Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Update #4

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Hey gorgeous ladies. How are you all?

I'm so excited about Christmas now. I'm usually one of those people who hate thinking about it before December 1st, but I'm allowed to be a couple of days early this year, right? Love this photo from weheartit, it's got a real Christmasy feel to it. : )

So, my weekend in Leicester has come & gone & I'm back home again. I had an amazing time. I'm going to do a proper post about it a little later on this week, mainly because I'm still waiting for a few photos to be sent to me from the weekend. : )

I haven't actually got much to update you guys on. I've got a few guest posts coming up for you soon by some brilliant new bloggers I think know you're going to love. : )

Panto is starting in just over a week at work so I'm going to be a very busy bee! I'm selling the merchandise, so lots of flashing swords & fluffy headbands to play with. Haha.

I've just bought a Christmas outfit for Honey, it's similar to this one, but a little more feminine. I have to say she looks adorable in it, so you've got HOOTD (Honey's outfit of the day) *Christmas Special* to look forward to soon! You lucky people. ; )

Right, I'm off for a nice hot bath before work. It's soooo windy today, Honey actually nearly took off when I walked her earlier..

Talk to you soon girls!  ♥

Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Melting Snowman

Evening girls, hope you're all well.

I wanted to show you my Melting Snowman I got from Lush last week. Isn't he the cutest thing? : )

I didn't actually want to put him in the bath - his little face was so adorable. Haha. This little guy cost me £1.95 from Lush, which isn't bad considering some of the similar items cost alot more. He is a bath melt, (guess I should have known that being a 'melted' snowman but I thought he'd be like a bath bomb that fizzes), but he just slowly melts away at the bottom of your bath.

Because he's white, he doesn't really turn the bath a different colour, it just goes slightly cloudy.

I took him out the bath to see how dissolved he was & this is what he looked like:

Made me laugh. : D

He smells of marzipan & after my bath, my skin felt so soft & smelt delicious. Definitely buying this again. : )


So I'm off to Leicester tomorrow! I'm so excited. Haven't really got much planned for the weekend yet but I know I'm seeing Cathy (one of my best friends from secondary school) who goes to uni in Nottingham on Sunday. Hopefully do a bit of shopping & have some lunch.

I'll hopefully be back blogging again by Tuesday,  have a good weekend & I'll talk to you soon girls!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Autumn Walk

Hey girls, hope you're all well. : )

Took my camera out with us on a walk on Saturday. I never take it when it's just me & the dogs, mainly because Harvey is such a lively man, he tends to take off at any sign of movement so I'm terrified of dropping it! But I did manage to get a few decent shots.

*If you do want to use any of my images, please include a link to my blog & image credit.

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday. The sun was so bright & not too cold.

Those pink berries I thought were so pretty. We have the 'normal' red ones growing down our road, but I've never seen the bright pink ones before.

Went out last night for sober drinks at the pub, was a good laugh. : ) My boyfriend texted me this morning saying he'd seen The Risk last night, they were at his uni! I was so jealous! He's now seen JLS & The Risk.. that's a little bit rude don't you think? ; D Mmm, I should start going to uni just so I can see these amazing bands live. Plan? I think so. : )

Right, I'm off to work. (Still recovering from the mid-night Twilight) has anyone else seen it yet?

OH! & if you haven't seen my post from yesterday, go read it now! #PackagePals!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Package Pals!

Omgosh, you have no idea how excited I am to be writing this post. : D

Over a month ago, I was contacted by the gorgeous Gentri to take part in Package Pals. It's been the most amazing experience, seriously. So I guess I should explain what this is all about so you can all share my excitement!

Gentri advertised for bloggers to come together, make friends & send packages off to each other. You were matched with someone in a different country so you were able to send gifts unique to where you live. My Package Pal was Nnenna, who blogs over at star-crossed smile from New York. We started chatting & instantly hit it off. She is the most lovely girl & is so creative with her gorgeous knitwear, which she sells over at her Etsy shop. Go visit it now!

So let's get on to the presents!

This is what I sent Nnenna: (if you want to see the presents unwrapped, go visit her blog!)

Nnenna received her package yesterday, so I can tell you what I got her; MUA lipstick, nail varnish & eye liner, an accessorize necklace which had the Queen's face on & the large rectangle box had got a London bus in it! : )

& this is what I received from Nnenna:

I absolutely love all my presents & I'm sooo pleased I took part in this. I made a new best friend & gained some gorgeous new items. If you ever get the opportunity to do this, definitely go for it.. : ) You'll be buzzzzzin'!

Thursday, 17 November 2011


Afternoon girls. : )

These were done rushed this morning, so I apologise they aren't neater.

I got the Nails Inc from Glamour this month, if you haven't already, go buy Glamour for £2 & you'll get a free Nails Inc nail varnish worth £11. You get a choice of 4 different colours.

