Friday, 30 August 2013

Ebay Wish List

Leather jacket - I've become obsessed with finding the perfect leather jacket. I love this one, so simple & perfect to add to a skater dress to harden up your look. I think it might be the one..
White platforms - I've been after these for ages, but the seller never seems to have the white in stock. They are such a statement piece. Need them in my life..
Sunflower shorts - Aren't these pretty? They scream Summer & I know we're heading into Autumn / Winter, but they would be fab for next year.
Cut-out boots - I just need these. They are so beautiful.
Essie nail varnish - It amazes me how cheap you can get Essie polishes online. I'm in love with this shade. You can never go wrong with a baby pink.
Maxi dress - Again, how adorable? This seller I've found does this dress in every shade you can imagine, so if pink isn't your first choice, there's tons of other options & being less than £11, why not stock up on two or three?
Floral crown - I still haven't got one of these in my life. And yes I know, it takes a very brave & stylish person to pull one of these off outside of a festival, but can't I just have it to wear round my garden & pretend I'm a fairy?
Above the knuckle rings - I'm way behind on this trend, but 99p for 5? Can't complain at that.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Life At The Moment #47

Good hair day for once.. / Sunny dog walk / Sausage / Trying on some spots / Shopping ootd / Baby with her doughnut / I look 15, natural face! / Pudding at Charlie Choys - yum! / Girls / Baby sitting my best friends chinchillas / Glasses / New case / Pug dress / Fav dinner / Grumpy sausage / Happy birthday Lorna / Dinner / Girls / Myself & Lorna / I felt like Pocahontas / Tarmac is adorable / Tea & birthday cake / Happy birthday Elisa / PUG BEDDING / NOTW

So many birthdays this month!
Firstly we celebrated Lorna's at our local last week & Elisa's last Saturday. It rained all day on Saturday so instead of the original plan of a bike ride & picnic, we spent the day watching films, eating takeaway & playing board games. Oh & a round of pass the parcel. : )

So now I'm off to work, thinking it'll be quiet as it's such a lovely day & a bank holiday.
How are you all spending your long weekends?

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Collection Eyeshadow Pencils

I've been a bad blogger. I don't often break the rules, but I have on this occasion.
I bought a new product & didn't photography it before using it. SHOCK HORROR.
Yes I know, cue the dirty looks..
I bought these two beauties about 2 weeks ago in town & stayed at James' for two days after purchasing them & didn't have my camera with me. I just couldn't resist trying them. So, I do apologise for the 'used' pictures. But doesn't it show how much love I have for them? I think so.
I picked up Vintage Blush & Hot Chocolate, two of the lovely shades Collection have released in these beautiful eyeshadow pencils. I bought them from Boots, currently on offer for £2.50, but I know they are also available in Superdrug for a similar price.

A lot of people have compared them to the Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows, which is actually quite a fair judgement. However, I think I actually prefer these. They are half the price & are a lot easier to blend & apply.

I'm absolutely in love with both these shades. Vintage Blush is the perfect shade if your going for a natural day look & Hot Chocolate is for those summer evenings out with a glass of wine.

I've found both shades do last all day (they do sometimes show crease lines but you can easily blend them with your finger) & are incredibly pigmented. The only downside to them is you have to sharpen them, they don't come with a twisted base to push up the product, which is quite deceiving when you first see them. However, it's not going to stop me going back to Boots to stock up on more shades!
Have you tried these new eyeshadow pencils?

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Recent Summer Outfits #2

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In my previous life at the moment post, I mentioned how social my life has been recently, so I thought I'd share some outfits with you as the last post I did of these went down really well : )
Top left - I adore how simple & adorable this outfit is. I picked up the skirt from the River Island sale, via ASOS. It's such a statement piece to have, it makes a lovely addition to my wardrobe. My heels are from New Look & my top is EBay. I found it by searching black crop top & this one was only a few pounds.
Top right - I know this isn't really an inspirational outfit, but I had to include it for the laughs. I went to my friend's 22nd birthday party last weekend. It was fancy dress, superhero style. I'm hoping you can tell who I went as? ; D My shoes got the most attention that night I have to say. They are these litas dupes from EBay.
Bottom left - This dress, what can I say? About a million people have it & probably most have blogged about it. Including me.. you can see my full post here. (It features Honey too, so even if you've seen the dress a lot already, it's worth taking a look to see her cute face!) 
Bottom right - The day I wore this outfit was one of the hottest days of the year here in the UK. Funny saying that now as it's turned so cold & wet this past week. Both the denim cropped tee & shorts are Primark's finest. I adore wearing the denim shirt with either a maxi skirt or dress, but it was too hot to do that for this occasion. The shorts I randomly re-discovered the other day & are perfect for hot weather. The material is quite thin, so it's really cooling, just very easy to crease.
Which is your favourite outfit?
& what have you been wearing this summer? : )

Monday, 12 August 2013

Life At The Moment #46

Sleepy sausage / I feel so glam wearing this skirt / NOTW / Watching my boy playing cricket / OOTN / Pulling faces / Strawberry cocktail / Belly buster / Superhero cake for Jamie's birthday / OOTN for Jamie's / Superheroes! / FOTD / Kisses for Harv / Ronnie / Puddings at our new favourite restaurant / Girls meal / Crumpets & eggs / Wrappin' presents, so many birthdays this month / Slush puppies at bowling / CSA bowling trip!

