Sunday, 31 July 2011

Yay - I won!

Hey girls, how gorgeous is the weather today? So beautiful here in the UK. I have to go to work this afternoon, so I'm making the most of it while I can.


Thankyou to Louise from Affordable Treats for this gorgeous procuct. I haven't used it yet but I'm so excited to have it! : D

Went out Friday & last night for drinks at our local pub & a small club called B52's in town. So much fun, I wore just a simple outfit, a grey fitted dress on Friday & my white skinny jeans & crop top last night. Both with heels of course. : )

Oh & I stumbled across this gorgeous blog during the week, being little. Go visit it, Lyzi is lovely & her blog is so addictive. I sat for ages yesterday just reading all her posts from this year.

Hopefully I can do some more interesting posts this week, I feel they've been slightly boring recently. Anyone got any ideas of what they'd like to see?

Friday, 29 July 2011

Vlog #4 - New Look, Primark & Select Clothing Haul

Mornin' girls!

Another vlog post today. It's just got a few items I've picked up from Primark, New Look & Select Clothing. I'll do some outfit posts soon, my mum or boyfriend are never around when I'm decent enough to take photos of! Typical eh? : )
I'm off to town today with Cathy, then out for my friend's birthday tonight. No idea what to wear though. I really really really want some black wedges.. so badly. Somebody buy me some?

OH YEAH! Anyone else finding Blogger a pain today? I'm trying to go onto your blogs & some of them aren't loading at all, just comes up with a blank page. Argh. When it lets me read your posts, I'll be all over them again. PROMISE. ; D

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Clutch Time - Charity Shop Find!

Morning girls, how are we all? : )

I took my nan shopping on Tuesday. She is the cutest thing, only 5" foot so I have to reach the high items off the top shelves for her in Marks & Spencers. She always insists on buying me a sandwich or something from the bakery for driving her. So so so cute. We both love charity shops, so we popped into my local one & she bought me the most gorgeous bag.

I've seen quite a few people show bags like this on youtube from Primark for about £6ish? This was £3! I'm totally in love with it. It's not too big or small, just right for a clutch.

& I can't get enough of this song at the moment. I'm not the biggest fan of Justin Bieber shall we say, but offfft. Love this song.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Vlog #3 - Accessories - Jewellery

Hi girls, just posted my new Vlog. : D

& pictures of my purchases because I know some of you hate video posts!

New Look - £3

Accessorize - £6

Accessorize - £1.50

Primark - £1.50

Primark - £1

Primark - £2 (My friend & I shared this it did come with 6 pairs originally!)

Primark - £1

Primark - £2

Primark - £2

Primark - £2

Blogger Of The Month

Hi girls, I've decided to do a Blog Of The Month post, suprisingly, once a month! Haha. So.. this month I'd like to award it to Gentri Lee. She is such a talented blogger & posts the most beautiful pictures & words. CHECK HER BLOG OUT NOW! : D

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Denim To The Maximum

Hello girls. : )

Thought I'd show you a few snaps of my outfit I wore out last night. It was my friend's 21st birthday last week, so we went out for a meal last night to celebrate at Smith & Western. If you've never been, I'd suggest going! It's a country style restaurant where all the staff wear cowboy hats & look like they've come straight out of a western film. If it's your birthday, you get a "Belly Buster" for pudding. It's a huge dessert made up of cream, smarties, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, brownie & vanilla ice cream. They bring it out with a firework on top & sing to you. So awesome. : D

Anyway on to my outfit. Again, sad I know.. but everything is Primark except my watch & a ring! Oh & my nails are MissChievous Coral, featured in my previous post.

I love this maxi dress, it's so simple but gorgeous. Only £8!

I love the detailing on this waistcoat, the little floral buttons are just too cute.

Maxi dress, denim jacket, key ring, bracelet, shoes - Primark
Watch - Unknown
Leaf ring - Dorothy Perkins

I had such a good night, the girls I went with made me laugh so much, I had a pain in my chest everytime I tried to eat! Hahaha. The sky in these photos is kind of scary I know, it looked like it was going to rain at any moment!

I went on a shopping trip with Cathy yesterday & picked up a few items to show off soon, I've asked on my Facebook page if you'd rather see it in a vlog haul or over a few blog posts. Like the page & tell me what you think. : D 

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Hi girls, I've just got back from walking my dogs with one of my best girls. I always find it so relaxing, having a chatter & walking through the fields in the sunshine, wind blowing in our hair.. Haha! : )

When Cathy arrived this morning, she came armed with jacket potato's, baked beans & Cosmo! Haha. Did you know Cosmo are giving away three different nail varnishes this month? MissChievous Coral, MissTique Teal & MissTaken Orange, you get one per magazine. It's quite a good deal, they are retailing for £5 each. Cathy bought the MissChievous Coral. She painted it on when we got back & decided it wasn't her colour so gave it to me. Wasting no time, I've already put it on!

What do you think? It's quite hard to describe the exact colour.. I thought it was a cross between red & pink where my Mum said red & orange. What colour would you say it was?

