Monday, 21 October 2013

Fragrances From Next

Hello lovelies!
I've found people have already started asking me what I want for Christmas, have you been asked yet? It's still over 2 months away but I can't really blame them. Christmas will soon be here & the list of people to buy for I swear gets longer every year. Anyway, when people ask me this question, I really don't know what to say. You don't want to say the same thing to more than one person in case you get duplicates, but at the same time, saying nothing means you could end up with something totally random & a waste of that persons money.
One thing I've found to say to people when they ask me is perfume.
Obviously you need to know which one to ask for as everyone has different favourites & you could end up with one that your nan used to wear. (nothing wrong with that but if it reminds you of old lady smell, maybe it's best you write down the name!)
I blogged last year about one of my favourite day time fragrances by Next called Forever Love. I still stand by saying that is one of my absolute favourites. Since then, I haven't been able to resist popping into Next & testing their fragrances as I absolutely fell in love with this one. They are so beautiful & cheap, you really can't say no.
I went shopping yesterday & couldn't make up my mind so instead of picking just one, I chose three. They seem to have a big range in at the moment! So I chose the smallest bottles of each of the three fragrances to test them. What I love about Next is their sizing of bottles. They do a small, medium & large bottle of most of their perfumes (some just a large & small) & usually a large bottle is between £10-15. Perfect for a personal Christmas gift. I'd previously bought Forever Love in the largest bottle  (75ml) & that almost lasted me a year. 
Anyway! On to the ones I chose:  

£4 - Next Eau De Parfum - Sparkle

"A radiant floriental with sparkling citrus & luminous floral notes wrapped in precious woods."
£3.50 - Next Eau De Toilette - Diamonds

"An opulent white floral fragrance entwined with fresh fruit nectars & crystalline musks."
£4 - Next Eau De Parfum - Gold

"A dazzling fragrance with golden flower nectars, gloriously sweet vanilla & molten amber."
I have to be the most rubbish person at describing scents & besides, you'll never know the actual scent until you go & smell for yourself! But I've copied the short description on the back of each fragrance to give you a rough idea.
Have you tried any of the next fragrances?
What's your favourite if you have? : )

Monday, 14 October 2013

Recent Nails #10

Rimmel - Tangy Tangerine

This was my go to shade over Summer. I love a pastel orange & this one is simply stunning. It's not bright or in your face, just the perfect shade for holidays in the sun, especially coming home with a tan.

2True - Shade 15 & Miss Sporty - Sparkle Touch

These looked a lot better in person than they do here. The glitter polish is one of my favourites & luckily it's one of the easiest to remove polishes I've come across. Nothing worse than scrubbing at your nails for hours & the glitter not budging.

Missguided - Misschievous

I adore this shade. I think I got it free in a magazine a while ago, it's so gorgeous & easy to apply.

Missguied - Misschievous & Models Own nail art pen in black

Again, I couldn't resist making them a bit more quirky by adding some polka dots & turning them into 'lady bird' nails.

Have you got a favourite polish lined up for Autumn / Winter?
& if you liked this post, make sure you check out my other nail related blogs. : )

Monday, 7 October 2013

Life At The Moment #49

Cosy day with my girl / Stella sleeping / OOTD / Lazy Sunday / Watching my 'little brother' play football / NOTW / NOTW with polka dots / My dad made me a flower press, so cute / Plait for messy hair / Honey & what was supposed to be her birthday present (a month early) / Christmas is coming! / Tea & cake with these two lovelies at work / Hello cutie / NOTW / Chair-o-planes / Beautiful beach / The best ice creams ever / OOTD / Lazy babies / OOTD / Walking with this cutie / We're weird.. we know.. / NOTW / James sent me flowers & chocs to work : ) / On the beach before he went home.

Wow, it's nearly been a month since I've done a Life At The Moment.

I want to do a full post on this but I'll quickly mention, myself & mum took a long weekend break to Exmoor a few weeks back. It was so nice to go away just the two of us. 

Also, James came down for his first weekend back after starting uni. He's absolutely loving it despite being ill for the majority of freshers! We managed to squeeze in a meal out on Friday night followed by a day out with friends to Littlehampton to play Crazy Golf (which I'd never done before!) & went crabbing on Saturday. I can't wait to go up & visit him in three weeks time.

How have you all been? 
I'm seriously lacking blogging wise recently, I need to get back on it! : D