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I love an occasion to get dressed up for, don't you? To wear that new dress, or to show off those new shoes? This past week I've had two meals, a bowling trip & a superheroes party. I feel spoilt. I got to showcase my new giraffe dress & polka dot skirt as well as squeeze my arse back into my disco pants to become cat woman for the evening. I feel sorry for my disco pants, they've been pushed to the back of my wardrobe since this warmer weather has hit the UK, but they finally got a bit of spotlight again last Saturday. Yay for them!
I also went along to my first cricket match to support James play last Sunday. Even though I didn't understand half of it & was told when to clap by Alex (James' younger brother) I loved watching him. Proud girlfriend right now. : )
 How was your weekend?

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Recent Nails #9

Sinful Colors - Big Daddy
I never used to this like this colour on the nails. You know, that weird in-between shade of orange & red but oh my gosh, I'm obsessed with it now. I think Sinful Colors have created the perfect contrast between a pastel & a bright. I'm super impressed.

Sinful Colors - Pink Forever / Models Own nail art pen in white & black
You have no idea how proud I am of these! Haha, yes I know, there is a lot of nail art designs that are harder to do than this one, but for my first attempt? Not bad huh? Again, this pink shade is too adorable. : )

Rimmel - Too Cool To Tango / Models Own nail art pen in white
Polka dots? On my nails? Never. Well, ok.. maybe a lot.

ELF - Mint Cream
This polish is so beautiful, it's sad I don't use it more often. The mint green is perfect for Summer & even though ELF polishes are devils to remove, I've only ever had one that was prone to chipping, the rest are so long lasting, including this one. And only £1.50? It's a bargain.
What have you been painting on your nails recently?
& make sure you check out my other nail art posts if you enjoyed this one : )

Monday, 5 August 2013

Ebay Lipstick Review - Star Pink & Melon

Recently, I've found myself becoming addicted to Ebay. I go through phases of loving it & hating it & at the moment, I love it. So when I saw these bargain lipsticks for £1.95 each, I couldn't resist.
I picked them up from this UK seller & they do such a range of colours, I'm surprised I controlled myself with just the two shades but having free postage means you can always try the product & purchase another if you liked it without paying out for the delivery again.

Top - Star Pink 038 / Bottom - Melon 020

It's quite hard to actually see the shade when you select it on the seller's page, only because there are so many to choose from & are all quite similar, the seller fails to give a clear swatch on most of the shades. Melon was actually more orangey / coral than I thought it was going to be but the Star Pink is pretty much true to the image.

Melon 020

Like I said, this shade is more orangey than I thought it would be, but it's actually gorgeous on the lips. I don't actually own any orange lipsticks, I usually either buy pinks or reds, but this one is a lovely addition to my collection to add some variety. Overall its beautifully pigmented & easy to apply.

Star Pink 038

This shade is gorgeous. It's quite a dark pink so I'm leaning towards wearing it more in the Autumn / Winter months, but regardless I love the pigmentation.

Top - Star Pink 038 / Bottom - Melon 020

Both shades however don't have the greatest staying power, especially when it comes down to eating & drinking, but overall I'm super happy with this find & for £1.95 each, you can't really complain.
Have you found anything on Ebay recently?

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Life At The Moment #45

Mum's beautiful flowers that make me sneeze / Converse nails / Hey cutie / OOTD / New bag from T K Max / Having lunch with James / Playsuit - my favourite / : ) / Clillin' / Felt very gothic / LOL / New shoes from Dotty P's / New lipstick / James' garden / He's cute / & he looks like a penguin / Yawn / Rediscovering my old head bands / New purchase / The dress everybody has / ASOS delivery! / Baby in her princess bed / NOTW / Puppy eyes / NOTW #2 / I feel like someone is watching me.. / Promotion our panto at work / Cat face watch : )

Quite a lot of photos in this one, sorrrrrry!
Today is actually the first day of my week off work, oh my gosh. I've actually realised it's been over a year (CRAZY) since I've had a week or more off.. & luckily the sun has come out again here in the UK to start my week. I've got a meal tonight with the girls & my Auntie is down for four days with us, so maybe a trip out on Saturday to our local fair but other than that, I can chill & relax for a week. : D
Also, James is home from Cornwall tonight. He's been on a boy's golf holiday for the past week (mostly been raining like it has here) but hopefully they'll get a good game in before they head home later.
How has your week been? : )