Monday, 8 October 2018

Currently Loving - Autumn Trends

Hello lovelies!

I thought I'd share with you a few clothing items I've loving this Autumn. All of these in fact are my staples most years, but I've had a hunt online for a few key pieces on the high street I thought were too good not to share.


BooHoo Black Rib KnitNewlook Rainbow Cosy Jumper / River Island Leopard Print Turtleneck

Nothing beats a cosy jumper. I challenge you to find something as soft & comforting as a snugly jumper. This year I've been loving stripes. Rainbow print, block colour, anything that screams 90's. This one from New Look just looks so warm & thick. You definitely need one of these for your Winter wardrobe. I've also included a plain black jumper, these just go with everything. I love the simple look of blue jeans & a basic jumper. And finally, how cute is this leopard print one from River Island? The model on the website has styled it with black pleather shorts, which I love, but I can also see it styled with a black knitted skirt, tights & boots. Definitely going to pick this one up next pay day! 

Scarf / Snoods

Scarves make me so happy. You can see my striped theme running from the jumpers into this section too.. just look how cute the patterns are on these two! I'm also a massive fan of snoods at this time of year as well. I hate having a cold neck & will do anything to avoid it! You can guarantee that if I haven't got a roll neck jumper on, I'm wearing a scarf.

Knee High Boots

Ah I'm obsessed with knee high boots. I just love them. I have a pair of black & grey ones & this year, I'm extremely tempted to purchase a brown pair! I struggle with finding the perfect knee high boot though.. I've lost count of the amount of them that I've tried on & they haven't fitted me properly. It's usually the upper part of the boot & making sure it stays up when you're walking around that I find the most tricky when picking out a new pair! I end up striding around the shop testing them out! No wonder James hates shopping with me.. These 3 pairs I've picked out above, I just loved, all for different reasons. The first pair are just so glamorous. I can see myself rocking these for a night out with jeans & a nice top. The black pair look more day time but also suitable for evening & I was drawn to the fact they weren't high-heeled, as my pair kill my feet if I'm wearing them all day! & finally the brown pair, I picked these out because I'm on the market for a brown pair of boots like I said & these looked so comfy. They also have the tie at the top, so no danger of falling down my legs!

Just saying those 3 words & knowing I can now wear coats again makes me so happy. I purchased the ultimate fluffy bear coat from Pull & Bear at the beginning of the year & I absolutely love it! I've been wearing it this week (before the mini heat wave last Wednesday / Thursday!) & have felt so happy. I really struggled to pick out just 3 from the high street for this category, but after purchasing a pink faux fur coat about 2 years ago & trying to make it work & failing (I had to buy it in 2 sizes too big & it just swamped me!) I wanted to include another one I thought would be a suitable alternative. The first brown coat I've selected is quite similar to mine, but it has a collar & I actually think I prefer it to the Pull & Bear one. It looks super cosy! The final one I'm sure won't be to everyone's taste & to be honest, I can't actually explain why it caught my eye, but just the colours & print were too cute to resist.

Do you prefer Summer or Autumn style? : )

I would love to know if you've picked up any key pieces & what you're loving for this season!

Wednesday, 3 October 2018


Hello lovelies,

At the end of July, James & I went on a family holiday to Quimper, in Brittany, France. I realised when I was looking through the photos the other day I hadn't actually written this blog post! Apologies for it being so late.

We stayed in 2 beautiful cottages that shared a massive swimming pool & gardens. It was absolutely perfect as we had a range of ages in our family & the cottages were the perfect place to act as a base for people that wanted to go out in the day, but also for those who were happy to relax at the accomodation.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, house, tree, outdoor and nature

We had pretty decent weather as well. The first couple of days were rainy, but it picked up & got surprisingly warm towards the end of the week.

