Thursday, 30 October 2014

Life At The Moment #64

Morning lovelies,
Let's start right at the beginning of the month when myself Cathy, Jo & Kym went to see The Dreamboys. For those of you who don't know, The Dreamboys are a group of men who dance around in their underwear to music & take off their clothes. Sounds terrible I know.. but seriously, I never laugh so much as I do when we see that show! Perfect girls night out as well!
It was Honey's 5th birthday on the 12th, can't believe I've had her 5 years in December! She still seems like a baby to me.. but I think she always will be!
I saw my girl Lorna a few weeks back & she introduced me to this gorgeous tea room in our local town. I can't believe I'd never been before, it's so pink! We had the best catch-up accompanied by the richest hot chocolate I've had in years.
My mum celebrated her 60th birthday on 22nd October - I did a full post on our celebrations during the day & a full outfit post as well. Check them out if you haven't already, my mum's cake was amazing!
I went to visit James at uni last weekend to see his new accommodation. We visited beautiful touristy villages - complete with rivers running through them & adorable little tea rooms. We also went shopping on the Friday & had dinner out on the Saturday evening.
Monday, myself & Mils made the trip up to London to visit our friend Charlotte, who started uni in September. We literally had to rush around the shops at lightning speed, had a quick visit to Primark & of course, a trip to Nandos for lunch, before heading back for work in the evening! You can imagine how dead we felt..
Ah & look who popped into work for their pre-panto shoot.. Not going to lie, these two seriously scare me..
& finally, tomorrow is Halloween! I painted my nails last night but couldn't decide which design to go for so just went for all three.. Haha! How are you celebrating this year?

Sunday, 26 October 2014

OOTD - Wine & Dine

Leather jacket & hat - Select / Scarf - Poundland / Jeans & top - Primark / Boots - New Look

This was my outfit for my Mum's birthday last Wednesday.
You have no idea how excited I was when this hat & leather jacket arrived in the post earlier this week. Select have the most beautiful items in stock at the moment, bang on for A/W. You might recognise this hat from my recent wishlist, I'm so tempted to get it in the black & pink as well!
Also, my trusty Primark jeans made an appearance. I rarely wear jeans nowadays, I'm usually too uncomfortable (& mostly lazy) to wear anything other than leggings (as I've put on a small amount of weight around my middle.. gym starts soon I promise!) Jeans tend to rub on my hips as well, but I actually forgot how much I loved these ones. (once I got them on..)
& how's that scarf for a bargain? £1. Yes, a pound. Paired with my gorgeous New Look boots, this made for a perfect casual outfit.
If you want to see what my Mum & I got up to on her birthday, there's a full post here. : )

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Mum's 60th Birthday!

Today was my Mum's 60th birthday!
I booked the day off work & we had a lovely chilled morning, going to our local nursery to have tea, coffee & scones, while looking round the Christmas section. We also went to visit my grandparents' this afternoon, where we had more tea!
& just look at that amazing cake, one of my best girls made it for my Mum.
It's so beautiful & tastes absolutely amazing, thankyou so much again Elisa. : )
On another completely different note, has anyone started their Christmas shopping yet?
I really want to get mine done & dusted super early this year! Hate it when you go out shopping the week before & just pick any old thing because you have too. Any cute little websites you could recommend with unique gifts for people? : )

Monday, 20 October 2014

Autumnal Wishlist

Everyone needs a tartan scarf come Autumn / Winter. This one caught my eye because of the blue mixed with the classic red. So adorable.
This coat. Need I say more? I'm really into anything fluffy this year + this just looks so warm for the Winter.

This hat is actually on it's way to me! (YAY) I have to say, I used to be a bowler hat kinda girl, but recently I've been loving the fedora trend.

How perfect are these boots? Burgundy really comes into it's element in Autumn. Paired with a dress, black tights & a hat, outfit sorted.

Finally, this watch from Ever Ours caught my eye. I'm so drawn to everything pink & fluffy, but there is something so beautiful about the simplicity of this watch, I just had to add it to the list.
What have you all been luting after this Autumn? : )

