Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Life Lately #145

Hello lovelies,

In my last post, I mentioned James & I were heading to Crufts for the weekend in Birmingham & if you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you would be sick of seeing all my dog pictures, but it honestly was so much fun! I got to meet the wonderful JB from The Kingsman & Fru Fru from Beauty & The Beast! I also got to stroke about a million different dogs, I was in heaven.

We stayed in the most adorable Air B'n'B, which was perfect for us. As we were driving up late Friday night, we wanted somewhere we could access after 10pm, which surprisingly limits you on the places you can book! Jo's home was perfect for us & was warm & welcoming when we arrived. Oh & if you haven't booked with Air B'n'B before, you can use my code to get £25 off your first trip! It's the first place I check when James & I are looking for a short break away.

On Sunday it was Mother's Day, so we went over to my parents' for lunch with my grandparents. Mum had made the table look incredible as always, laid out with way too much food. We bought Nan some presents too, here she is buried in a massive box! It was hilarious seeing her open it!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm slowly building up my book collection & recently added Lily Pebbles' book, The F Word. I'm only a few chapters in, but I'm finding it really interesting & very relatable. Have you got a copy?

Last Thursday I met up with my girlies for Pizza & a catch up & it was so lovely to see them & hear all about Boop's birthday! I can't wait to get our plans together for her surprise.. ; )

& finally, I couldn't do another update post without mentioning the snow again.. I mean.. what is actually going on.. it's nearly the first day of Spring!? James & I came back late Saturday night to find our parking space covered by snow, it made our little flat look so pretty. It's now only 2 & a half weeks till we move seriously not looking forward to packing up everything but we're extremely excited to get settled in now. I'm just going to miss our little flat so much.

How has your March been lovelies?

Friday, 16 March 2018

Our Adventure To Shere - The White Horse

Shere has been a village I've wanted to visit for the longest time. I'd heard so many lovely things about it; a perfect place to have a wonder with some cute little shops & some delicious places to eat. Also, it was where one of my favourite movies, The Holiday was filmed!

James & I both had a Sunday off together at the beginning of February, so decided to head to Shere, for a stroll through the village & have lunch at the White Horse.

I decided to drive which probably wasn't the best idea, as the village is tiny & alot of people park on the road, making it almost impossible to weave through all the cars! However, we survived.. just..

I'd mapped out a walk around Shere to build up an appitite before lunch, called the Villiage Trail. It took us round the back of the village, through a ford, or you can choose to use the footbridge if you aren't wearing approprite footwear! You follow the path round till you get back into the village, by the River Tillingbourne.

The were loads of ducks, big & small on the river & lots of families feeding them bread. We even saw the most adorable bakery called Crumbs, were children were buying bread to feed to the ducks. It was like a scene out of a movie!

We'd booked lunch at the White Horse for 12.15pm that afternoon & I'm so glad we did! They had a sign up to say they weren't taking anymore bookings & were completely full for lunch. Definitely a popular spot & I'd highly recommend booking if you're going to take a trip there.

The pub itself is in the middle of the village & is a 'proper' countryside pub! By that I mean, picture open fireplaces & comfy arm chairs nestled in an old fashioned beamed pub. It has the cutest little seating area out the back, which I'm guessing is heaving in Summer. We weren't seated near the fireplaces, but everytime I went past to the loo, I would stand & enjoy the warmth from the flames before heading back to our table!

Right, onto the food. James started off with the Farmhouse Pate, which I had a small taster of & it was delicious. They provided us with so much pate, there was plenty to share between the two of us!

We both had a roast for main. We sat near a couple who had arrived a bit before us & when we saw their roasts come out, our minds were definitely made up! You aren't just limited to the 'Sunday Menu' - all of the dishes on the lunchtime / evening menu are available if you don't want a roast.

James chose the Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder & because I couldn't make up my mind, I had the Trio Of Roasts, which consisted of pork loin, turkey & beef. All of it was incredible, but the turkey was my favourite, it was so tender & cooked to perfection.