Barrie, Louise, Martin, Sylvie & I ventured out on the first full day (in the wind & rain!) to Point Penmarch, where there are 2 lighthouses. We also made our way a bit further along the coast & saw some massive waves coming over the rocks. The wind & rain kind of added to the whole setting & it was very impressive. I also managed to spot a wild seal! Which was extremely cute, bobbing it's head under the waves.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, nature and water

We also had a day out to the most gorgeous beach which seemed to go on for miles. It was the perfect setting for a walk.

Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, outdoor, nature and water

Image may contain: James Round, smiling, standing, ocean, sky, beach, outdoor, nature and water

We then headed to the most westerly point in France, Pointe-Du-Raz. The walk to the view point was actually quite a way from the car park (just to warn you if you are visiting!) but the view was worth it in the end!

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, ocean, sky, mountain, outdoor, nature and water

Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, outdoor, nature and water

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, nature and water

Image may contain: 2 people, including James Round, people smiling, sky, beard, outdoor and nature

We also had a day out at a gardens which was so beautiful & I got to wear my sunflower dress! (My ultimate dress of the summer!) Perfect for strolling around looking at all the wildlife & pretty flowers. It was only £9 on Ebay!

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, grass, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: plant, outdoor, nature and water

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, tree, plant, child, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: Cat Fuller, smiling, standing, plant, tree, outdoor and nature

Did you get to go on holiday this year? If so, where did you go?

I can't wait to start planning our next adventure!

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

My Blog & I

Hello lovelies!

I started off my last blog post saying I was 'back from my blogging break'. I think it's been longer between that last post then the post before! It's not like I haven't wanted to sit down & type, in fact I've been desperate too, but every time I give myself an hour or so to sit down with my laptop, my mind goes blank. Don't get me wrong, I have so many blog post ideas, but getting them typed up at the moment is extremely hard. The most frustrating thing is, I don't know why! 

I know a lot has changed in the blogging community over the last few years. Everyone & their mum is talking about it.. but has it really changed that much? When did sitting down & typing what was on your mind so difficult? That is the question.

I understand it's different for everyone. We all go through different things in our lives at different times & that effects us in all kinds of ways. A life-changing event happened this Summer for me & it's been hard to focus on anything but that lately. (& sadly no, it wasn't a positive thing that happened, but our family is working through it together) One day I will talk about it when it isn't so fresh.

But still the question remains, when did something we love so much turn into something so negative? A fight for the most views on a post.. who can work with a brand first.. who's bought the latest Prada bag.. none of that used to matter. It simply was about sitting down & writing what you were loving, your 'outfit of the day' or where you went on an exciting day out. 

I think that's where my blog has struggled.

I'm not popular within the community.

I started my blog 7 & a half years ago.. There are people who have been blogging for 6 months & have more followers & brand deals than I'll ever have, but I truly believe that's because I'm true to myself & blog about things I want too & still keep my blog as a hobby. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure everyone is passionate about their writing & some people are so driven to make their blog their job, but I'm quite happy it taking a back seat. I've been publishing my 'Life Lately' posts since the start of my blog & treat it as more of an online diary. I'll be forever thankful I never gave up on blogging, because looking back over everything I've done over the years, it makes me so happy! All the ups & downs, past relationships, work & my life are documented on this tiny page on the internet. It's amazing.

I guess this post is a rant. Or maybe it's not. I'm not actually sure.

Maybe it's just me, sitting down, talking about what's on my mind. After all, isn't that what a blog should be, right?

I would love to know your thoughts! : )

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Life Lately #150

Hi lovelies!

I'm officially back from my 'blogging break'. I really hate saying that, as I'm not actually sure what qualifies for a break anymore.. but I think this has been the longest time period where I haven't blogged & I've missed it. I thought I better start with an update post (number 150!) from this past month as I feel like so much has happened..

As this weather has been so beautiful recently, I've been spending more & more time in our garden. My plants however are not loving it so much.. my strawberry plant in particular! But I have been loving growing my own vegetables & fruit in our garden this Summer. Our onions are currently flourishing & the lettuces we grew were so successful. I've got another post on the sidelines about falling in love with my garden this summer which should hopefully be published in the next few weeks.

