Friday, 29 April 2011

Just Wow

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  It would have been silly for me to do a post today without featuring Kate & William's wedding wouldn't it? How beautiful did she look, seriously her dress was amazing. : ) (& notice it was lace! Relating back to my previous post!) Did anyone watch it?

  I have to admit, I did cry when she was walking up the aisle with her dad & when she saw William standing waiting for her. N'awwwwh. & their kiss! How gorgeous. Who else noticed the little girl with her hands over her ears on the balcony? LOL.
  So, William is now taken. Don't worry though girls, we still have Harry! & I loved what the Queen was wearing, I thought she looked like a little Easter chick. : )

  & the hats always interest me, some of them are so pretty, some I think go slightly over the top. I saw a few satellite dishes scattered around.. hahaha. I love weddings anyway, but a royal one & the fact she was just a normal girl, turning into a Princess by marrying her fairy tale Prince.. just sooo amazing. I could go on forever about it. : )

  It's one of my best friend's birthdays today, so I paid for her to have her eyebrows & a manicure done yesterday all ready for her party tomorrow. It was really good fun, I had my eyebrows done too. (Stupid mistake, going to work an hour after getting them waxed). To be fair, it was the only time we could have them done as it was bank holiday today through to Monday. I got a few funny looks from people, but the swelling went down pretty quickly!

  Hope your all enjoying your day off if you have one, make the most of the patches of sun. : D

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Velvet Or Lace..?

  Hey girls, how are you all? I wasn't really sure what to blog about today, I'm kinda lazing about in sweat pants & an old Hello Kitty top, (it's my day off, can you blame me!?) so my outfit is definitely not worthy of an outfit post today.

  Anyway, I was just thinking back to my birthday in January & thought I'd tell you the short story of picking my outfit for the evening. You know when it's your party & you want to look the sexiest person there? Have the best dress, prettiest makeup, coolest dance moves? (Even if your not admitting it, I can tell your all thinking it. :D) Well, I went shopping with my girls just before Christmas, to get a dress for Christmas day & one for my birthday. I also asked my boyfriend's opinion on what to buy. He isn't much help in the clothing department, so I had to simplify it for him, bless. I had seen a few dresses a week before, either being lace or velvet. So I asked which out of the two & he said neither, velvet feels weird & he just didn't like lace. So this kind of put a downer on both of my options, but I still went & bought a lace & a velvet dress. Turns out, once he'd actually seen me wearing both dresses, his mouth fell open both times. Haha. : )

  Moral of this story; ignore your boyfriend & wear what you feel sexy in, because your the one who knows best. :D

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  So I thought I'd get your opinions on lace & velvet. Do you have a favourite?

Monday, 25 April 2011

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

  Haven't listened to that Gaga song in ages!

  Afternoon girls, how are we all today? Work was really dead last night, but I managed to watch Arthur, the new Russell Brand film, I have quite a serious crush on that man, but have no idea why! It got really bad reviews, but I loved it. So many good lines & I thought Russell Brand & Helen Mirren bounced off each other really well.

  Can't believe how bright the sun is today! When I looked back over the pictures, my skirt looks quite white with spots, but they are actually cherries.

  Once again, my whole outfit is Primark! How sad is that, but I seriously am not the wealthiest of girls & if I find something in a shop for £30 when it's only £10 in Primark, the choice is kinda made for me. : )

  Skirt - £5
  Top - £1.50
  Shoes - £2

  My boy goes back to uni tomorrow, I'm not looking forward to saying goodbye to him again. He's staying round tonight, then going tomorrow afternoon. Waaaa. : (

  & these two pictures are just for lolz, because I have no idea why the colour of my legs are so brown & my arms & upper body are white! It seriously made me giggle for ages.

Smile Harv!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Furious Floral

  Evening girls! Sorry I haven't blogged recently, I've been a very social bunny this week. Fast & Furious 5 came out in the UK on Thursday, so I managed to see it yesterday. I loved it, so much. It was apparently going to be the last one, but (I won't ruin it & tell you) the ending suggests otherwise.. So good!

