Thursday, 28 April 2016

March & April Favourites

This blush, what can I say. I've been wearing it for years but just discovered that I've never posted about it. (well I did feature it in a haul, but never reviewed it) It's the most beautiful blush I've ever used & if you see me out & about, I will be wearing this on my cheeks. It's in the shade Quiver & after searching for it on the Accessorize website, I couldn't seem to find it so I'm not sure if they even do it anymore! It has the most beautiful pink & silver shimmers running through it & looks gorgeous on the cheeks.

I was shopping with James a few weeks ago & we headed into Topshop because I had a voucher (& there was a sale.. so I really couldn't resist) I hardly ever head to the makeup section in store, but decided to give it a look. I came across their highlighters & found this one. Oh my God, I'm in love. I don't want to write too much about it in this post as I have a full review coming soon, but it's one of the most beautiful highlighters I own. Definitely worth the price tag.

Let me just start by saying, I'm obsessed with mugs. Like, actually obsessed. I've been slowly collecting them over the past year & when I saw this one in Primark for £2, I knew I had to have it. Even though it is quite a big mug, it does hold the heat very well & of course, holds a lot of tea which is always a good thing! I'm going to stop now, reading this back sounds so boring if your not a mug lover!

I reviewed this palette at the end of February so I won't chatter on about it too much here (view the post here if you like) but it's one of the most gorgeous, pigmented palettes I own. There's a mixture of shimmer & matte shades, perfect for any occasion.

Ah where do I start? I am going to do a full post on this book & app, but I wanted to feature it in my favourites this month because it has been just that, a favourite. I first discovered the Calm book when reading Kayleigh's blog a few weeks ago & went straight onto my Amazon account & purchased it. It came the next day & I got sucked straight into it. I'm pacing myself though, you know when you're so excited about something, especially a book, you read it so quickly then get really sad when it's over in a flash? Yes, exactly that. So I'm gradually reading a few pages a night alongside listening to the Calm app. Like I say, I'll post properly about the book & app in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that!

Primark Nail Polish
You might have seen me mention this nail polish in my recent nail art post, but I seriously can't rave about it enough! Let's start with the price, I know Primark are known for their bargains, but this polish only cost me 80p! & of course, being so cheap, you wouldn't expect the formula to be great, but I only applied two coats & it didn't budge for a week! Absolutely amazing. The feature I was most excited about was how it claimed to be a quick-dry nail varnish. I get so bored waiting for my polish to dry, that I always try to find brands that use quick dry in their advertising. Again, this did not disappoint. It dried within a few minutes & I was ready to get on with my day. I will just say that I recently tried another polish from Primark (not a quick dry) & it did chip within a few days, so not all of the formulas are as good as this one.

Ah these songs! Totally different to what I usually listen to but I just can't get enough of them this month! Selena Gomez' album is just incredible.


At the beginning of March, we pulled of a surprise birthday party for my beautiful best friend Boop. I vlogged the whole day so you can watch it here if you like! We managed to trick her into thinking we were going out for dinner, but actually appeared at a barn we'd hired, filled with friends & family. It was so lovely to see her shocked face!

James & I also went to Crufts at the beginning of March. It's somewhere I've always wanted to go & was such a lovely day. I even got to hug a pug & a Chihuahua!

At the end of March, my grandparents celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. I still can't get over how amazing that is. They are still so adorable together & we celebrated with a family meal on Easter Sunday. James was also on his Easter break from uni, so we had a few weeks together at the beginning of April.

How has your month been lovelies?

I'm so excited for May & June, there is so much happening. We have Elisa & Jamie's wedding, The Sidemen football match & of course our holiday to Corfu! Make sure your subscribed to my Twitter & Instagram to keep up to date with all our adventures! : )

Saturday, 23 April 2016

OOTD - Blue Stripes

Hello lovelies!

I haven't uploaded an outfit post since.. last July. Oh dear. I actually love looking back over my blog to see my outfits (& most of the time be thinking "what the hell was I wearing?!") But I think it's important to see how your style changes as you get older & wiser. I really should post more, especially now I have my new tripod!

So, on to today's outfit.

Fedora & Sunnies - Primark
Tights - Tesco
Boots & Pom Pom - Ebay

I'm actually in love with this shirt dress. I saw it in the ASOS sale & knew I had to grab it! I chose to style it with my new fedora from Primark & shopper bag from Select.

I needed a new handbag at the end of last year & despite me always having everything but the kitchen sink piled in there, it's lasted pretty well. Select Fashion have the most beautiful bags for such a good price, definitely check them out if you're looking for one!

& finally, my beautiful knee high boots. What can I say? They are basically my most worn item of footwear from the past 6 months & I adore them. They are surprisingly comfy & don't fall down unlike some boots I've tried in the past.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend lovelies, let me know if you'd like to see more outfit posts on my blog! Makes a change from my beauty review & life update posts : )

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Life Lately #103

Morning lovelies,

I wanted to share with you this beautiful place James & I went for breakfast last week. We've had a real mixture of weather in the UK this month, some days it's glorious sunshine, other days we'll have rain all day & some it's just miserable & cloudy. For the first time this year (& maybe the last!) we managed to sit outside for breakfast. I ordered a full English & James had scrambled egg on toast & although they took a while to serve us, it didn't really matter to be honest as we weren't in a rush, but the food was definitely worth waiting for.

In the afternoon, we decided to head to Guildford for a bit of shopping. This was the view across the river Wey, with a lovely little boat passing under the bridge we were on. It's such a picturesque place to visit & great for shops.

The following day, we made Husky cupcakes. Ok, I'll be honest.. they were supposed to be polar bears but we just thought they looked more like dogs when we'd finished! They tasted so delicious, definitely be making them again.