James' brother Alex celebrated his 22nd birthday at the beginning of July. Our present to him was a day out to Brighton to do an Escape Room. I completed my first escape room at the beginning of June with the girls & loved it so much, I thought it would be the perfect present for Alex. We completed the room in 58 minutes just in time & then headed to Nandos for lunch. England were playing in the world cup at 3pm, so we rushed home in time for the match!

That evening we headed to Valerie & Barrie's for a Murder Mystery night. I'd never done one before so wasn't sure how it all worked, but it was really good fun. We each got sent our characters a week or so before, so we knew a bit about them & how to dress & act at dinner. The game also comes with a tape & you follow a script to find out who committed the crime. I was Lady Shippe, the widow of Lord Shippe & James was the local vicar who was into drinking & gambling! We thought we would find out the murderer quite early on, but it kept us guessing right till the end. I'd highly recommend taking part in one if you haven't before!

Oh & I held my annual Summer BBQ, which was amazing as ever! It always feels like the day goes so quick, what with all the planning & preparation, but it's always so much fun. I love getting everyone together & playing games as the sun sets. We had the most amazing weather as well.

James & I headed up to Bristol for Matt & Alice's wedding. James was an usher for Matt, so we attended the rehearsal on the Friday evening before the big event on Saturday. It was so much fun meeting all their friends & family & getting to celebrate the day with them.

& finally, at the end of July, we went to Quimper in France for a week with James' family. It was a week full of exploring, socialising & relaxation. The accommodation came with a private pool, which was so nice, as the weather was just as hot as England at the time.

So I think that's about it! I'm currently working my second to last shift before 9 days off from work & I couldn't be more excited. I'm planning on doing a Summer / Autumn clean (is that a thing?) in our house & organising a few days out with my girls but otherwise, I haven't got much on, just going to make the most of the last of the Summer if the weather co-operates!

I'd love to hear if you've been anywhere nice this year? Or still have any holidays coming up? : )

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Monday, 9 July 2018

Book Review - The One We Fell In Love With By Paige Toon

"Phoebe is caught between a rock and a hard place. Settle down and get married, or return to the French Alps to pursue her passion?

Eliza is in love with someone who is no longer hers. In fact, he probably never was… And her dream of becoming a successful musician seems to be vanishing before her eyes.

Rose is out of a job and out of a boyfriend. To make matters worse, she’s been forced to move back in with her mother…

But these very different girls have one thing in common. Angus. The one they fell in love with…"


Ah this book.

I love writing reviews just as I finish a book so I can put everything I'm feeling down in words. Main point of this book; it surprised me.

I knew I would love it. Look at that front cover? It just screams rom-com but I never thought I'd be so attached to the characters, I really didn't want to finish reading it!

You're introduced to 3 triplets at the beginning of the story; Phoebe, Eliza & Rose, who couldn't be more different, but that's what makes the story so great.

I actually surprised myself & warmed to the character I thought was going to be my least favourite, Rose. She is the most adorable person, who I just wanted to be friends with immediately. Obviously they all have a bond with Angus but I read another review of this book & the person stated even though the title is 'The One We Fell In Love With', it really isn't that much about Angus. It's all about the sisterly bond & the relationships between the girls, which I loved.

People have mentioned online that there was a 'big twist' to the story & yes.. there was! A complete twist which surprised me so much, I had to go back & read a few pages again as I wasn't sure what I was reading! Sounds silly, but I can't really re-literate it as it'll totally give it away but I really wasn't expecting it.

I have to mention another character that becomes a main part of the story, who I warmed too immediately; Toby. I won't say anything else, but if you read this book, let me know what you thought of his character!

Overall I absolutely loved this book, it's been one of my favourites so far this year!

Have you read any of Paige Toon's books?

Overall rating -

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