  So I managed to grab some sun after I finished work today & persuaded my mum to take some snaps.

Honey managed to sneak in one or two.. ; D

Playsuit & shoes - Primark

  I am in love with this playsuit. I've been trying to find an over-the-top girly one for ages. Now.. the slightly embarrassing part. I actually found this in the pyjama section of Primark, but it was way too cute to keep hidden away in my bedroom all Summer! So I'm wearing it as a casual day suit. I love all the floral details & ruffle around the collar.

  How is everyone's Easter weekend going? I am so excited about tomorrow. I finally get to eat chocolate! Yay! I do however have work over the next 3 days, so not feeling that whole holiday buzz at the moment. Work is dead too, everybody's out in the sunshine, can't say I blame them!

  I'm having a night in tonight with my family, just had a chinese & about to watch Britian's Got Talent. I don't think I've been in on a Saturday for over a month..? Mmm, time for a bath & pamper sesh I think. ; D

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Week In Photos

  How beautiful is the weather today? I know everyone's been saying it in their blogs, but wow! I drove home from my boyfriend's this morning with all the windows down & was baking! Right so I thought I'd post a few photos from this week. : )

Last week we went to Brighton & played on the machines on the pier. (We didn't win anything..!)

My boy & I on Brighton beach.

My beautiful presents from Gordon. :)

I've been living on these cakes this week. My alternative to chocolate! & they are so cute with little Easter animals on top.

My morning routine. Tea, blog & read.

I picked up this beautiful ring yesterday from Dorothy Perkins, £2 in the sale!

Some of my girls on the beach in Littlehampton yesterday.

All of us at the station.

Can't I pull the most darling of faces!? Haha. My friend MADE me post this photo even though I look totally stupid. You can see my new headband though, sorta wearing it full time at the moment! I'm in love with the polka dots.

  Urgh, my nose & legs are a little red from yesterday still, but they are slowly turning brown. I've got to go to the doctors on Thursday about my eye. It still keeps swelling up everytime I wear contacts, so I've been ordered by Specsavers to wear my glasses until it's sorted. So annoying as I love wearing sunglasses & can't over my normal glasses, but I need them to drive & use at work, so I basically wear them all the time.

  On a happier note, I'm going to Brighton again tomorrow with Leia & Alice & then staying over Leia's on Thursday which'll be good. : )

  Fast & Furious is out on Thursday too, so I'm dragging along my friends to watch it. (Mostly the girls, the guys are well up for it!) Hope you're all having a good start to the week. : )

Sunday, 17 April 2011

I Can't Wait..

  ..till Easter Sunday.

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  I can finally eat chocolate again in a weeks time! Lent has dragged so much this year, I don't usually give something up & if I do, it doesn't last more than a week! So this year is a first for me! What I'm worried about is the chocolate won't taste as good as I remember.. mmm.. what am I saying? Of course it will. : D

  Going round Leia's tonight after work to watch Essex, seriously obsessed with that program. Don't get me wrong, I know how bad it is, it's just so addictive! Anyone else watch it? : )

Saturday, 16 April 2011

What's That On Your Head? Yes, It's Style

  Hey girls, sorry I haven't posted much this week. I've been so busy with work & Gordon coming back from Leicester, I haven't had a moment to myself. How are you all?

  It was our 2 year anniversary of being together on Thursday, so he took me to Brighton, where he asked me out. We sat on the beach & watched the pier light up (my favourite part of Brighton). So romantic, I'm such a lucky girl. : )

  I also managed to drag him into Primark & I got two gorgeous bikini's for Summer, (both push up, which is basically what I live in!), a cherry skirt & a new headband. I'm in love with headbands at the moment. The two I got from Primark cost me £1.50 each. I'll post a picture of my new one soon, but you might remember this one I got a few months back.

