Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Gifts Feat. ASOS

Cath Kidston Balm Trio -
How adorable are these? Perfect for the colder months were everyone's lips seem to be suffering. Mine especially. I'd welcome these with open arms..
Nails Inc Christmas Crackers -
These would be fabulous at Christmas.. just a shame my family are mostly male & wouldn't appreciate getting a nail varnish in their cracker. ; )
Snowman Mittens -
 Again, adorable. These little snowmen will keep you smiling for the whole of Winter.

Rudolph Onesie -
This made me laugh, hence why it's included in this wishlist. How cute are the antlers?!
Gold Glitter Watch -
Again, if it's ever the time to have some sparkle in your life, it's at Christmas. Is your not into fancy dresses or heels, a subtle touch with your jewellery can make an outfit.
Glitter Boots -
When I'm not living at work, Christmas is all about the parties & celebrations. These boots are perfect with a little black dress & a red lip.
Miniture Bath & Shower Gels -
I love bubble baths in the colder months. There's something so comforting about coming home from a hard days work, having a bath with tons of bubbles & cuddling up in your pjs.. heaven. : )
What's on your Christmas wishlist?

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Life At The Moment #51

Nandos & Christmas shopping day with the boy / New bedside lamp from Ikea / Dinner at Ikea / Printing off memories / NOTW / Bought this from an old sweetshop.. yum / FOTD / Tea & cakes round Bo's / Harv modelling his new hat / Cakes / Snuggles with my girl on a Sunday morning / NOTW / Autumn walk with Harv / Night world / Favourite Autumn nails.

Hello lovelies.

You wouldn't believe it, but I'm still aching from Sunday. Why you ask? I went go-karting for James' dad's birthday. Obviously this isn't a big deal to many of you, but it was my first time.. against people that had been at least 10 times before & were all men bar one. And being the most careful driver on normal roads it felt weird to actually 'go faster than what is safe'. We had two 15 minute races & I don't understand why but my body hates me for going now. I drove to work yesterday & had to physically lift my left leg to change gear every time with my hand! Hahaha.

 Also, work is so stressful & busy at the moment. So many people are booking late for panto as well as other shows & cinema performances. I worked out I only have 5 days off between now & Christmas. Bring it onnnnn.

How are you all? Looking forward to Christmas? : )

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Nails #11

Models Own - Balearic Cool

This is one of my favourite shades by Models Own. I don't have many plain shades from them, most of my collection is glitters but I just fell in love with this one.

Models Own - Balearic Cool & Models Own nail art pen in white.

& it looked even cuter with polka dots.

Ciate - Caviar Pearls Shotting Star & L'Oreal - Sequin Explosion

This is one of my favourite nail arts I've done in a while. I couldn't resist purchasing this glitter from L'Oreal after walking past it over 3 times & finally picking it up. I love using it with nude shades underneath & this one by Ciate is perfect.

ELF - Dark Navy & L'Oreal - Sequin Explosion

These nails got so much attention.. I can't imagine why.. haha! I could confess my love for this glitter all day you know.. 
Sinful Colors - Pink Forever & Models Own nail art pen in white

Pink is probably my most used colour in my nail varnish collection. I wore this for our girls night out a few weeks ago - perfect with a little black dress & a pair of high heels.
What are you favourite nail polishes at the moment?

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Cotswold Wildlife Park

Hello lovelies,
I mentioned in my last Life At The Moment post that I went to visit James up in Gloucestershire a few weeks back. One of the days I was up there, we travelled to the Cotswold Wildlife Park about an hour away. It was such a lovely little place, with a huge range of animals & beautiful grounds.
Here are a few of my favourite snaps. : )

Have you visited the zoo recently? Which is your favourite animal?

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Life At The Moment #50

Honey on her birthday / Cheers / Girls night / NOTW / Our charity giraffe / OOTD / Cutest cottage ever / Tongue action / Hot chocolates from Starbucks / NOTW / Mum's birthday presents / Travelling to James' uni / Visiting the zoo / Pumpkin time! / Dressing up for work.

Hello lovelies!
How was your Halloween? Mine was spent at work, dressed up as a.. well.. not sure what I was exactly. A bit of blood & black lipstick goes a long way though!
I went up to visit James at uni last week. We visited the local wildlife park & I got the closest I've ever been to a real giraffe. Very exciting moment for me, they are so beautiful. : ) Speaking of giraffes, we have a trail to find 51 of them for charity in our town. Our one is Peter Pan themed (that's our panto this year) & they are being decorated & auctioned off for charity in the next few weeks.
It was also my mum's & Honey's birthdays last month. We celebrated with lots of cake & gifts (for both of them ; D)
How are you all lovelies? Can't believe we're in November now!

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