Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Hello lovelies, how was your Christmas?
Mine was amazing, but went waaaaay too fast. Can we just start December all over again please? I wanted to do a general life catch up over the last few weeks as I haven't posted, but I'm going to do that later this week. For now.. let's enjoy the three most important days of last week.
Christmas Eve
It's tradition for myself & James to go to the panto every year on Christmas eve & this year, it was Cinderella, one of my absolute favourites. With the addition of two adorable little ponies, plus a big sparkly dress, you can't go wrong. After panto, we travelled down to James' mum's to spend Christmas eve with her side of the family, which included a lot of champagne & port, dancing to French songs in the kitchen & the tradition of opening a present at midnight.
Christmas Day
Christmas Day morning, we woke up (slightly worse for wear) at Valerie's with a cooked breakfast, before heading to my grandparents for Christmas Day lunch. We had the biggest feast, followed by a chocolate yule log, more champagne & tea.
We then travelled home to my parents' early evening, for more presents & stocking opening! Even Honey had presents, look at her eating her mince pie! (don't worry, it was a dog friendly one!)
Boxing Day
Christmas morning, we woke up at my parents' & headed to Kym & Gus' house for Boxing Day with James' Dad's family. We had another amazing feast of curry, with a massive trifle & cheese & biscuits. Safe to say, I've eaten my body weight in food this week..
How was your Christmas? Please send me links to all your festive posts! : )

Monday, 15 December 2014

Life At The Moment #68

Ah December is going by so quick!
Let's start with my work Christmas meal with my box office ladies. I obviously had to go for a roast, nothing beats a bit of turkey in December! We did a Secret Santa which went well, it was so hard to find a pressie suitable for all ages..  but I loved mine, thankyou Lisa!
Last Friday, myself & my manager Nigel organised staff to take part in Christmas jumper day! Although we are a small theatre & cinema, we managed to make a grand total of £42, getting people to donate towards wearing their jumpers for the day & taking part in a Snow Sweepstake. Was such a fun day.
Oh & look who else was wearing her jumper all day on Friday.. we match!
Last week, I managed to meet up for brunch with the girls. Nothing beats a full English.
Just look how festive Logan is right now! Incase you didn't know, Logan is my car & just like every other thing I own, I had to make him pink & Christmassy! 
Last night, myself & my tea ladies went for our Christmas meal at Bills. Was such a lovely evening catching up with them all, especially my girl Lorna. We've both been through so much this past year, it's just made us even stronger & I'm so proud of her.
& finally, my tree is now up, my house is decorated & my bedroom looks like the home of a million fairies. I simply adore Christmas & everything looks so beautiful & festive right now!
What are your plans for Christmas this year? : )

Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas Jumper Wishlist 2014

In honour of Christmas Jumper Day, I thought it was only appropriate to do a Christmas jumper wishlist! So here we go..
1 Nothing beats the traditional Christmas jumper. This one is a total bargain on Ebay.
2 If your not really into the 'over-the-top' designs this Christmas, this simple but cute one from Topshop would be ideal. I love the forest green colour.
3 I couldn't resist including this one from New Look (not sure if it's from the teenage section or not) but it just looks so soft & warm!
4 Another simple but gorgeous number from Topshop.
5 I've had my eye on this one from Select Fashion for a while now but just haven't been able to get it in my size. The little snowman's nose & snowballs on the jumper are 3D which just adds to it's overall character.
6 & finally this cute polar bear jumper from New Look. Such a sweet design.
Have you got your Christmas jumper on today?
I think it's such a good charity to raise money & awareness for, I've got my whole workplace involved this year! Make sure you check out #XMASJUMPERDAY on Twitter & Instagram & head over to Save The Children UK to donate!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide For Your Four-Legged Best Friend

