Sunday, 6 February 2011

To Buy Or Not To Buy...?

  So yesterday, I went shopping with one of my best friends. It wasn't just a normal shopping trip, oh no, it was the Valentines shopping trip. Like any shopping trip for him, it turns out to be all about certain questions, like; How much do I spend? Do I get mushy stuff because it's Valentines day or something general that I know he likes? & do I spend lots to find he only wanted a joke present from Hawkins Bazaar?

  Now usually, I love buying presents for my other half. I get the best, most perfect thing I can find, not usually something expensive, but something personal for him. This year however, he is at uni for Valentines day. Not that I mind travelling up to see him & everything, I just had to contemplate how to get masses of presents, on the trains, for a two & a half hour journey. Not the easiest of tasks I can assure you. I managed to get two items (can't write what they are in case he comes snooping) that are good, but I need a few more ideas. I swear men are harder to buy for, I mean, I'd be happy with flowers & chocolate any day.

  Sorry to the people who hate Valentines, I'll post pictures later of my shopping trip part 2, where I did buy a ton of stuff for myself as well! So much for making that trip all about my boyfriend...

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