So not much has happened this week, I've been working mostly, but I've sort of got a day off today. I say sort of because I actually start at midnight tonight & finish at 3am, because of the Twilight film coming out tomorrow! I'm not the biggest fan of the films, I've watched them & enjoy them but I do have to say I prefer the books. Anyways, I get paid & see the film for free so I'm not complaining. Might just have to have a nap soon to prepare my eyes for later. : )

 I can't believe Christmas is coming so fast & it's my birthday in 2 months time! (Well, 2 months yesterday.. so less than 2 months now!) I'm going to be the grand age of 21. I'm trying to think of ideas of what to do for it, but so far I only have a couple & they will be quite expensive & I don't think my friend's will be able to afford it straight after Christmas. Mmm. What do you all think I should do?

Any ideas are welcome. : )

Monday, 14 November 2011

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream

What a mouthful of a title. : )

Today's post is about these two gorgeous products I picked up last week. (If you follow me on Twitter, you'll probably know I've been lusting over these for a while). There are 4 different shades available, I have the Cotton Candy (light pink) & the Angel Delight (dark nude), but you can also get the Powder Puff (light nude) & Fairy Cake (dark pinky / red).

I first saw these over at Kate's blog & knew I had to have them!

So, what are they? Well, they are lip creams but with a twist. They apply exactly like a lip gloss, but dry like a lipstick.

They have a matte finish, which makes them appear to be just a normal lipstick, except they help moisturise your lips. To me, this just makes them amazing, my lips always dry instantly from wearing normal lipsticks.

They also smell delicious! Seriously, it's hard not to want to lick your lips as soon as you apply them.

When I went to buy these lip creams, I really had no idea which ones to pick. (Boots are doing a 2 for £5 deal on them at the moment, so I thought I'd chose 2, to see if I like them, then go back for the other 2 if I did). The only ones Boots had were the Angel Delight & Cotton Candy, so my decision was kind of made for me, but I wasn't so sure on the colour of the Angel Delight. I'm more of a pink / red lipstick girl, so buying this colour was completely out of character. But I have to say, it's gorgeous, especially for Autumn / Winter season. : )

Swatch of Angel Delight.

Swatch of Cotton Candy.

Only downside I will say about them is they don't last as long on your lips as you'd probably like. (To be honest, I'm awful when it comes to lipsticks rubbing off. Anything that lasts less than a couple of hours on my lips isn't acceptable. I think I chat way too much & it just comes off!) I'd say you'd have to apply this at least once every 2 hours to keep the same strong pigment you first apply to your lips. But other than that, I love this product! Definitely going to be buying the other two shades.

Have you tried these? & what do you think of them if you have? : )

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Look Look Look!

Earlier this month, Amy contacted me & told me I'd won her giveaway! A gorgeous blue anklet. It arrived this morning so I thought I'd show you all. : ) 

*Do excuse the bent postcard, my postman stuffed it through my letter box this morning without knocking.. lazy man! ; D

But how gorgeous is the little box? : )

Love it, thankyou Amy! She blogs over at Amy Valentine, so go check her out. : )

Monday, 7 November 2011

Bang Bang - Boom Boom!

Hey girls. : )

I've had the most awesome weekend. My boy came down on Friday night & we spent Saturday morning munching on bacon & eggs for breakfast before going to a fireworks display in the evening. The fireworks were beautiful, although the actual display was quite short. They said the bonfire would be lit at 7pm, so we presumed the fireworks would start about 7.30ish? Well, we got there at 7.10pm & they were just about to start! Kinda seemed a bit rushed as we watched the fireworks for 10 minutes, then pottered home again. But they were still fantastic. I did get a few shots, but I was playing about with the different modes on my camera so they aren't the best.

He went home yesterday afternoon, wahhhh. Got another 3 weeks before I see him again, then he'll be home for Christmas which will be nice. : )

Oh yes! I found the sparkler photos from last year that I mentioned in my last post. : )

I love light trails, there so fun & easy to do. : )

How was your weekend?

Friday, 4 November 2011


Morning girls. : )

My thumb looks so weird here.. haha!
This is the new Barry M, Gold Foil Effects nail varnish. I can't decide if I prefer the gold or the silver, both are such gorgeous colours. Have any of you tried these? : )

I'm in such a good mood today! My boy is back this evening! (Not that you haven't heard me rambling on about it for the past week or so.. ; D) & we're going to our local fireworks / bonfire night tomorrow. I can't wait. I remember last year we made some light trails in the garden using sparklers & it was amazing. I'll have to see if I can find some of the photos on my old memory stick to show you.

Anybody else off to a display this weekend? : )

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Couple Of Things..

Hey girls, how are you all?

Went for our usual tea trip to town yesterday & I picked up these little things:

Originally £5 - Beales

Originally £5 - Beales

Originally £15! - Dorothy Perkins

I think my favourite item has to be the necklace from Dotty P's. £2 down from £15!? Can't go wrong with that. : )

Sorry it's such a short post today girls, I'm manically trying to get ready for Gord's coming down on Friday & sorting out work times. Hope you're all well. : )