Monday, 29 June 2015

May & June Favourites

Garner Summer Body Moisturising Lotion - Light-Medium
I've used this product for years! I absolutely adore it. I'm not a massive fan of self tanning products (mainly because I suck at it!) so this moisturiser is perfect for me. It gradually tans your skin & moisturises at the same time.

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser
I've been on the hunt for the perfect primer for so long & now this one has come into my life, I think it's changed it forever. That sounded dramatic. But it's true. This primer is a dream! It's so easy to apply & feels weightless on the skin. It really does make your face feel so smooth, ready for your foundation. I tried a primer from Rimmel previous to this one & just didn't get on with it. Plus, I haven't even used much of the product & find I've already had to squeeze the tube. It was really bad value for money. But back to Maybelline! Now I've found this primer, I'm never changing back!
I already own two other gel eye shadows by Maybelline & adore them. They seem to last forever & have a gorgeous pigmentation. I wanted to pick this pink shade up because it just screams Spring / Summer. I've been wearing it constantly this month!

Primark Rollers
Since I've had my hair cut, I've been trying to use less heat on my hair. I've been on the hunt for some rollers to use as opposed to 'attempting' to use my straighteners to curl my hair. (I'm hopeless at it!) These rollers are £1 for 8, so I got two packets as they're the smallest ones Primark sell. I prefer that though. They create the cutest of curls.

I always like to have two / three shampoos on the go at once & as you guys know I love a good bargain. I always try to pick up new shampoos & conditioners when they're on offer. I'm the most lazy person ever when it comes to washing my hair & will do anything to avoid doing it! Haha. Therefore, I need an efficient shampoo that gets the job done fast & has brilliant results. My hair was quite brittle at the bottom before my hair cut, so this shampoo has been a life saver as it helps restore damaged hair. The only thing that I'm not too keen on is the smell, but it is quite subtle so it isn't too big of a deal.

What have you been loving this month? : )

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Collection Eyes Uncovered - Nude Bronze Palette

Hello lovelies!

I picked up this gorgeous nude palette a while back in Boots from Collection. It was such a bargain retailing at £3.99 (think it's currently £2.99!) & I couldn't believe my luck to find one without finger prints. Does anyone else find that the most annoying thing in the world?! Why can't people just use tester palettes..

First point I want to comment on is the pigmentation of these eye shadows. Oh my goodness, you seriously only need the tiniest amount on your brush & it does take a while to blend in, but they all have fantastic coverage.

The shades are also very shimmery. If you're not a fan of glitter or non-matte shades, I'd steer clear of this palette. I love glitter as much as the next 5 year old but even I struggled keeping it from straying down onto my cheeks when applying it! 

Left - right: Ivory / Mink / Ochre / Golden Brown / Ember / Nutty
My favourite shades to use together are Ochre & Golden Brown, such beautiful warm tones for a day time look, but I find Mink & Nutty perfect for a sophisticated evening look.

Have you tried any of the palettes from Collection Cosmetics?

Oh & I reviewed the W7 In The Nude palette a few weeks ago if you wanted to pop over for a read!  I found it was a perfect dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette.

Friday, 19 June 2015

OOTD - Plum Party

Jumpsuit - BooHoo
Clutch & Wedges - New Look

Hello lovelies,

I know these pictures aren't the best but I wanted to show you this jumpsuit I managed to find in the BooHoo sale. It was £12 down from £18. I wore it out to dinner with my girls a few weeks ago. It's so comfy & perfect for that food baby after pudding as it hides all your lumps & bumps.

I paired it with this New Look clutch that I've had since January but hadn't used! Anyone else buy bags & totally forget you've bought them? Once I'd dug it out of my wardrobe, I thought it went perfectly with this jumpsuit. It's half lilac & half multi-coloured glitter & does up with a cute buckle at the front. 

& finally my trusty wedges. I've had these shoes since I was 18 & have worn them to death. They are my default pair for going out & knowing I'm going to be on my feet for a lot of the night.

