Monday, 7 February 2011

Sopping Trip Part II: The Accessories

  I did buy some clothes too, hopefully I'll post some up before I go away on Thursday for the weekend. But for now, have a look at these:


New Look: £3

New Look: £3


Accessorize: £2.70 (sale price down from £7.00)

Primark: £1


New Look: £4

  They aren't the best of photos, because I had a rush to take them before work, but I love owl accessories & my favourite earrings have to be the ones from Accessorize, the gold ones with the bird cages. I just love how unique they are & you can wear them for smart or casual wear. Also, going along with the owl theme, one of my best friends sent me this for Christmas:

  She knows how much I adore owls & I'm absolutely in love with this necklace! I'm sorry I can't say where its from & how much because it was a gift, but thought I'd share it with you anyway. I've had so many compliments from wearing this & it goes with so many of my outfits that I wear day to day. Love love love it!


  1. both those owl necklaces are so cute and i love the owl ring too! x

  2. ♥Oh dear, I'm so inlove with those accessories!!! They are so cute and elegant... I heart that owl ring too... and the necklace.. :)

    p.s. Following :)

  3. Thankyouuu! So in love with owls at the moment. <3

  4. ooh these accessories are all soo cute!! =D

  5. Love that last owl necklace! Very cool


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