We managed to eat our way through most of the meal, however there was so much on the plate, it would have been near impossible to finish, even though we tried our best! It was one of those moments when you just think "I'm so full, I'm going to explode, but it's so yummy I just want to keep eating!"

After a half hour break, we decided to share a pudding as they all looked so good. We opted for the Chocolate Fudge Cake with ice cream, which again, I can only describe as amazing. It wasn't too big either which we were both hoping after our massive roast!

I'm honestly not exagerating when I say this was one of the nicest pubs I've ever eaten at & we can't wait to go back again! From start to finish, we couldn't fault it.

It also started to snow when we were getting the bill, which just made the whole afternoon even more perfect.

Have you ever been to Shere? We can't wait to go back to visit The Dabbling Duck.

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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Life Lately #144

It feels like ages since I wrote an update post! & it obviously was as my first update is from Valentine's Day!

You might remember if you read my last update post, I bought Cathy a Valentines afternoon tea for 2 at Wyevale Garden Centre. We attempted to get there on the Thursday after Valentines & got stuck on the M23 for 3 hours! We re-arranged it for Sunday & actually managed to get there this time! It was so worth it as well, which was lucky, as I'd never been to the garden centre before, so it was a bit of a gamble. For £5 each, we had a full afternoon tea, complete with sandwiches, scones, cream, jam, strawberries dipped in chocolate, brownies, macaroons & bake wells!

I blogged at the beginning of the year about my goal of reading at least 8 books this year & so far I'm on number 3. I finished this one by Jill Mansell at the end of February & I've written a full post reviewing it which will be coming up soon, but I'm currently on track to read at least 1 book a month, which means I'll be smashing my goal!

Now, I couldn't really do an update post without mentioning the snow could I?! I stayed over at my parent's house while they went away for the night to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday & got to spend some time with my little girl. She's not a massive fan of the snow, it tends to get matted in her long fur coat, but we did venture out a few times before it got too heavy! I can't believe how cold it got as well, I was wrapped up in so many layers! I also wanted to show you this scarf I got from Primark, it was £3 in the sale & is the cosiest thing ever, even though it's constantly malting!

On Sunday, I travelled to Worthing to visit my friend Ricka who has just bought a house nearby. It was so lovely to have a catch up with her as I hadn't seen her since before Christmas & see her new place! We ventured into town where one of my best friend's mum was putting on a book show. We got to meet a few authors & listen to them talk about their books, then had a mooch round the town, before heading back to hers for crisps & tea!  

Later that evening, James & I went to see Allan & Maria for dinner. They've just got back from a 2 week holiday, so it was great to hear all about their adventures over dinner.

& finally, the girls & I got to try the new halloumi with chilli jam at Nandos. It was ridiculous how excited we all were for these & just to confirm, they were amazing!

Oh & the final update for this month is I became contracted full time at work! I've always worked around 40 hours a week at my current place of work, but only been contracted 25 hours & the rest was overtime, so when I was offered a full time contract, I obviously was over the moon. When James & I come to look at buying a house, that will definitely help!

How has your month been so far lovelies? I'm in the best mood as Crufts has officially started & James & I are headed to Birmingham this weekend to see all the doggies! I can't wait.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

My Bullet Journal

"All you need is a notepad & a pen.."

What is it?
When people ask me what a bullet journal is, I simple answer with "it's what ever you want it to be". Despite this being incredibly useless to someone who has no idea what one is, the statement is extremely accurate. No-ones bullet journal is the same & you can honestly make it become whatever you want it to be; a diary, work schedule or habit tracker. It's a dotted notepad, with no rules. You create the pages & content & make it as complex or as simple as you like.

What do I need to start a bullet journal?
Literally, a pen & a notepad & you can start creating your journal. You can buy any blank notepad from Amazon, or invest in a 'proper' journal, which is slightly more expensive. 

Once you're ready to get a bit more creative, you can invest in some stencils for your journal. I've found these are invaluable when it comes to designing the pages. I've used 'bunting' as headers for some pages, but I've found even the simple square box & circular stencils have been incredibly useful. I also invested in some colouring pencils & pens. If you're going to buy the coloured pens, try to chose ones with fin nibs, just for precision purposes. I've found these work better to get more definitive lines. I'd also recommend investing in some highlighters. I couldn't resist picking up these pastel ones from Amazon! & finally, as simple as it sounds, never under-estimate a pencil, a ruler & a rubber. I draw everything in pencil before going over the lines in pen or colouring them in.

