Sunday, 28 July 2013

OOTD - Floral Function

Dress - Primark via ASOS / Sandals - New Look / Sunnies - Ebay

If you're reading this, I'm surprised. Half of you have probably clicked the small x in the corner of the screen right now after seeing this dress on yet another blogger. I think half the world has this dress. : ' ) Anyway, more to the point, isn't it gorgeous?!
I only just managed to take these pictures before it started pouring with rain (hence the lack of photos) & I had to make a fast retreat into the house with Honey. The weather has gone back to the typical British tradition of a wet summer. Lovely.
How are you all? Enjoying your weekends?

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Lust List

The dress - Everybody I know has been obsessing over elephants recently & who can really blame them? Especially with Topshop bringing out some gorgeous skirts & dresses in the adorable pattern. But deep down, even though I was lusting over them, I can't deny how much more appealing a giraffe is to me. That sounds weird right? But anyone that knows me will know, a giraffe has been my favourite animal since.. well ever. And look at this beautiful dress ASOS have provided for me. It's destiny I think.
The bag - How me is this bag? Pink, cute & well.. pink. I saw it featured in Georgia's latest post (seriously, if you don't follow her, you must. Mega style crush) & just knew it was going straight onto my lust list.
The shoes - Again, how adorable? I don't have any heels like these & think they look so elegant & perfect for Summer.
The iPhone case - I swear I buy my iPhone more accessories than I buy myself. But can you blame me? There are cases on Ebay for almost everything & everyone & seeing as most of my cases are pink, this galaxy one would make a nice addition to add some variety.
The necklace - Triangles. Who knew I'd become so obsessed with them. But I am. This one just screams BUY ME.
The skort - I think every blogger in the world has mentioned this item in either a love or hate way. I however, am no exception.. mine is in the post as we speak! I'm developing an obsession for white clothing at the moment, so obviously my choice was easy.
What have you been lusting over recently? : )

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Recent Summer Outfits

When the weather is nice, I have to admit, I'm constantly dragging someone out to take photos for me! I think that's a typical blogger instinct right? Anyway, just thought I'd show you a few recent outfits from the past month.
Top left - This dress is one of my favourite Summer bargains I found last year in the sale from Ever Ours. I won't waffle on too much about it as I've already done a post on this look, if you'd like to check that out, you can here. Oh & a quick note about my shoes? I love them.
Top right - Ah a day at the beach with the girls. Nothing beats it right? Especially if you're wearing a gorgeous dress from Oh My Love. This one I managed to scoop up in the sale, perfect for chucking on over your bikini, but not so great for tan lines. (Cut out shoulders & middle doesn't do anyone any favours!) Again, I've posted about our beach day out here, if you'd like to read more.
Bottom left - This was what I wore on Wednesday for a girly meal at our local pub. Perfect for a summer evening & sitting outside eating good pub grub & a gossip. My shorts are the most gorgeous things ever! They are velvet & from Topshop last year. My top is from New Look, it's a gold, slightly cropped top, with the most beautiful texture.
Bottom right - This has to be one of my favourite dresses, but I hardly ever wear it. I think because it's white it scares me that I'll drop something down it or someone else will.. but being so pretty & lacy, it's too adorable to be kept stored away in my wardrobe. I bought it from Boohoo a good few years ago. Oh & I can't not mention my shoes! Aren't they beautiful? I know they are quite a unique taste but ah, I just adore them.
What have you been wearing now we actually have sun in the UK?
& which outfit is your favourite? : )

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Life At The Moment #44

Work time / Honey enjoying the sun / Fish & chips for dinner / Onesie time / Lizzie's birthday cake - strawberries & cream / Love this necklace / & shoes / & dress! OOTN / Wimbledon! / Dan & myself at Wimbledon / Sunset / Pimpin' Logan / FOTD / Chocolate time / Pretty being cute / OOTD / New editions to my collection / I like this one / Home made meringues, home grown strawberries & ice cream! / OOTD / Emily's birthday cake - chocolate orange / STRETCH / New case / Cake with the girls in café Nero

So today has been spent making meringues with mum, playing badminton with James & curling up in a ball, simply because being a woman sucks.
But on a happier note, it was Emily's birthday yesterday & we celebrated at the pub, with lots of cake, wine, singing & presents. Lauren makes the best cakes as you can see, (Lizzie's & Emily's were both made by her) & oh my gosh, they taste amazing. I've convinced her to make a malteser one next.
James is now back from his two week holiday in France & thankfully I've almost caught up on his tan from all this lovely sunshine in the UK! Sadly, I'm working tomorrow & most of next week so I'm praying we might have some rain..

How has your weekend been so far?

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Recent Nail Art #8

Barry M - Turquoise & Models Own - Snowflake 

I absolutely love this topcoat. I always seem to forget about it in Summer & it gets hidden away in my collection, but it leaves such a gorgeous effect on my nails I don't know why I don't use it more through out the year. 

Rimmel - Marshmallow Heaven

Not exactly nail art but I just wanted to show you this shade. It's beautiful but didn't last that long on my nails sadly.

Maybelline - Speckled Pink

You might've seen my previous nail art post where I featured another Polka Dot varnish by Maybelline. I wasn't massively impressed by it when I painted it straight onto my nails as opposed to using it with a base coat. So this time, I just used a purple pink varnish underneath (not visible when you paint the polka dots over the top) & it managed to stay perfect for a good few days (as opposed to chipping after half a day of wear)
Barry M - Lemon Ice Cream, La Femme Beauty - Emerald & Models Own nail art pen in White
& finally my Wimbledon nails! I won't go on about these as they featured in my last post, but if you'd like to read about my Wimbledon adventure, you can here.

& if you like these posts, make sure you check out my other nail art features! : D

Sunday, 7 July 2013


If you read my previous post, you'll know I was lucky enough to go to Wimbledon last Friday (mens semi-finals day) Oh my gosh. Simply amazing..
My tennis nails!

Myself & Dan watching Murrey in the semi-finals

See that guy line judging? That's Ferenc! : )

Ice cream, actually delicious, even if it was very over-priced.. : ' )

What I decided to wear : )

I still can't actually believe I was lucky enough to go.. & to top it off Murray lifted the trophy today as the champion at Wimbledon! Ahhhh!
I just can't believe the atmosphere there. The whole day felt magical as you walked around the arena & watched the players on court. We also managed to watch our friend Ferenc at work, he's a line judge & we got to enjoy strawberries & cream with him during lunch. : )
Did you watch the final today?

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

OOTD - Pleated Peach


Dress - Ever Ours / Sandals - New Look / Sunnies - Primark / Bracelet - Links Of London

First off, how pretty is this dress?! Seriously. I'm in love. You can't go wrong with lace, pleats & pretty peach shades. Ever Ours, I salute you.
Honey decided to get in on the action once again. She seems to be creeping into my outfit posts a lot doesn't she? Good thing she's cute..
Oh & I'm so excited girls, guess where I'm going on Friday!? WIMBLEDON.
Ahhhh! I've never been before but I love watching the tennis on the TV & I can't even begin to imagine what the atmosphere will be like. I think a cheeky glass of bubbly with strawberries & cream is in order..