Thursday, 30 April 2015

April Favourites

I have to admit, I picked this product up because of the hype around it but I don't regret it one bit! This product has changed my evening routine. I'm one of those lazy people that hate taking off their makeup at night. By the time I think about it, I'm too tired & just want to get into bed. I love that you don't have to rinse this product off, it's as simple as using as much as you need on a cotton pad & just lightly washing your face. Ideal for lazy people like myself!

James bought me this candle for Valentines Day & you can see, I've nearly burnt it all! I'm definitely going to Clintons to re-purchase it. It's such a beautiful scent & such good value, I'd say it was on par with the Yankee Candles, but a lot more affordable.

Nails Inc Express Nail Polish Remover
 As I mentioned, I'm a lazy person. This nail polish remover has been a complete dream come true. If you're not familiar with the product, all you have to do is simply dip your finger into the pot which is filled with sponges & you twist the pot to rub the nail against the sides. It's so easy to do & the nail varnish comes off within seconds. I picked this Nails Inc one up in the Boots clearance section, I seriously couldn't believe my luck!

This song, just wow. Sammi mentioned the band Odesza in her favourites not long ago which prompted me to search for them on YouTube. Some of their songs aren't to my taste, but this one has been on repeat for me all month!

I bought this lip liner from Save On Makeup, a website that sells a mixture of high & low end beauty products. I'm seriously in love with this lip liner! Not only is the colour gorgeous & goes with so many of my lipsticks, but it's very long lasting. I tend to wear lipstick most days & have found that this lip liner stays on a lot longer than a lot of my lipsticks! I really need to purchase a nude & a red shade to complete my collection.

I've heard mixed reviews about this mascara but I'm convinced it's the perfect one for day time wear. The mascara claims to 'volumise & define the look of longer lashes' which I totally agree that is does. The best thing about this mascara for me is not only the price but the fact my eyelashes hold a long lasting curl all through the day. With previous mascaras, my lashes seem to fall flat & lose their curl within a couple of hours, so I was over the moon when I noticed how well this one compares!

I love tea. Anyone that knows me will know that. However, when I've been eating out or having a catch up with the girls, I've been ordering Earl Grey. I was always a Breakfast Tea kinda girl, but since receiving a lose leaf tea strainer for my birthday, I ventured out & purchased the Finest Earl Grey from Tesco. Even though it takes more time than just putting a tea bag in a mug & adding hot water, it's so worth it. I find the making of the tea to be as relaxing as drinking it. Nothing beats snuggling up in the evenings with my favourite brew.
What have you been loving this month? Please leave me links to your favourites posts, I'd love to read them! : )

Monday, 27 April 2015

Life Lately #76

Morning my lovelies,
How are you all? I've been loving this warm weather lately. I mentioned in my last post that I've been getting back into my health & fitness, but I hate running & walking on my own.. so I've been dragging my dogs with me! I say dragging, Harvey is only too happy to accompany me & Honey, well, depends on her mood! You can see from the second photo along that she's more into chocolate eggs than an exercise routine!
I managed to have a catch up with Gemma last Thursday. We went to one of the unhealthiest places to eat in our local town.. just look at that crepe! It was filled with chocolate & praline oh & a helping of cream on the side. Delicious. And is it just me, or does everything taste better when it's in a glass with a straw?
My mum bought me the cutest mug last week, I've fallen in love with robins even more this year as a family have decided to nest near our house. The come & sit near you if your in the garden & are so beautiful to watch.
Last Friday I drove up to Gloucester to visit James at uni. We went shopping, watched movies & ate Chinese. It was such a lovely chilled weekend. I said goodbye to him yesterday & drove back home. I won't see him now for a month because of exams, which is heart wrenching, but least we still have ways of keeping in touch. (That's a lot more than we had when he went to Africa!)
Finally, our first two ducklings were born! This little one is just the cutest. If you've ever held a ducking, they're one of the wriggliest animals to hold! I could only keep this one still long enough for a quick photo before it was squirming around again. So cute.
How has your week been lovelies? : )

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Collection Galactica Lip Butter - Moon Rock

Hello lovelies!
Welcome to the third post on the Collection Galactica Lip Butters. If you missed my previous reviews or are a new follower to my blog (hi!) you can see the posts on Pink Rush & Cosmic Candy from a few weeks back by clicking on the links.
& for now, let me introduce Moon Rock.