Anything else I need to know before I start?
The most helpful tip I learnt before starting my journal was to do research. I watched hundreds of YouTube videos on Bullet Journaling & researched ideas on Pinterest. I've made a board of my favourite pages, which I've taken inspiration from to make my own journal. There is so much to initially think about, so just take your time & plan out your pages; the order, layout & colour scheme before jumping right in.

Ok, so onto My Bullet Journal.

I knew from the very beginning I wanted it to be simple, but pretty. I decided to start with an Index Table, which will be incredibly useful once my journal fills up throughout the year. I also went through & numbered all the pages so I could flick through the bottom of the book & find the page I was looking for quickly.

The next double page was an Introduction Into 2018. I'm hoping to have at least 2 years in this one journal, so I wanted an opening page for the start of the year. I then drew out all the months for 2018, so I have a calendar for reference through the year. This double page took up so much time as I was determined to make it look neat, with the same amount of dotes between each month & all the dates! You obviously don't have to be as picky as me & I'm hoping as the journal goes on, I'll become less obsessed with making it look immaculate haha!

Next I wanted to include a Goals & Quote Page. Goals I'm actually going to fill up throughout the year & the quotes page is literally for whatever fills my mind at the time.

Next we have 1 of my favourite pages, the Holiday Countdown Page! There's nothing more important than having something to look forward to & this double page spread keeps me on track for our 2 summer holidays we have planned this year. I decided to have a sun & suitcase as my main 'holiday pictures' & then added the sun's rays & items to pack & will colour each one in every month.

Another 1 of my favourite double pages is my 'Movie's I've Watched' & 'Books I've Read'. One of my goals this year as you would have seen if you read my review of The Fifth Letter, is to read more books. I have quite a few on my list to get through this year & I'm already on my 3rd book so far!

& finally for the 'yearly section' of my journal, I wanted to include a Bills & Savings Page. The bills page I'm leaving blank for now until James & I move to our new house in April, so I can do an accurate account of our where our money is going & my 'savings jar' is just to track how much I'm adding to our savings account each month. My goal is to put in at least £100, but anymore than that is a bonus!

& now we move onto my monthly logs.

Firstly, we have another intro page. As I got my bullet journal as a gift for my birthday (16th Jan) that month is looking a little bit bare & instead of rushing myself, I decided to start properly with February. These are the pages I'm adding to each month;

Firstly an intro page to the month. This includes a theme for the month; February; Valentines, March; Blossoming flowers for example. My first page I wanted after the intro for the month was my Birthday List, with space for present ideas. The balloons symbolise people I'm buying cards for, alongside their birthdays. Once I'd designed that page, I wanted to create a Sleep Diary to record exactly how many hours I'm getting a night. Oh & there's an additional column for naps! Extremely important!

The next page is my Habit Tracker. I absolutely love filling this in every day. It gives me the chance to see exactly how many hours I'm working, if I've spent time with friends or family & I've even created sections for food items, alcohol, watching tv & reading, just so I can see if I've managed to eat tick off certain tasks during the day. As you can see.. I worked alot in February.. & watched alot of Netflix, but I did manage to read almost every day!

My next page is an Emotions Chart. I'm going to do a different drawing each month, starting with this rose design for February to keep with the Valentine's theme & I've drawn a bunny rabbit for March! This actually turned into one of my favourite pages from February.

This double page spread is for Blog Post Ideas. A blogging ideas page was definitely something I needed in my journal. I always come up with ideas & forget to write them down or put them on an odd piece of paper & lose it! You can see I've divided this page up & separated it into columns, to help remind me what I need to still do for each post. I'm going to change this up for March & have a double page spread for just ideas, then have the chart on the next page as I ran out of room just doing it on one side!