Morning lovelies!
Christmas for me is all about spoiling my family & if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter or even my blog for a while, you'll know I have two very special doggies in my life who are a massive part of our family. Firstly is a Lurcher called Harvey, who is our family dog & second is my own gorgeous baby girl, called Honey & she is a Mini Dachshund. We spoil them all year round (probably more than most pooches!) but at Christmas, we always like to get them something extra. I've put together a few items that I thought were adorable for our four legged family members, so here we go!
Mum has actually bought this & given it to Harvey already! I've posted a picture of him wearing it here. It is the most beautiful collar, hand-made & this particular design is especially for Greyhounds & Lurchers. If you know these breeds or have been in contact with them, you'll know they are serious walkers & slippery characters.. spotting a deer or a squirrel can result in serious pulling on the lead & having such small necks, it's easy for them to slither out of their collars.. This one is absolutely stunning, made from a strong material but covered in velvet for an extra soft Christmasy feel.
How adorable is this? I'm sure after a while, hearing Jingle Bells from this little chap would get slightly annoying, but as long as he only comes out at Christmas, I think we'll cope!
This just looks so comfy, I would sleep in this if I could fit! So perfect for Honey, but I'm sure Harvey would try to squeeze in as well..
Again, this one is for Honey. I like buying her cosy jumpers in the Winter, as she's only a small dog, she does tend to get extremely chilly very easily. We have a range of coats for her, some hand-made because of her size, but this one actually looks the perfect fit! 
A standard bone, but a classic. Definitely one for Harvey.. I doubt Honey could even drag this along.. 
Perfect for those Winter outings to see friends & family. We always take the dogs out on extendable leads when going for a 'proper' walk, but when visiting my grandparents, the special leads seem to make an appearance. This one is too cute not to buy!
Do you have any pets you buy for at Christmas? Would love to see some pictures! : )

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Life At The Moment #67

Hello lovelies,
Can't believe we're in December! Myself & Honey have been getting so excited for Christmas! She's been helping me deliver cards & presents this week, she's like my own little elf, so adorable.
A few weeks back, my best friend announced she was getting engaged after her boyfriend proposed in Rome! So exciting! The four of us have been friends since we started secondary school together in 2002 & she's the first of us to get engaged so we're all buzzing right now!
I went up to visit James at the end of last week & (forcefully) we went Christmas shopping. I'm so happy to say I'm nearly finished! With only two days off in December before Christmas, I don't have much time to go shopping. I love how festive & pretty all the shopping centres become at this time of year : )
Myself & James took a trip out to Bourton-On-The-Water last weekend for the day. I did a full post here so you can read all about our adventure, but it was such a beautiful place.
Monday was our 2 year anniversary. Because of me working & James being 3 hours away at uni, we couldn't see each other on the day, but had a lovely weekend celebrating regardless.
Like I mentioned before hand, our family is getting extremely excited for Christmas! Harvey has already started to get festive in his new Winter collar & I started decorating the house yesterday.. so it's starting to look a lot more Christmassy.
& finally on Thursday I met up with my girl Lorna in town for tea & cake & for a final bit of Christmas shopping. So pleased with everything I've got this year!

Have you put up your tree yet? Hopefully ours will be going up sooooon!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Nails #18

Barry M - Black & Nails Inc - Lancelot Place
My absolutely favourite nail combo at the moment! I wore these around the time of the fireworks at the beginning of November. They were a devil to get off, but just look at that glitter top coat! I managed to get it for a complete steal in TK Maxx.
H & M - Turquoise
One of my classic shades I've had for years, it just never gets old!
Models Own - Magenta Pearl & Poundland - Rio
You've probably seen a lot of bloggers rocking a similar combo on their nails around this time of year. The dark reds & glitter top coats are always a gorgeous look for A/W.
Primark - (no name sorry) & Poundland - Pink
& finally, it wouldn't be me if I didn't include a pink nail art design. Again, I got this glitter top coat for £1 in Poundland & it's one of my favourites. It comes off a lot easier than some of my others (cough, Nails Inc!)
What nail art designs have you been rocking this year? I was looking back at my previous nail art posts & found my Christmas design from last year! Can't wait to start getting creative..