Moon Rock is quite a different shade to the previous two lip butters Collection released in this range. It's a nude shade with a slight shimmer. Again, the formula is perfect for my lips & it's a gorgeous shade to wear when you want a more natural look.

I absolutely adore these lip butters from Collection (incase you couldn't already tell!) I just wish they would bring out a few more shades, would love to try a cherry red in this formula.

Have you tried any of this range? What did you think? : )

Monday, 20 April 2015

OOTD - Easter Bunny

Hello lovelies,

Hope you're all well : )

I haven't done an OOTD for absolutely ages! I wanted to show you what I wore to lunch with my grandparents on Easter Sunday. I was lucky enough to get the day off work, so my parents, Auntie & Uncle went to visit my Grandparents. I did a full post on the day which you can read here if you like : )
It seems silly to me looking back at this outfit 2 weeks later as I'm now sitting in 24 degree heat in my garden, wearing shorts & a tee & here I am in a leather jacket, jumper & tights. Crazy English weather.
Anyway, the outfit. I picked up this rabbit jumper in the Primark sale for £7 & thought it would be perfect for Easter (& when I'm having a lazy day round the house with leggings!) My trusty leather jacket from Select Fashion never leaves my side these days. It's just the perfect jacket to throw on over any outfit & is a lot cooler than a winter coat.
This beautiful floral skirt is actually a dress from New Look & I thought it would go in perfect contrast with the biker boots & jacket. I got these boots from Primark for Christmas last year & adore them! They just add character to an outfit without being too OTT.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend! I wrote a full post on my Easter nails & our adventures over the 4 day weekend if you'd like to read, just follow the links.
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend : )

Friday, 17 April 2015

Life Lately #75

Hello lovelies,
How are you all? I've been getting back into my health & fitness this month, starting with my new purchase, a blender. I made my first smoothie & got a bit excited by throwing in every fruit we had in the house into one bottle.. it tasted ok, but I really need to find some good recipes for smoothies. Is there any you'd recommend? I've also been jogging every other day / 3 times a week to get a toned body for summer. Primark's sports wear section has been a complete life saver!
Did you see my Easter posts? I decided to try my first ever set of false nails over the Easter weekend & spent the day on Sunday with my family.
I've also been loving this hot weather! James has been home over Easter, so we've been doing lots of fun things around work in the sunshine. This was my outfit of the day last week when we went to see Fast & Furious 7. It was amazing. Seriously. I've loved the previous movies for as long as I can remember & was so excited to see it even though it's the last one with Paul Walker. I wore my Dad's denim shirt, with leggings & my trusty New Look boots.
Last Monday, I went to see McBusted in Bournemouth with the girls. We saw them last year in London & decided to go for the standing area this year. We travelled down by car & stopped for a cheeky Nandos on the way. The concert was amazing. The atmosphere was incredible & the boys didn't disappoint : )
Hope you've had a lovely week lovelies!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Nails #21

