so I put it on my shelf & forgot about it. I got to the point where I'd managed to read all the library books I'd picked up the week before & couldn't go out & get more so decided to raid my book shelf to find something. I found the book I'd got free & decided to give it a go. (It did fit the typical rom-com genre I love).

  So this is when I was introduced to Lindsey Kelk's "I Heart New York". It tells the story of Angela Clarke fleeing her home after finding out her boyfriend is cheating on her & flies to New York. She meets a new friend, Jenny Lopez who gives her a total New York makeover & she starts dating two guys. You follow the story of her as she falls in love with the beautiful city & her choice between the two men after her heart. What makes this book my inspiration for this blog, is Angela writes a blog for a top magazine, The Look, about her adventures in New York. Ok, so I know what you're thinking. Don't worry, I haven't discovered my boyfriend has cheated in the back seat of a car with his tennis coach like Angela, I have never been so unhappy & in need of a new start, I've flown to another country like Angela, nor have I ever really dated two guys at once, like Angela. But, I promise you this, I will have some great adventures & stories of my own to write about. :)

  If you fancy reading about Angela's adventures, there's also I Heart Hollywood & I Heart Paris that follow on from I Heart New York. I recommend them all if you love refreshing laughs & romance. & why not visit Angela's blog.

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