Friday, 28 September 2012

OOTD - Time To Rewind

Shirt - Ralph Lauren / Leather leggins - Primark / Necklace - Dorothy Perkins / Nails - Barry M & Models Own / Lips - Topshop, Pillow Talk (post coming soon)

This outfit is one of my favourites. A simple shirt & a pair of leggins. You can't really go wrong!
It's so windy today! I've just taken Honey out for a walk & her little ears were flapping madly about in the wind. So cute. : ) I'm always so scared she's going to blow away being so little..
Got a nice weekend planned, working tonight & 9 hours tomorrow, but have a family meal tomorrow night & only a 5 hour shift on Sunday, so it's not too bad. What are your plans for the weekend? : )

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Week In Photos #19

Dinner - love a bit of chicken pie / New studded pumps (post here) / Topshop lipstick - Pillow Talk (post coming soon) / Brighton #1 / Brighton #2 / Brighton #3 / My parents celebrated their anniversary / NOTW / Transporting food home fail / Baby turkey! / Most delicious fudge ever / Lazy day.

This week has been full of adventures, work & lazy days.
I went to Brighton with Ross last week & got attacked. By a seagull. Honestly, it was terrifying. They usually just hover near or over you, but this one properly landed on my shoulder & stole my chips. Rude rude rude. : ' )
My Dad also brought 4 gorgeous baby turkeys home with him last weekend as the owner couldn't take them home from the show. They are so adorable & have grown so much in a week it's surreal. They feel so different to chicks as well, alot more wirey & weigh alot more!
Hope you're all well lovelies. : )

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Studded Pumps

I like to think I'm like most bloggers. If I flick onto a blog, see an outfit post & the blogger is pulling it off in a way I've not seen before, I instantly get it into my head I can do the same. I then continue to stalk the items they are wearing & end up with a wish list longer than my arm. Obviously, being able to pull off every item of clothing I see on other people is ridiculous. No one is the same & I'd like to think I have individual style other than just copying an outfit worn by someone else.
In the world of blogging, it is of course impossible not to get caught up in the hype that surrounds different products or campaigns. For example, the Topshop Studded Vectras. I think everyone in the blogging world has a pair of these or at least has them on a wish list. I remember first seeing them a couple of months ago on Becca's Youtube Channel & after that, madness erupted where everyone seemed to have a pair. I have to say, even I was drawn into that hype & after months of resisting, I went in to Topshop, spyed them & tried them on. Honestly? I was disappointed. I've heard people say, they feel like slippers. So comfy & easy to wear they were irresistible. I couldn't have disagreed more. I didn't find them very comfy or felt they would have lasted more than a month of wear. Weird, but I found myself crushed. I'd built these shoes up so much that I knew when I had the money to spend on them, I would have scooped them up without a second thought. Anyway, after this ordeal (lol) I left Topshop & thought no more about them. My studded pump hunt would continue.
Last Wednesday I popped into Primark & low & behold, I found myself in the shoe section & I found these! 
I was dreading trying them on & finding they were like the Topshop pair, but no! They were perfect. As well as having jewels on, they also have studs & for only £12, I couldn't resist.
What do you guys think? Do you like the Topshop Vectras? : )
* No offence intended to anyone who has the Topshop Vectras! I know lots of you do. They just weren't for me! I'd love to hear your opinion on them. : )

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

OOTD - Shaped Galaxy

Top - New Look / Shorts - New Look / American top - Republic / Leather look leggins - Primark / Earrings - New Look / Nails - Barbara Daly.

This outfit has been sitting around, waiting to be posted for a good couple of weeks now. I wore it to the pub a while back for a couple of drinks with the girls. : )
I picked up the top from New Look last month. It has everything I'm obsessing over at the moment. Galaxy print, crosses & low sides. (not sure what they are officially called but you know what I mean!) The material is really soft as well, always a bonus & for the lovely price of £12.99, I couldn't resist.
What are your favourite pieces at the moment?