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Life At The Moment #63

Hello lovelies!
A few weeks ago, my parents went away for a long weekend to Exmoor, so myself, James & Honey were left to look after all our farm yard animals. We have a mixture of chickens, pheasants, peacocks, ducks & a few other random ones! This is Paintbox (he's a relative of our first ornamental pheasant which I named when I was 3!) so the name has carried on through the generations! We also got time to go on some walks, which ended up in us all being very soggy, much to Honey's annoyance.. 
Myself & Cathy went to Newbury Show at the end of September where we exhibit our chickens. Freda, our little Black Rosecomb, won Best True Bantam - you can see her there with her rosette : )
I said goodbye to my girl Char again this week as she headed back off to uni, so our Tuesday night was spent with a Nandos, followed by a cup of tea at hers, a good gossip & playing with her fish.. Seriously miss her when she goes to London. : (
I've recently been training a lady on box office at work & last Saturday she came in with a card & some chocolates to say thankyou! Now.. I either talk waaaaay too much about pugs & the colour pink, or it was a lucky guess on her part! But how lovely is that! : )
I met the girls for brunch & shopping the end of last week. We usually go to a small café at the top of one of our local bookstores, but we decided to go to Bills restaurant instead. I love it there, I know I've mentioned it in previous posts, but the food is just amazing. They do breakfast, lunch, dinner & afternoon tea. (which is the best thing since sliced bread) In the evening, we met Boop & Seb's new family members, these two adorable kittens, Pippin & Merry. (I can see all you LOTR fans squee-ing right now!) Aren't they just adorable?
& finally, I wanted to include this picture I took on a walk with Honey. This week I was brave enough to do something I didn't think I had the courage to do & although I didn't do as well as I wanted too, I still accomplished it. This picture just makes me think, why stress about that stuff when the world is so beautiful & by worrying about these things, it makes us bypass the beauty of the sun setting in the evening. Or the owls hooting outside my window at night. Or the simplicity of the leaves falling from the trees on a sunny Autumn day. Saying all of this, the small stuff will always effect me because the way I am as a person, but learning to come out the other side & the relief of accomplishing it, is worth every stressful moment.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Inspirational Blogs

Morning lovelies!
I wanted to blog about something different today. Life is so hectic at the moment, it's a rare moment for me to actually blog, let alone sit & read all of your wonderful words as well. Which makes me sad, because you ladies are who inspire me the most. Anyway, I wanted to include a few posts that I've read this week that have made me smile.
Katy @ Little Winter - We liked: This weeks favourites
Katy posts about the most exciting adventures, beautiful outfits & delicious food. This recent post was a catch up of all her favourites from this week & you should have seen my face light up when I saw her new chalk board. I need this in my life. I love being organised, but actually getting organised is a whole other ball game. Dinner time is especially difficult for me as I work half the week till 6pm & the other half till 8.30pm. Planning ahead week by week would be so useful for me!
Jennie @ Sailboat - You
This post had me nodding the whole way through. It's so simple but effective & I know a lot of people can relate to it.
I've recently discovered Megan & her blog & as someone who isn't over weight, but isn't happy with their current weight (I could definitely do with swapping that occasional Mars Bar with an apple!) her blog drew me in. I'm excited to see more of her weight loss posts for inspiration!
Abi @ My World My View - Autumn Leaves
I'm really starting to feel Autumnal now & Abi's beautiful pictures of her walk the other day made me feel so cosy inside. Check out her blog, it's adorable!
Cat @ What Cat Says - What Cat wore - Lilac check
This gorgeous girl always has the most beautiful style, but this lilac shirt caught my eye this week! The way she's styled it is perfect - total inspiration for getting the last use out of my lilac items before they get shoved to the back of the wardrobe till next Spring!
Which bloggers have you loved this week?
Leave me your links to your blogs below as well! I'd love to have a read : )

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Recent Purchases

Chunky Heeled Sandals - BooHoo
Ah, my new favourite shoes! I simply adore these sandals! I picked them up from BooHoo a few weeks back. I sadly didn't get to take them on holiday but I have managed to wear them out a few times before saying goodbye to them till next Spring. They'll be a full post on them soon!

Pug Pillow - Tesco
A pug. With a bow tie. On a pillow. Need I say more? I just had to have it!

One Tree Hill Complete Box Set - Amazon
Ok, hands up who used to watch this? I thought buying the box set was a brilliant idea now James has gone back to uni.. I need something to watch in my spare time!

Vanilla Body Butter - Boots
I took this to Greece with me & now every time I use it now I'm home, it just brings back all the memories of an amazing holiday. Such a gorgeous scent.

Orly Nail Varnishes - TK Max
These Orly nail varnishes have to be my find of the month. The beautiful blue polish is stunning on the nails but I found the glitter top coat quite runny, but in proportion they are both amazing. I think I got them for around £3.99 as opposed to around £10 in TK Max.

Nail Art Pens - Ebay
Such a bargain! I bought these a few weeks ago & have yet to use them but they were between £1-2 from Ebay. Perfect for adding those intricate details to your nail art.

Express Nail Polish Remover - Boots
I'm actually so excited to try this. I wear a lot of glitter top coats on my nails & scrubbing them with nail varnish remover & a cotton pad doesn't exactly do them much good. I bought it in the Boots clearance section & have seriously high hopes for it.

Strawberry & Pomegranate Shower Gel - TK Max
Another Summery scent, but this shower gel doubles up as a bubble bath. The only down side is it doesn't foam up very much, but I'm loving the pump feature. 

Mango & Mandarin Candle - Matalan
Summer is almost over & as we're coming into Autumn, I'm finding it very hard to let go of the sunshine & holiday spirit. This candle is all about the memories. It was around £4 in Matalan, total bargain.
Wella Hairspray - Boots
I remember using this hairspray before I went on to L'Oreal a few years ago, but as it was on offer & I needed one for holiday, I picked it up. It's ok, but does set your hair if not sprayed very finely & away from your head.

What have you bought recently? Any bargains? : )