Also, pop over to Missguided's website, they sell clothes, accessories & cosmetics & have a sale on at the moment, 75% off! I'm defiantly going to have a rummage through tomorrow. (My first day off in a week! Yay!)

Hope you're all well, I've had a read of half of your blogs today & going to catch up on the other half either tomorrow or Thursday. Oh & hello to all my new followers! If you have Facebook, why pop over to my page & visit me there too. : )

Monday, 18 July 2011

Purple.. Slurple? Why Does Nothing Rhyme With Purple?!

Let me introduce you to my work uniform!

I actually don't mind our purple shirts, some of the other girls I work with don't like it, but I really think it could be alot worse. I love matching & colour co-ordinating my outfits. (Yes I'm sad I know!) You can see I tend to go for purple nails & purple eye shadows for work. The top pallet is from H&M & the single top right hand corner is an MUA eyeshadow, £1 in Boots! My nail varnish is Barbara Daly. (Mum got it for me from Tesco a while back!)

I've basically been living in my work clothes recently. I'm doing a split shift today, 9.30 - 1, then 4 - 9 tonight. I'm quickly doing a blog, stuffing down some spag bol & then rushing back again. But it's all money & if I want to buy all the pretty dresses around at the moment, I guess I need some sort of income!

Oh yeah, who watched the final Apprentice last night? I wasn't that fussed who won, I was just shocked it was Tom.. I want to know how Alan Sugar's mind works! Haha. What did you think of the result?

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Dragon's Egg

Just want to start by saying, thankyou for your all beautiful comments you left on my previous post, they meant alot to me. : )

So, on to my actual post. The other day I bought another bath bomb from Lush called Dragon's Egg. You might have seen my other post about another bath bomb they have, called Mrs Whippy I wrote a few weeks back. I love Lush bath bombs, you never know what to expect when you pop them in the bath! So here's what happened.. : )

Packaging / the bath bomb before it got wet!
The bath bomb when it went in the bath
When I first put the bath bomb into the water - it produced alot of white foam & fizzed around in circles. You can see in the right hand picture, the orange colour starting to come through.

This next bit was the best ever, yes I squealed. : )

The bomb started to fizz around like a little rocket leaving a golden trail of bubbles behind it, so cute!

Once the 'yolk' of the egg stopped whizzing around, it fizzed on the spot & produced orange foam.

This then mixed with the white foam from the 'shell' of the egg & turned the water to an orangy white marble colour.

The final surprise of all was when the 'yolk' had finished fizzing & produced lots of golden glitter! I came out the bath shimmering! : )

I have to say, I loved this bomb! It was so fun & smelt gorgeous. It's a mixture of orangy flowers & lemon in my opinion. The only downside is you have to wash out the bath after using it as all the glitter gets stuck on the bottom & sides. It cost £2.99 from Lush. I'm definitely getting this one again.

Anyone tried this one before & loved it as much as me? : )

Monday, 11 July 2011

Rosy, Emma & Me

So Marley & Me was on tv last night. I've managed to avoid watching that film ever since it came out but my friend insisted on watching it last night. (I hate you Leia!) ;D

Anyway, I started crying way before Marley actually died.. I think I find animals dying more depressing than humans.. weird isn't it. I guess I've always grown up surrounded by animals, domestic & agricultural. So, without being too depressing for a Monday, I want to dedicate this post to my two dogs, Rosy & Emma.

Warning: This is quite a sad story girls, I totally understand if you want to skip today's post!

Rosy (Left) Emma (right) The flash made their eyes look scary! Haha

So let's start with Rosy. We rescued her when I was 7 years old from Last Chance, a local animal rescue centre. She had kennel cough when we adopted her, so she was kept in a separate place to the other dogs because we were told it was slightly contagious for the other animals. We'd looked right round the kennels & there were mostly larger dogs & we asked if they had a slightly smaller dog & we were introduced to Rosy. When she was let out of her cage, she ran around madly, running under the curtains to try & make us laugh. We decided then & there we had to have her. Because she is a cross breed, we have no idea exactly what breed she was, but we know she had Cairn Terrier in her. We couldn't take her home that day, but two days later, my mum picked me up from school & Rosy was sitting in the passenger seat of the car next to her. I was instantly attached.

& now onto Emma. Emma was a Boxer dog. This was my favourite breed of dog when I was younger & when my mum came home one day after going to the vets saying a Boxer dog was homeless & needed fostering, my heart lept & I begged my mum to let us have her! Because she was only brought in the day before we had her, we had to foster her for a week & if nobody claimed her, we could have her. My mum had to go into the vets everyday, hoping nobody had come in to say she was theirs. Luckily, it got to a week & nobody had been in touch so she became our second beautiful dog. I think I was around 10 or 11 when we got her. We think she was around 6 when we adopted her & Boxers don't usually live much longer than 10, so we tried to give her the best life possible while we could. Sadly, about two months before she died, she got a lump on her side. We took her to the vets, they removed it, but shortly after another one came. They were cancerous & we were told they would keep coming back - no matter how many times they operated on. We had to make the decision to have her put down in the end. She stayed happy right till the last second when we said goodbye. I remember having to go to school that morning & saying goodbye to her before I left. It broke my heart but I know it was for the best. She didn't suffer but you could tell she was ready to leave us. 

