Saturday, 29 November 2014


Evening lovelies,
James & I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary on Monday, but with him living at uni & me working all day, it's not possible for us to be with each other on the actual day, so we decided to celebrate this weekend.
Today we took a trip to Bourton-On-The-Water. It's a beautiful village filled with tea rooms, rural pubs, gift shops & not forgetting the most idyllic river that runs through the centre, surrounded by trees & bridges.
After a walk along side the river, we decided to stop for lunch at a restaurant called The Croft. They serve hot food, teas & coffees with a mixture of cakes & scones. I had ham, egg & chips with earl grey tea & James had the burger, chips & salad with a coke.
I can't stress to you how beautiful this place is. As well as having all the little shops & restaurants, there is a bird sanctuary & a maze (which insists it isn't just for kids!) so there's plenty to do!
We're now back at James' about to cook dinner & write a few Christmas cards while streaming the X Factor! Hope you're having a fab weekend lovelies : )

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Life At The Moment #66

Hello lovelies,

Did you see my post about Northern Lights last week? As soon as it starts to get colder, I crave baths. Usually in Summer, I'm in & out of the shower as quick as a flash & out the door. But in Winter, I adore a good long soak in the bath! & of course, who can resist Lush at this time of year, with all their beautiful Autumnal & Christmas products!

As well as loving baths, who else has been loving the TV at the moment? The Apprentice, I'm A Celeb, Strictly, The X Factor, Life is Toff.. my life revolves around them! So sad I know, but this time of year just makes me want to hibernate in my cosy Christmas leggings with a cup of tea in front of the tv. & if I get the odd night where nothing good is on, I find myself snuggled up in bed with my fairy lights & pug duvet, watching YouTube. Life is good!

Myself, James, Alex (James' brother) & Flo (Alex's girlfriend) went to Nandos yesterday for lunch before watching Hunger Games. Being the only one that hadn't read the books, I was sitting there on the edge of my seat.. definitely recommend seeing it.

If you follow me on Twitter & Instagram, you'll know that today was a big family party, where we celebrated my Mum's 60th birthday, my Grandad's 87th birthday & my Auntie's 50th birthday, which are all spread out between October - December this year. We had a buffet lunch, complete with champagne & a massive handbag cake! Look how amazing it was!

Hope you've had a lovely weekend lovelies : )

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Winter Wishlist

I'm am in love with these boots. I'm not the tallest of people so I love a bit of heel & this is the perfect height. I can just see myself wearing these with jeans & a tee with a long trench coat. Outfit sorted!

How cosy does this jacket look? I'm drawn to anything that's fluffy & snug at the moment, mixed with a bit of leather, you can't go wrong.
Such a sweet little clutch & perfect for the up & coming party season.
Every year, I seem to become obsessed with hats when we reach A/W. This one is just too adorable, shame about the price though..
My bargain of the wishlist. This dress can you believe, is £9.99. Yes.. under a tenner! I couldn't believe it when one of my ladies at work pointed it out to me. Shame the black is sold out already.. but I can work with this colour! : )

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Northern Lights

Morning lovelies!
Let me introduce you to my new favourite bath bomb. Yes, I know that is a bold statement to make, but it's true. This is Northern Lights.

Northern Lights - Lush
First of all.. look at it! Already it's screaming at me to pick it up. A purple, blue stick, covered with stars. And the smell.. (I'm awful at describing scents so just go smell it & see what I mean) but it's beautiful.
Because I'm one of those people that likes to save things, I cut the stick up into 5 pieces. Why have one epic bath when you can have 5? I did however use two pieces for these photos & although they aren't the best quality, I think you get the general hyperness of this bomb. As soon as you put it in your bath, it starts fizzing around in a circle, then braches out making small trails as it whizzes around the top of the water. As well as looking beautiful, it does give off a gorgeous scent & leaves your skin feeling extra soft & moisturised.
I'm sad to hear rumours this bomb isn't continuing till Christmas, however I can't wait to get my hands on this little guy & try out the sparkler stick as well. 
Have you tried any of the Lush Christmas range this year? What's your favourite?

Monday, 10 November 2014

Life At The Moment #65

Morning lovelies,
How was your Halloween? Myself & James got to dress up for work. The one day a year he lets me decorate his face with makeup & I loved it! We managed to scare a lot of children as it was half term & busy at the theatre.. mission accomplished! ; )
Have you been to see any fireworks this year? James & I went to our local village display last weekend, which was lovely. The smell of all the food makes me hungry just thinking about it!
I met up with Gemma last week for a late lunch, just look at my stack of pancakes! Yum : )
Elisa, Cathy & I went Christmas shopping on Saturday & of course, we had to make a pit stop at Costa to try out the new Christmas range of drinks & snacks. I had the salted caramel yule log & the orange hot chocolate & oh my goodness, I've never tasted anything so nice!
I decided to paint my nails firework themed this week (mainly for Char's birthday & to wear for the second display we went to this weekend) which was one of the best in the country. Seriously, I've never seen fireworks like these.. 
& finally, yesterday marked the 100th anniversary since the start of the first world war as I'm sure you all know. I've been wearing my poppy at work & we've had so many people coming in to buy poppies, it's been lovely to see.
Hope you're all having a fabulous Monday : )

Friday, 7 November 2014

Dynamite Designs Jewellery


Hello lovelies,
I wanted to show you this gorgeous jewellery I picked up a few weeks back from Dynamite Designs Jewellery. Myself & my friend Cathy went to Newbury showground & this lovely jewellery stand caught our eye.
I couldn't resist picking up the set, which included the necklace, earrings & bracelet. I could just see myself sitting at dinner with a little black dress on & simply accessorizing with these gorgeous pieces to complete the look.
 Please check out the lovely Di Hodge's website, she sells the most beautiful items : )
*Please note, I was not sponsored to write this post, these are all my own opinions & I bought the items, they weren't gifted to me*

Monday, 3 November 2014

Nails #17

Barry M - Black & Nail Art Pen in silver
These nails were done especially for a black & white themed party - my girl Elisa turned 21 in August (seems so long ago now!) so these nails were done in her honour!
Orly - Harmonious Mess
This shade is one of my all time favourites which I picked up a few weeks back. Just look at that colour!
Models Own - Magenta Pearl
Perfect Autumnal colour. I always love this time of year for the A/W shades complete with snuggly jumpers!
Barry M - Black, Barry M - Bright red, Barbara Daly - Snow, OMG London Cosmetics - Tangerine & Models Own Nail Art Pens in black & white
& finally my Halloween nails for this year! I couldn't decide which design to do, so did all three! Which is your favourite?