Have you bought anything from BooHoo recently? : )

Monday, 15 June 2015

South Of England Show

Hello lovelies!
Last Thursday, myself & James went to the South of England show. It was absolutely boiling! Perfect day to spend in the sunshine with lots of food, animals & my lovely man.
Kimono - Select / Sunnies & Top - Primark / Shorts - TK Maxx / Shoes - Converse
I'm massively into tassels at the moment (can you tell!?) I took some leggings rolled up in my bag to throw on during the day but didn't need them - it was just so warm!
We enter our chickens every year in the show, but the Thursday is mainly for the sale. Gareth & Wilson went as part of a display.. & Wilson spent most of the day asleep.. bless him.
We also walked around the other animal tents, including sheep, goats, pigs & cows.
Oh & of course, my favourite tent.. the rabbits & guinea pigs.
Just look at how they sleep. Just piled on top of each other! Cuties.
We also ventured into the flower tent (I was sneezing the whole way round, damn you hayfever..) But just look at how beautiful some of the displays were..
We managed to pick up a few things for the garden while we were there too which was nice.
Now.. onto the food stalls. Oh my goodness.
First of all, just look at that fudge! There were loads of sweet stalls around, but this one just looked so tempting. James also sniffed out the chocolate fountain, so we "shared" some strawberries covered in chocolate. (I had one strawberry..)
Oh & look who was also there.. the Garlic Farm had a stall. Last Summer when myself & the girls headed to the Isle Of White, we visited the Garlic Farm. They have so many delicious sauces, oils, butters, you name it, they make it!
& finally I just had to include my two favourite items I bought from the day. First of all this ice cream. Amazing! I had one scoop of honeycomb & the other was toffee & butterscotch. Secondly, this gorgeous glass jar. I just couldn't resist the thought of sitting in the garden in the summer, with a lemonade.
How has your weekend been lovelies?

Friday, 12 June 2015

Life Lately #80

Hello lovelies!
At the end of May, we dog sat Tetley. Isn't he just the most beautiful dog? James' family went to see a Strictly Come Dancing show at our local theatre, so we looked after him for the night. He was so well behaved & even resisted our takeaway without too much use of those puppy dog eyes..
Ah Sunday roast! I really don't have enough of these. I usually work Sundays so miss out on them, but recently I've either been off or had shorter shifts, so was able to meet up with the girls for a bite to eat at lunchtime.
On 1st June, myself & James celebrated our 2 & a half year anniversary & him finishing 2nd year of uni (any excuse for a date night..!) so we went to the Giggling Squid in our local town. You might remember me mentioning this restaurant before as myself & the girls went there for my birthday back in January. It does the most gorgeous food, definitely worth a visit!
Last Friday I had my hair cut. I won't bore you with the whole backstory, as I've already posted about it last week, but I'm so so so happy with it! I had a good chunk cut off & am feeling a lot more sophisticated with my new do. Amazing what a few inches off can do for your mood.
On Saturday, myself, Boop, Gem & Cathy went out for dinner & a catch up. It was so lovely to see them. We rarely get to meet up because of our rotas & shift work, but we discussed Gem's wedding plans (which is less than 3 months away now!) & hen do plans. Can't wait for August now!
Last Sunday, myself & all the lovely ladies from work took part in the Race For Life. It was such an amazing & emotional day. I've written a full post on it which you can read here if you like. : ) 
& on the Sunday evening, after completing the race, I met up with Kym, Lauren, Lorna & Boop for dinner. We went to ASK Italian & had the most delicious meal. I had the Pollo Piccante Con Pancetta & the Chocolate Amore cake for pudding.
Finally, yesterday myself & James made the most of the sunshine & went to the South Of England Show for the day. It was so gorgeously hot! I'm going to do a full post on our day so keep your eyes peeled for that. : )
How has your week been lovelies? : )