& my final double page spread for each month is a Memories & Spending Page. Memories are so important to me, I love looking back on the past month to see what fun things I've been doing. The spending page I initially thought would be a brilliant idea, but I haven't once gone to fill it in, so I think I'll be leaving that out for the foreseeable future. I knew initially a few pages of the journal would change throughout the year, so as long as I'm keeping the pages I find useful, I don't mind leaving a few blank.

So that's it for now! I'm going to do an update post at the end of the year to show my development with my journal. It's all about experimenting with different ideas & seeing what works for you as an individual, so I'm hoping to see some developments by the time we get to the end of the year!

Have you started a bullet journal? I'd love to see your journals & what works for you!

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Monday, 26 February 2018

January & February Favourites

Hello lovelies,

Can you believe we are almost in March..!? Like, seriously, where has this year gone?!

March always makes me think Spring & Summer are on their way, however, I'm currently sitting here writing this post with snow flurries whirling around outside my window! It's actually bizarre. I'm staying at my parent's house as they've gone away for the night & it's in the middle of nowhere - no idea how I'm going to get to work tomorrow if it carries on like this!

Anyway, onto my favourites for January & February. I've actually not been changing much up this year so far with my beauty products. I struggled to find some I hadn't previously mentioned, hence the 1 lipstick featured in this post & apart from obsessing over my bullet journal & finding a new love of fiction, there isn't much else to add!


No7 Matte Lip Crayon
Cathy kindly bought me this shade for Christmas & it's honestly one of the prettiest shades I own from No7. I'm usually a gloss girl, but I've noticed I've recently been wearing matte shades alot more. This one is called Dusky Rose & retails for £9.

Since I got given a bullet journal for my birthday in January, I've been obsessed with designing my pages & creating content. I've got a full post coming up on my journal, so keep an eye out for that! But in the meantime, you check out my Pinterest Board that I use for inspiration!

I mean, I think this obsession started again when I had my first pancake of the year. Nothing beats a  pancake with bananas & strawberries on top! They have become my go-to snack at work as I'm trying to take at least 1 item of fruit with me each day!

I made an order with The Works back in January to encourage myself to read more. I've been absolutely loving losing myself in a book in the evening, I just find it so relaxing. You might have noticed I've started reviewing my reads of 2018, starting with The Fifth Letter. Keep an eye out for my post coming soon reviewing Three Amazing Things About You! This book has deifnitely made my top 10 favourites!

Marc Jacobs - Daisy Dream Eau De Toilette
I was kindly given this eu de toilette for Christmas by my Auntie & I'm in love with it. The scent is absolutely perfect for me & I'm loving wearing it for special occasions.

A Little Something Hand Cream - Apricot
I can't for the life of me remember who gave me this hand cream! (I apologise if it was you, but please know how much I love it!) The apricot scent is so delicious, I have to resist eating it when applying it! It makes my hands so soft & has helped me out so much in these cold winter months. I'm quite lucky in the sense that my hands aren't particularly dry, but this helps keep them extremely hydrated.

This board game has to be one of my favourites ever. James was given it for Christmas & we haven't gone more than a few days without playing it! It's so much fun & easy to understand (good for me) & a game usually lasts about 20 minutes, so it's perfect for us to do in the evenings just before bed. 


I turned 27! As always, I filled the 5 days around my birthday with celebrations, including a trip to Brighton, West Wittering & Sumners Pond. It was amazing as always & I was thoroughly spoilt.

James & I visited Shere for the day (blog post coming soon!)

Valentine's Day was extra special this year. I worked with Cathy during the day who completely spoilt me with flowers, balloons & lots of beautiful gifts. James also cooked me a surprise dinner when I got home.

I got made full time at work! I'm currently on a 25 hour contract, but work between 37-40 hours a week doing overtime, but I finally have the 37 hours confirmed! It will make such a difference knowing what I'm doing months in advance & have the security of more hours.


I genuinely thought I'd seen every episode of Friends, but since we've started watching it on Netflix, there's a few that have cropped up that I haven't seen! I absoutely love this show, it's one of those programs that can instantly make me smile, whatever mood I'm in.


How has February been for you lovelies?

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