Thursday, 17 February 2011

Passion For Pink

  Sooo, I've changed my blog abit. Looks a bit more 'me' now. What do you think? :)

  Anyway, I was sorting through my nail varnishes yesterday, (I stupidly keep them on my shelf that is next to my window where the sun sometimes sneaks through & makes them dry up) & decided to play around with a few colours. I have two pinks, one bright & one pastel. You might have read my other post about pastel nail varnishes I own here. I used that pink by Barry M & my other bright pink, by Models Own called Sophie's Pink. (They have an offer on nail varnishes at the moment, check it out here). They have so many colours I always find it so hard to chose! Anyway, end result:

  Sorry they are messy, I painted them yesterday & then had a bath & took the dogs out today, so not as good as they were when I first painted them. I started off by painting on the lighter shade, waited for it to dry, then painted a strip of the Model's Own brighter shade on to the side.

  You can probably see I'm not the best painter of nail varnish, but I'm always wearing at least one colour all the time, even at work. So let me know what you think, I'm going to be doing alot more experimenting of my colours now I'm sorting them out, but I usually only paint them once a week, other wise I go through a ton of nail varnish remover! (& it stings my fingers!)


  1. i love the new look of your blog, dear. and oh! those nails look pretty with the nail polish on!♥

  2. Love the floral background.
    I go through a lot of nail varnish remover as I change my nails too often. I love your pink nails.

  3. Thankyou girls. :)

    I love changing my nail colour, just takes me ages to decide what colour to chose!


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