Sunday, 29 March 2015

Life Lately #74

Hello lovelies,

We celebrated Harvey's birthday on 19th March. We're not 100% sure how old he actually is as he's a rescue, but we think he's around 10 now. He still has so much life in him, but does get the occasional ache & pain. (Mainly when he has a mad 5 minutes & goes crazy round the garden..) We went for a lovely walk & just look at those primroses! Definitely a sign Spring is here!
I've had a whole week & a half of being ill. Who else has had this stubborn cough & cold that just won't go? I'm mega grumpy when I don't get sleep & from waking up coughing in the night doesn't make for the happiest Cat in the mornings. I've been relaxing with baths & treating myself to a few new purchases.. this fox purse being one of them. Isn't it adorable? I found it in the New Look sale for £4.99 down from £9.99.
We said goodbye to one of my oldest friends yesterday as her job is taking her to new places. We went for afternoon tea at Bills which was lovely. They do the most amazing spread of tea, sandwiches, cakes & scones. Just look at that spread!

& finally this morning I met up with the girls for brunch at Cote, a lovely French restaurant in our local town. Their tea & scrambled eggs are to die for. We discussed Gemma's hen night plans & Boop's surprise birthday plans as well, which shall be going ahead in the next few months.. keep your eyes peeled for some exciting posts!

How has your week been lovelies?

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Collection Galactica Lip Butter - Cosmic Candy

Hello lovelies,
I wrote a post a few weeks ago about the limited edition Galactica Lip Butter in Pink Rush from Collection. Since purchasing it, I've had to go back to find the other two as I was so in love with Pink Rush!
So here we go, number 2 - Cosmic Candy.

This one is a pearly pink shade & not as vibrant as Pink Rush. It's still a very flattering colour & applies onto the lips very smoothly. I'd say this was more a subtle day shade for every day wear where as Pink Rush is more suited to the evening.

Again, £2.99 - you can't go wrong with that!

I've reviewed the final shade Moon Rock here & you can see my review on Pink Rush here : )
Have you tried any of the Collection lip butters? What did you think?

Sunday, 22 March 2015

What I've Been Lovin' This Week

Hello lovelies,
I wanted to share with you a few things that have made me smile this week. As Friday was International Day Of Happiness, I thought it was a perfect time to share this post with you : )
Lily's post about how to feel happier right this second was an eye opener. I happened to stumble across her post on a down day & it instantly lifted my mood. Worth a read when you're struggling to find ways to get out of a rut.

I found this mug cake recipe & it instantly made me feel happy. I like things like that. I've mentioned before that I'm hopeless at cooking & finding a recipe that I read & think 'I could probably do that' is a rare thing, but just the look of this makes me want to try it!

I'm addicted to baths. When I'm stressing out, I instantly try to think of a way to plan a bath into my schedule. Not always possible, but when it is, my brain & body completely relax & I feel happy. I managed to squeeze a few in this week & they made such a difference.
Reading Becca's blog the other day, I came across this website called Save On Makeup. Oh my lord, I don't think my bank balance is going to like me after a purchase.. or two..
Yes, as simple as that. I have discovered some gems this month & some favourites that I'll follow as long as they make videos. There's just something fascinating about vlogs of people's every day lives that I can't get enough of.
What are you loving this week? : )

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Our Trip To Liverpool

Hello lovelies,
I mentioned in my previous "Life Lately" post that myself & James took a trip up to Liverpool to visit Anfield Stadium. My parent's bought James a legend tour around Anfield for Christmas & his 21st birthday back in January. He's supported Liverpool since he was little, but has never been to their home pitch. Until now.. : D
We headed up to Liverpool from Gloucestershire last Friday - we stayed in a local Travelodge, right next to a Toby Carvery. I've never eaten there before but was pleasantly surprised as they offer a roast for £5.99 through-out the day & an unlimited breakfast buffet in the morning for £3.99.
After breakfast, we rang for a taxi to take us to Anfield stadium ready for our tour with the legend, Phil Neal.
James was lucky enough to have a photo at the interview table & with the legendary sign that all the players touch before they head out onto the pitch. I'll never forget him saying to me as we walked down the stairs, that he felt all warm & tingly inside. Made my day!
We were then shown around the changing rooms & onto the pitch. Phil was so lovely the whole way round & was genuinely excited to tell us all his stories. He played 417 consecutive games for Liverpool & despite me not being into football, I could definitely appreciate his awesomeness!
After our tour, we headed back to our car before driving down to the Albert Docks for a quick bite to eat before heading back to Gloucester. We stopped at Costa for a tea & cake & had a wander down past some of the local shops.
Although it was a very overcast day, it was a pretty beautiful place. We heard music coming from The Cavern Club where The Beatles were first seen by Brain Epstein. We also discovered a cute (very expensive!) sweet shop filled with weird tasting jelly beans..
After that, we headed back to Gloucester & cooked steak & chips before collapsing in a tired heap! How was your weekend lovelies? Have you ever been to Liverpool, The Albert Docks or the Anfield Stadium?