Monday, 17 September 2012

Week In Photos #18

Gemma's leaving shots / Chips at the pub / Promoting a show at work / Lunch in the sun / Pete's new T / NOTW / Cake #1 / Cake #2 / Newbury show ticket / Domino's / Sapphire has amazing eyes / OOTD / Hot chocs at work with the boys / Danny's leaving day #1 / Danny's leaving day #2.

Busy busy weeeeeek.
Sorry I haven't blogged much! I've just manically thrown these pics together before running off to meet Gemma in town, then going straight to work this evening.
How are you lovelies? Have you had good weekends?

Sunday, 9 September 2012

OOTD - Catastrophe

My outfit: Dress - H&M / Shoes - New Look / Sunglasses - Primark / Rings - H Samuel & The Accessory Stand / Necklace - Unknown / Nails - No7 & Models Own.

It's hot in the UK, can you believe it!?
I thought I'd drag Pete out in the sunshine to take a few snaps while the sun was out late last week. It was such a gorgeous day, we spent it sunbathing & chilling with lemonade while watching the world go by in my garden.
I didn't actually realise until editing these photos how much 'cat things' I was modelling. Cat print dress, my ring from The Accessory Stand & even my cat inspired nails. (If you can't tell one side is a cat face & the other a ball of string/yarn. The idea came to me the other day & thought I'd try it!)
How's your weekends going lovelies? I'm off to work this afternoon so making the most of the sunshine before then. : ) Hope you're all well!

Friday, 7 September 2012

NOTW #12

Morning girls!
You might have seen from my last post I managed to get my hands on Lavender Hexograms by Barry M after seeing Lily post about it last week. I absolutely love it, so I had another scroll through the Barry M collection to see if I could find anymore to add to my wishlist. I found Hologram Hexograms which is a plain silver glitter. (Urgh, lovely easy names for nail varnishes here Barry M..) I popped into Boots on Wednesday before work & found one last pot of the Hologram Hexograms on the shelf! I also sneakily purchased Models Own Utopia which has also been on my wish list for many months too. I thought they'd look beautiful together. : )
I'm a right sucker for anything glittery!
What do you guys think? Do you have any nail polishes on your wish lists?

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Week In Photos #17

Honey & her slug friend. Ew / Gorgeous curly fries with the girls / Pudding / Lavender by Barry M arrived in the post this morning / Hot chocolate / Pegs for Mum / Lucky / Summer walk / Hello Kitty tissues / Bird's been ill too / Milkaaaa / Cat nails / My gorgeous girls / Miss "pop my doms" / Curry dinner.

This week has actually gone really slowly.
I've been so ill these last couple of days, I feel sorry for anyone that's had to put up with me & my 'man voice'. My mum bought me those Hello Kitty tissues & a hot chocolate each night so I can't really complain though! : )
Had a curry night with the girls on Saturday - must have had the largest amount of food on my plate, ever. So delicious though. : )
Also, managed to find the most gorgeous nail varnish I've seen in a long time after seeing this post by Lily. It's called Lavender Hexograms by Barry M. I ordered it off Ebay on Sunday & there it was, sitting outside my door this morning! Seriosuly can't believe how quickly it came! Have you tried this one? It's such a beautiful glitter. Tempted to get the Hologram Hexograms as well.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

OOTD - Contrast


Dress - Unknown / Leggins - Primark / Necklace - All That Glitters / Nails - Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream & Collection 2000 Glitter Top Coat

Trust me to pick an outfit to show you & not know where the main piece is from. Sorry girls! : ' )
So I have a few little updates for you today.

First of all, I'd like to re-introduce you to my sponsor page. I haven't actually updated this since the beginning of the year (bad I know!) but I've finally got round to doing it. So, if you'd like to get involved with sponsoring for the next couple of months, you need to go to this page. Everything you need to know is on there & I'll repeat myself on here & say it is completely freeee! Yes, I know.. too amazing. : )

I also have a new button! Just over there to your right.. you see it? Yes, it has shoes on it. : ) I might make another one & swap a few of the old ones around, but for now, take your pick! --->

Right, I think that's it. I'm going to Cathy's tonight for wine, curry & face masks. Picture post to follow I'm sure. : ) Enjoy your weekend lovelies!