We sadly lost Rosy 2 & a half years ago to old age & Emma died 4 / 5 years ago now, but they both had an amazing life with us.

Both our dogs are buried in the garden & each Spring, new flowers pop up next to them. I'm so grateful for them being around when they were. Coming home to a dog wagging it's tail at you, smiling & generally so happy to see you - it's the best thing in the world.

Sorry this is such a depressing post! Haha. I promise the next one will be alot happier! Hope you're all well. xx

Friday, 8 July 2011

Vlog #2 - Primark Haul

Today's post is my second vlog, hope you enjoy. : )

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Or.. DO BOTH! : )

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Nik L Nip's

Has anyone ever tried these?
I went to Brighton today with my girls & found these sweets in an old sweet shop down the Lanes. I've never seen them before - but thought I'd buy them 'cos they looked so unusual! If you haven't seen them before, they're bottle shaped wax 'sweets'. Apparently you're supposed to bite off the wax 'bottle top' & drink the liquid from the bottle. You can then apparently chew the wax like chewing gum after you've drunk the liquid, but it's such a waxy texture, it just didn't really appeal to me..
So, step by step of what I did..

Haha, excuse my face. I tried the blue one and came to the conclusion that.. dun dun duuuun..
Not the most yummiest thing I've ever tasted.. might have to give the other flavours a try when I'm feeling brave some other time.. : D
How was everyone's day? I had a major Primark spend out again today, so I might do a video haul sometime this week to show you my new items! Hope you're all well. : )

Monday, 4 July 2011

Accessorize Sale!

Hello girls! How are you all?

I thought I'd show you the two gorgeous items I picked up in the Accessorize sale this week. 50% off! I usually don't shop in there because it's quite expensive, but I always pop in if they have a sale. (Oh & just after Christmas, you get some really good discounts!)

So first is this purse, I'm in love!

It's sad to say I've had the same purse for maybe, 3 / 4 years? & it's a Hello Kitty one. You can tell it's had good use, it's face has completely worn away! This was originally £15 down to £7.50. Bargain!

& secondly this pocket mirror. (My best friend actually treated me to this, thanks Cathy!)

So cute isn't it? That was £3.50 down from £7.

Today is another beautiful day, I'm lovin' all the sun at the moment. Shame I have to potter off to work in a bit. & oh yes! I've made my first button. You can see it at the side, yes, over there, just to the side, the right hand side, see it? ; D

Right, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine before I have to start getting ready. Hope you're having a wonderful day! : )

Sunday, 3 July 2011

London Day Out!

Last Wednesday, I went to London with my boyfriend for the day & we visited Portobello Road, had a walk through Kensington Park & finally ended up on Oxford Street, standing next to a horses' head & some jelly men. Mad right? : )

The gorgeous tea pot down Portobello Road
Sign in Portobello Road
Sleeping duck in the park. :)


The bear water fountain. :)

Horse head in Oxford Street
Jelly people in Oxford Street
So yeah, I thought I better pick just a few photos from the day instead of posting a HUGE page of them. : )

It was such a gorgeous day, we came home from London about 5pm & had dinner at the beefeater in town, then went to see Transformers 3 afterwards. It was sooo good & worked really well in 3d.

Just want to say a HUGE thankyou to all my followers! Can't believe over 100 of you are interested in my random posts & thoughts. So much love to all of youuuu! Oh & I've created a facebook page for my blog - please pop over & give it a thumbs up!

Best Blog Award

Thankyou catflicks!
Her blog is beautiful, definitely one to check out girls. : )

Rules of getting this award:

7 Random things about yourself:

1. I have the weirdest laugh ever, it's seriously squeaky & high-pitched. (I've actually popped my friend's eardrums before!)
2. My favourite animal is a giraffe.
3. My cat is called Strawberry. (I was 5 when I named her!)
4. I get addicted to things really easily.
5. My car's name is Alan Carr. He's a grey Ford Escort Estate, with a load of pink cushions, blankets & Hello Kitty accessories.
6. I love reading, but it takes me ages to get through a book.
7. My favourite film is Titanic, makes me cry more & more every time!

Answer the following questions:

Name your favourite colour: Pink.
Name your favourite song: This changes all the time! At the moment? Give me everything - Pitbull. Such as awesome song to dance to!
Your favourite dessert: Oh, definitely chocolate cheesecake!
What is pissing you off? Being at work when it's so sunny!
When you're upset, you: Call / text my best friend. : )
Your favourite pet: I have alot of pets.. mmm probably my sausage dog, Honey.
Black or White? Black.
Your biggest fear: Heights?
My best feature is: Ermm, I've been told my smile?
Everyday attitude: Keep smiling. : )
What is perfection? Something no one has?
Guilty pleasure: Chocolate!
Nominate blogs for this award: (I'm choosing my top 5!)
Definitely check out these blogs, all I can say is amazing! : )