Monday, 16 March 2015

Life Lately #73

Hello lovelies,
Sorry I haven't blogged in over a week! Everything's been a bit manic - but hey ho! I'm back with an update post today. : )
So in my last "Life At The Moment" post (which I've now updated to be called Life Lately) I mentioned about the first little chicks hatching. So here's the first picture of them! Aren't they cuties!? Since posting, we now have 9 chicks hatched & more due today!
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you'll have seen I've been up to Gloucester visiting James at uni. I was greeted with this adorable teddy when I arrived on Wednesday! We spent the rest of the day shopping & buying some home ware items to brighten up his flat. First of all, this spider plant, which we named Peter, (Spiderman was called Peter Parker.. see where we're coming from..?) & he is now happily sitting in the middle of James' table, along with some cute candles from B&Q.
On Friday, we travelled up to Liverpool. For Christmas & James' 21st birthday, my parents bought him a trip for two around Anfield Stadium. He's supported Liverpool all his life but had never been to their home stadium! We stayed over night at a Travelodge near by, right next to a Toby Carvery, which I had never eaten in, but was delighted by the food (plus it's cheap as chips!) We had a roast on the Friday night & a full English on the Saturday morning before heading to the stadium. We had a guided tour by the legend himself, Phil Neal, who was absolutely lovely & animated as he showed us around the grounds. I'll do a full post on our day soon!
After the tour, we had a spare hour or so before heading back to Gloucester, so we decided to head down to The Albert Docks as one of my close friends at work had suggested it was worth seeing. It was quite a cloudy day, but we still managed to take a few snaps & have a cheeky Costa before heading back home. 
I arrived back home from Gloucester yesterday evening, to spend the rest of Mother's Day with my mum. We had a lovely dinner & watched TV.
I was also surprised with a card & some flowers from Honey (my Dachshund) that were left on my dressing table. So cute! Oh & please tell me your as in love with my new duvet set as me! Frenchie's are so adorable.
How did you celebrate Mother's Day?
Let me know if you've been to The Docks or Anfield & what you thought. : )

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Primark PS Love - Foundation & Powder

Recently I've been really pushing myself to try different brands of makeup & get out of the rut of buying the same old products.

I've heard so much about the PS Love range from Primark, they've really stepped up their game! Before purchasing the foundation & powder, I'd only ever tried their nail polishes & for £2, you can't go wrong, so thought I'd give a few more products a try.

Let's start with the powder. My skin isn't particularly oily & does maintain a matte finish throughout the day, but it can never hurt to set your foundation with a powder in the morning. It is a slightly orangey powder, but for £2, I didn't expect it to be perfect!

& secondly the foundation. Now I don't actually like to use foundation every day, I will for going out in the evenings & to work (if I can be bothered!) This one has a very creamy texture. It does apply well & gives good coverage. I picked up the light shade & it's nearly a match for my skin tone. I could maybe have gone slightly lighter.. but I think this is the lightest shade & I don't have the palest of skin.. however, it will be nice for when I get a slight tan in Summer!

Applying to my skin

Blended on my skin

Overall I think both these products are good value for £2 & perfect if you're on a budget. I will definitely be trying out some more products from the PS Love range, I've heard so much about their false eyelashes! 

Have you tried any of Primark's makeup? What did you think? : )

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Collection Galactica Lip Butter - Pink Rush

Hello lovelies!
Now you know I can't resist a lip product - especially a limited addition lip butter! This one from Collection is slowly become one of my all time favourites.
I picked up the shade Pink Rush from Boots a few weeks ago. It's the brightest shade out of the three, a gorgeous purpley pink. What I love most about this lip butter is first of all the price.. you can't go wrong with £2.99! & secondly, the packaging. I hate any product where I have to sharpen it to use it. This one you simply turn the bottom to push the lip butter up.

My lips hate matte formulas because they are always so dry & cracked, even in the Summer time. So lip butters are perfect for me : )
The only downside to these is there aren't enough shades! Collection have only bought out three; Pink Rush, Cosmic Candy & Moon Rock. I popped into town yesterday with my friend Lorna & managed to scoop up the other two shades! So a review on those will be coming soon. : )
Have you tried these lip butters or any of Collection's makeup range?

Monday, 2 March 2015

Life At The Moment #72

Hello lovelies,
Last week was so busy! Last Friday was my beautiful Nan's birthday. You can see her opening her pressies with the help of Harvey, who was convinced that bottle of wine was made of chocolate.. it was also my Dad's birthday the following day, but being a very reserved person & us working complete opposite shifts that day, I was unable to take a picture!
Don't you just love it when surprise packages turn up in the post for you? I got this gorgeous pug cushion case sent to me from James & it arrived at work on Saturday morning! He knows me so well.
I mentioned in a previous update post that Gemma was getting married this year & I received my invite on Friday! How exciting!
I also received some belated birthday pressies! So excited to try my MAC lipstick & the unicorn horn from Lush's Valentines range.
I mentioned that myself & James went to Ikea a few weeks back & I've finally managed to put up my mirror! When I say 'I', I mean my dad. I'm hopeless at stuff like that!
I've been getting back into walking recently. I started the year by saying I'm going to do regular work outs, blah blah & I've mostly failed at that, but I have been getting back into going on long walks, much to my two doggies excitement. The first image of the corn fields is right outside my house & the following image is from today, when myself & mum took a trip to Walton-On-Thames with Harv & Honey. The sun was beautiful but so so so cold.
& finally, our first little chicks were born yesterday! I don't have any pictures yet as they're still in the incubator, but as soon as they're strong enough to come out, I'll have my camera ready! Oh & nearly a month till Easter! How quick is this year going?! Crazy.
How has your week been? : )