On Saturday, I said goodbye to James for his last term at uni! He literally has two exams in May, an assignment in for the end of this month, then he's completed his 3 year course! It's amazing & I'm so proud of him. Can't wait for him to be back permanently & for us to no longer have such a distance between us.

Now I say, James headed back to uni on Saturday, he actually headed to Cardiff for a stag do! One of our best friends is getting married next month (hen do at the end of April, so excited Elisa!) but it was the boys turn first as they headed off in a mini bus to Cardiff. All us ladies thought we'd have a girls day / night as the boys were away, so we bought some chocolate & games & headed to Gem's house. It was such a lovely chilled evening, I even came home & jumped straight in the bath for further pampering!

Last Sunday, my tea ladies & I headed down to Littlehampton to visit Lorna for the day. She moved down there about a year ago & although we do meet up often, it's rare for us all to have the day off & travel down to see her. We were so lucky with the weather, it was beautifully sunny, there were a few clouds & it got extremely chilly on the seafront, but we had such a lovely day. We played miniature golf (I won, yay! James' obsession with golf helped me through!) & then went back to Lorna's for a tea before driving home.

How has your week been lovelies?
I'll hopefully be uploading a few more vlogs soon, so keep a look out for them over on my YouTube channel! : )

Friday, 15 April 2016

What I've Been Wearing On My Nails #31

Ciate Mini - Twilight
You know when you just feel like a change when it comes to your every day nails? This mini polish from Ciate that I received for Christmas is the perfect 'night out' shade for your nails. I love how it has subtle gold glitter running through it & how it shines in the light. Definitely one of my favourites.

Easter Nails - Barry M, Models Own & Accessorize Nail Art Pens
I'm so proud of these nails, they took me ages! The chick was actually the easiest to do & turned out to be my favourite design, which one do you like best?

Bourjois - Innovation
This is my go-to nail varnish when I want something quick & easy. It's got such a lovely pearly pink shine to it, despite looking quite plain, it adds the perfect sophisticated edge to an outfit.  

PS Primark Nails - 09 Lilac 
I was so impressed with this nail varnish, it cost me 80p from Primark & as it claimed to be a quick dry nail varnish, I was keen to see how speedy that actually was. I'm happy to say it was very quick & most importantly, lasted about a week without chipping, which is amazing for my nails. I'd highly recommend this shade, it looks gorgeous on the nails.

What have you been wearing on your nails this month? : )

Friday, 8 April 2016

W7 Eye Colour Palette - Lightly Toasted

Hello lovelies!

I wanted to share with you this beautiful W7 eye shadow palette I bought from I first heard about this website after reading Jess' post & just like she said, as soon as I found out it was free delivery to the UK, along side further discounts added to products, I quickly grabbed my bank card & made an order! 

I already own the "In The Nude" eye shadow palette which I reviewed here last Spring & fell in love, so I knew I would have to pick up some of the other W7 palettes. 

I also managed to grab myself the "Up In Smoke" palette, which I'm yet to try, but I'll be posting a review when I do.

What I love most about these palettes is how pigmented the shades are. You literally need the tiniest amount on your brush & they last the duration of the day. 

They are so easy to blend together as well. There's nothing worse than having that line across your eye lid that just won't budge!

I love using darker shades in my crease & along side the lighter toned glitter shades, they just look stunning. The nude shades are of course the main focus in this palette, but you also have the two shades at the end (far right) to create a perfect smokey eye for an evening look. 

My favourite combination from this palette has to be the two central shades. The gold & dark brown. (6th & 7th in from the left) They just create such a beautiful look.

Have you tried any of the W7 eye shadow palettes? I really can't rave about them enough! 

Remember to check back soon for a post on the "Up In Smoke" Palette & "The Cheeky Trio" which is a bronzer, blush & highlighter palette. That also managed to slip into my basket.. oops! : ' )

Monday, 4 April 2016

Life Lately #102

Hello lovelies!

Hope you had the most wonderful Easter! James travelled back from Gloucester on Easter Friday so we got to spend a few days off together over the long weekend. My grandparents celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary (still can't get over how amazing that is!) on 24th March, so we had a family meal on the Sunday. It's so nice to actually have the day off work to spend with them all & eat ALL of the chocolate!

Lily turned 3 months at the end of March! Can you believe that!? She's growing up so fast & getting cuter by the day!

I met up with the girls after a meeting at work on the Tuesday for a cup of tea & breakfast at our local pancake house. Just look at that meal! Pancakes complete with bacon & eggs, it's the most amazing thing ever!

On Wednesday, myself & the girls went to Ikea. It was Lily's first trip & she loved it! & she even managed to get a few cute toys from her aunties. We also stopped for lunch at the café & sampled the meatballs, which are soooo good. I've never had them before, but everyone raves about them, so thought I'd give them a go. I went to work that evening & my stomach swelled up! It was so painful, I've never had a pain like it. It actually felt like a balloon was inside me.. now I honestly don't know if it was the meatballs or not, but has anyone else ever had this?

Last Thursday I met up with Lorna before work & we had a catch up at one of our favourite cafes. We even got to sit outside for the first time this year! Myself & the girls are travelling down to see Lorna in her home town in a couple of weeks & I'm going to try to vlog our day out, so keep an eye out for that!

& finally myself & James made these amazing crème egg brownies last week. Neither of us are master chefs in the kitchen, but we found a simple recipe on Pinterest that both of us thought we could accomplish & they actually turned out amazingly well! I took them to work for people to sample & we got such a good response so we're definitely going to try more brownies in the future, maybe Maltesers & Mini Egg ones!

Hope you've having a good week lovelies : )