Monday, 8 June 2015

Race For Life 2015

Hello lovelies!
Yesterday, myself & the ladies from work took part in our local Race For Life. You might remember me posting about this event last year. This year, it was bigger & better than ever before! We managed to get a lot more ladies signed up to join us & help beat cancer. We managed to complete the 5K course (beat my time last year yay!) & even had time for a picnic in the park afterwards.
You might remember me mentioning Ellie-May last year; a six year old little girl who was fighting cancer. Last year, her mum pushed her round in her buggy as she wasn't able to walk more than a few steps. This year she was brought back on stage after finishing her treatment in December & was able to complete the race this year un-aided! It was fantastic to see & totally heart-warming.

Here's a few snaps from yesterday -
Wearing - Primark sunnies & top / Peacock shorts & TK Maxx trainers


I'm so proud of everyone that took part & all the money we raised. These ladies are amazing & I wouldn't be able to do my job without them : )
Have you ever taken part in Race For Life?

Friday, 5 June 2015

My New Hair

Boohoo dress & shoes / Primark bag & sunnies / Accessorize necklace
Hello lovelies!
Today I had my hair cut.
A little bit of a back story; I've had long hair since I was little. I remember saying to my mum "I'm going to grow it & never have it cut" which actually wasn't too far from the truth. Every time I seemed to go to the hairdressers, (which wasn't often!) I used to panic & be terrified they'd cut off way too much & quite a few times, it definitely felt like that. I'd sit in the chair & nod when they asked if it was how I wanted it when inside I was screaming "I'M BASICALLY BALD!" Of course I wasn't & they'd literally trimmed it, but I was so obsessed with keeping my length it got a bit out of control.
The day before my 22nd birthday, I decided to get my hair ombre-ed. I'd wanted my hair dip-dyed for a long time, so I thought why not. I've only ever dyed my hair with the wash in wash out colours you get from the drug stores, but as I felt brave, I decided to just go for it. I did love it at the time, but looking back, I basically look totally blonde (cringe at that old post btw!)
I let the ombre grow out until last summer where I "topped it up" but only had half my hair bleached this time. Unless you've had your hair bleached, you never know how damaging it can be. It got to the point (noticeably over the last few months but I'm sure it had been doing damage for longer) that it was so tatty, it looked a complete mess. The only thing for it was to start all over again.
So here we go. I couldn't completely get rid of my ombre, I think my hair would be boring without it tbh! But I'm so much happier with the feel of my hair. I think shorter hair makes me look more my age (24 as opposed to a rebellious teenager with out of control hair!) I just came out of the hair dressers smiling & felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders (literally haha!)
My advice to anyone thinking of getting their hair cut but not sure about it, just do it! It'll always grow back & be so much healthier. Sometimes we just need to be brave & go for these things! : )

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

What I've Been Wearing On My Nails #23

Primark - Un-named
First off is this bargain of a polish from Primark. Unfortunately it doesn't have a name, but was only 80p! The only thing I've found with Primark nail varnishes is they are a devil to remove, but this one wasn't too bad! Lovely colour to add to my collection.
Sally Hansen - Blue-Away
This is another new addition to my collection. It's such a perfect shade for Spring & is very long lasting on the nails. It's advertised as being a 'quick dry' polish & it really was! Perfect if you're in a rush for a night out.
Fearne Cotton - Coral Island
If you've been a follower of my blog for a while now, you know I can't resist a nail polish by the beautiful Fearne Cotton. Her range of colours are gorgeous. This coral colour is showing up a lot redder in the picture than it is on the nails, but it's a perfect shade for the warmer months.
Sinful Colors - Pink Forever
One of my absolute favourite shades. I decided this would be the perfect nail polish to wear on my nails (including toes!) when we went away to the Carey's Manor Hotel last weekend. (you can read all about our adventure here if you like!) It's a Barbie pink that lasts forever on the nails! Love it so much.
What have you been wearing on your nails this month? : )