  Anyway, some pictures from weheartit, because I haven't posted inspiration for a while. : )

  Right, time to catch up on all your blogs. : )

Sunday, 10 April 2011


  How cute is my friend's dog? : )

  So basically, an update on the last few days: Thursday we went to the beach with Dini, isn't he gorgeous? Wearing my sunglasses & Darren's hat in this photo, haha. Darren also did his swim on Friday (was just over 3 miles) in 2 hours 46 mins for charity. So impressed!

  Last night, I went to my friend's bbq, which turned out to be freezing cold when the sun was going in but fun all the same! & today I'm off to work again. I'm part cinema & partly doing a show today. The show is called Chris & Pui, anyone heard of them? Their show is aimed at young kids, so lots of popcorn to pick up no doubt. Urgh.

  How's every one's weekend going? My boyfriend is back from uni this week & I'm so excited about seeing him. We will have been together 2 years on Thursday, so I'm hoping it'll be sunny still & we can go out for the day. : )

  I probably won't be blogging much this week because of work & Gordon being down, so chat to you soon bloggers! xx

Friday, 8 April 2011

Lets Av A Bit O Blue

  Morning girls, today is another beautiful day isn't it? : )

  Can you see I went to the beach yesterday & didn't put suncream on my nose?! Haha. Was such a good day though, we just lazied about listening to music & chatting.

  What I'm wearing: Dress & gilet - Bay. Leggins & shoes - Primark.

  I basically live in these shoes when it gets to Summer. They are so comfy & were only £2! Sorry this is another short post, I always seem to blog just before I go out then I end up rushing around.. Argh, need to plan my time abit better! Hope you all have a lovely day! : )

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


  Hello girls, just a quick outfit post before I'm off out today.

  Shirt - Vintage. Shorts, leggins & boots - Primark.

  So today is a very sporty day. I'm off to watch Darren play basketball, then we're going to the park & finally on to the pub tonight to watch the football. : D

  Hope your all enjoying the sun, it's beautiful today!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Spring Babies

  Hi girls! Say hello to my gorgeous new family members.

Leia is honey coloured, Darren is all black & Pete is black with the brown face
   Yes, I named them after my best friends. Haha! Aren't they beautiful though. It always makes me feel like Spring has definitely arrived when our chicks start to hatch.

  How was every one's weekend? Doesn't really feel like I've had one really. This is what happens when you work over the weekend & have random days off in the week when everyone else is at work! My best friend came back from uni yesterday, I'm so happy because she is now on her work experience year, so she's around till next April. Yay! My boyfriend will hopefully be back next week too, can't wait to see him. : )

  Also, I'm still waiting for my Auntie to send through the photos from the anniversary meal. She is very busy at the moment though, being a wedding photographer & a police officer is taking up alot of her time understandably!

  Mmm, this is a boring post. When the sun comes out again, I'm going to post up some outfits. I got some gorgeous boots for £5, down from £12 in a sale & I adore them, so expect to see them coming up soon. : )

Friday, 1 April 2011

Just Be Good To Me

  Had this song stuck in my head for the past few days. It reminded me of 10 Things I Hate About You, meaning I was craving watching it, but I couldn't find it in my video box. (Yes I still have all my old Disney / mushy films on video!) So that made me sad. I'm going to look on Ebay or Amazon for another copy if I still can't find it tomorrow..

  I'm such a bundle of joy at the moment. I have a bloodshot eye that keeps randomly running. I think it's because I got some makeup stuck behind my contact lenses for a good couple of hours. I have tummy cramps that feel like a heard of elephants are running through my body & I have a cold. So all in all, I'm not the most healthy of people right now! Hahaha.

  Anyway, on to happier things, I had another training day for work again today & start properly tomorrow which will be good. It's also my friend's birthday tomorrow night, so we're all going out to celebrate.

  & how about this little beauty I picked up from H & M last week.

  I love Hello Kitty, but the colour of this nail varnish caught my eye first. I don't really know how to describe the colour, its a sort of duck-egg green. (Farm girl, sorry!) This is what it looks like with one layer, I really like how its quite a subtle colour but stands out at the same time. Have you tried any of the Hello Kitty range in H & M?