Fearne Cotton - Lady Grey
This polish is so beautiful. I feel like I'm a mermaid when I'm wearing it. It's very long-lasting on the nails & you only need a few coats to achieve this shade. I find some polishes like this take about 200 coats to achieve a non-watery consistency, but like I say, you only need a few coats of this one.
Fearne Cotton - Burnt Out
Another gorgeous shade from Fearne Cotton's collection & slightly more out of my comfort zone. I do wear all different colours on my nails, but orange is one I struggle with. This one is simply stunning. I can't say no to a sparkly polish!
Barbara Daly - Purple
This one is a proper stable colour for work. Our colour scheme is purple with a black & white uniform, so this does perfectly for every day wear.
Primark - PS Love Fashion Nails
Now, these are my first ever false nails. Yup, that's right. I've never applied false nails before, I've always done my own nail art. I bought these well over a year ago from Primark (along with some bright pink sparkly ones..) & they've finally seen the light of day! All thanks to Easter. So there we go, my first ever 'fake' manicure. And I love them. I've written a full post on these nails which you can read here if you're interested : )
I also wrote a post about my Easter adventures, which you can read here if you like. Our first lambs were born & we ate the biggest chocolate log you can imagine! : )
Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend!

Friday, 10 April 2015

Easter 2015

Hello lovelies,
Hope you all had a lovely Easter :)
I wanted to post today to show you what I got up to over the weekend. Sadly I was working 2/4 days, so not bad seeing as the theatre I work at is open every day.
I managed to spend Easter Sunday daytime with my family & the evening with James' family.
We started the day with an Easter egg hunt, which my mum loves doing for us every year! Honey especially loves helping in the garden..
At the end of each clue, we found an egg & then this little cutie at the end!
After the hunt, James went to his family for lunch while myself, mum & dad went to my Grandparents'. We had the most amazing spread of buffet food, followed by the biggest chocolate log you've ever seen.
We bought my Grandad the cutest hat (which completely clashed with his shirt but we won't worry.. haha)
I took a few photos in my Grandparents' garden while we were there, it's so beautiful in the Spring time.
We currently have a local farmer hiring one of our fields to raise his 18 sheep. After lunch on Sunday, we walked across to see them, but sadly there were no lambs yet.. Harvey loves them & can't resist saying hello : )
My mum went down to see them again Monday morning & we had our first lambs! They are so adorable & have started playing with the other sheep. (much to their annoyance!)
How was your Easter weekend my lovelies?

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Primark Fashion Nails - Easter Bunnies!

Hello my lovelies,
First of all..
& secondly, I wanted to share my most recent bargain with you! (& yes I know I'm extremely late on this bandwagon..!)
 For ages, I've seen bloggers raving about Primark's PS Love Nail Collection. If you didn't already know, Primark sell a pack of 24 false nails for £1 / £1.50 per pack in the most gorgeous designs. Yes, you can still get the normal French manicure packs, but they also do cool designs, like cupcakes, pink sparkly ones & even these adorable bunny ones! Perfect for Easter.
I was debating doing a 'chick' nail art design for Easter, but after remembering I'd bought these last year & hadn't used them, I thought it would be the perfect time to try them out.
A lot of people recommend using a different glue with them as the Primark one isn't the best, but I thought I would try it out along with the nails. When applying the false nails, it only took a few seconds for the nails to stick & they did feel very secure. I've been wearing them for 2 days now & three nails have 'fallen' off, but I've re-applied them & they seem to be withstanding a lot of typing & moving of items which is good! : )
I definitely will be going back to find some more packs. I've fallen in love! & so much better than having to wait for normal nail varnish to dry.
Hope you're all having a lovely Easter weekend! They'll be another nail post coming later this week - so keep an eye out for that : )

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Lush Bath Bomb - Twilight

Hello lovelies,
Really quick post today featuring a bath bomb I got for Christmas called Twilight from Lush.

This was has to be one of my all time favourites. It gives off a lavender fragrance which is perfect if you're rewinding after a hard days work. It's also designed to relax you & help you sleep.
When you first put the bath bomb in, it turns your water the most beautiful pinky / blue colour before transforming it into a dark purply / blue representing the nights sky.
As well as producing a stunning scent & colour in the bath, my skin always feels so soft afterwards.
Which is your favourite product from Lush? Have you tried this one? : )