Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Our Adventure To Wales

Hello lovelies!

James & I took a trip to visit our friend Tom at the end of May. We'd been planning on visiting Wales for the longest time, so seeing as he lives in Tenby, it was the perfect excuse to go!

From our home town, it was due to take us a total of 5 hours without traffic & pit stops for food, so we set off at 2pm as James had to work in the morning & arrived at 9pm. The traffic was actually quite bad around Heathrow, but we managed to get through to the Severn Bridge without too much trouble.

For our first night, we stayed in a B'n'B in Tenby called Little Red Rooster Rest. It was quite an unusual place, filled with lots of little touches, including this towel swan that we found on our bed when we arrived!

We woke up early the next morning to meet Tom & check out of our room. We'd only booked one night here, for the second & third night we were staying in an apartment I found through Air B'n'B, which was in Saundersfoot. It was absolutely pouring that morning, so we decided to head to Carmarthen town centre to do a bit of shopping. We saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie before heading back to Tenby to eat at The Blue Ball.

They just have the cutest shops in Tenby high-street. I spotted this one called Bali Hai which was selling ice creams & milkshakes. If we weren't so stuffed from dinner, we definitely would have gone in!

Tom was performing in a play during the week we went to visit, so we dropped him off about 6pm at the theatre & went exploring the beach at Saundersfoot.

It was so quiet - perfect time to take some sneaky pictures of the dogs running around!

We then went & checked into our apartment in Saundersfoot. I can't stress to you how adorable this place was, the photos really don't do it justice. I absolutely love booking through Air B'n'B as it always feels so personal. The owners lived next door & came round to meet us when we arrived & made sure we settled in without being intrusive. When we entered the apartment, we also found they had left us milk & tea making facilities, despite it being self-catering, which was a lovely touch.

We woke early the next day to beautiful sunshine, perfect for our day at Folly Farm. Tom visited the zoo last year & said how lovely it was & he was right! There were lots of animals to see & talks to listen to.

As well as farm animals, they had a lot of the bigger animals you expect to see at zoos, including my favs, giraffes!

We then headed to Tenby for a proper explore, including a walk on the beach & seeing where the final episode of Sherlock was filmed! It's such a beautiful place, I swear I could live there happily for the rest of my days.

After our guided tour by Tom, we headed back to the apartment to get changed before heading to see Tom's play in the evening. It was such a wonderful show & was lovely to see all his family who were either in the show with him, or watching that night. We went for a drink afterwards & got home just after midnight!

Unfortunately the next day, we had to make the 5 hour journey back home again. It took us another 7 hours, but we eventually made it, just in time to change & head out again to Allan & Maria's pre-wedding dinner! But that's for another post..

Have you ever visited Wales? I can't wait to start planning another adventure there..

Friday, 16 June 2017

Life Lately #130

Hey lovelies,

Cathy & I went to see Ruby Wax live on stage on her Frazzled tour in May & she was so funny. We didn't really know what to expect but it was a show made up of humour, mindfulness & her life stories, told by Ruby herself, in a comfy armchair, in the middle of the stage. We got to meet her during the interval & had my copy of her book signed. It's definitely one I'll be taking on holiday with me.

James & I booked to see The Sidemen play their second charity football match at the beginning of the year & it soon came round at the end of May. We travelled up to London for the day, had a bite to eat at Pizza Express, had a walk along the Thames & headed to Charlton to watch them play. As always, they were brilliant, despite the fans absolutely ruining the end of the match by invading the pitch again..

For James' birthday, I bought him a driving experience at a local race course. He got to drive two super cars & have a passenger lap in a Ariel Atom. He chose to drive the Audi R8 Spyder & a Lamborghini. It was such an awesome day, I took a few videos, so a vlog will be going up soon!

The girls & I went to Ikea at the beginning of the month to stock up on the final bits for the flat. We managed to get the most adorable coffee table, a plant (named Greg) & some candles amongst other essentials for the kitchen. Oh & of course, the kids section was our favourite part.. BRAIN HEAD : ' )

James & I went to visit our friend Tom in Wales 2 weeks ago. We stayed in a beautiful apartment, which made it a lovely trip. I'm going to write a full post about our adventures next week, so keep an eye out for that.

Ok, so how long have I been waiting for this day!? On 3rd June, James' dad Allan & partner Maria got married! They have been together for 17 years, so to be honest, it was about time guys! ; ) I'm so honoured to be apart of their special day. Again, a full post will be going up soon, so I'll go into more detail then.

Finally, the girls & I went to the South Of England show last Saturday. It was so hot, we all burnt (even those wearing factor 50!) but it was such a fun day, filled with stroking lots of animals & eating lots of cheese.

How has your month been so far lovelies?

Friday, 26 May 2017

What I've Been Wearing On My Nails #41

Fearne Cotton - Cotton Candy
How pretty is this shade? Seriously. I love it so much.

Marks & Spencer - Blue
Another classic that I've added to my collection recently. A baby blue is never far away from my nails.

Fearne Cotton - Lemon Drizzle
Yellow is one shade that I never used to like wearing, but as soon as the sun comes out, I always crave painting them a bright colour. Again, I think it's quite 'marmite' & sometimes I look at them & think they are horrible, but sometimes I love them! I really have a love / hate relationship with yellow nail varnish!

Fearne Cotton - Lemon Drizzle & Marks & Spencer - Silver Mix
Again, I was going through a 'they look too bright' stage & decided to add a bit of glitter & instantly fell in love with them again! What do you think?

How has May been for you lovelies? Sorry again for the lack of posts but I'm actually enjoying sitting & blogging when I feel like it, not when I have too. I'm lucky to say this is still a hobby for me, so I can take or leave it when I chose, which is how I like it to be.

What are your plans for the weekend? : )

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Life Lately #129

Hello lovelies!

Long time no speak!
I've had a few weeks off blogging & I have to say, I've loved it. James & I moved in together (a month ago in 2 days time! Crazy how fast the time goes..) & we have just been so busy with everything, I've hardly found the time to just sit down with my laptop & type. In the moments I have had spare, blogging has been the last thing on my mind if I'm honest. I've been out & about with friends & eating lots of yummy things as I'm sure you can see from this update! Anyway, I can't promise I'm going to post as often as I did before, but I really do want to keep up with blogging, but when it feels right to me. There's been too many moments recently where I've felt forced to post when I really haven't been feeling it & that to me is not what I want my little space on the internet to be about. Anyway! Let's look back over the past 2 weeks!

At the end of April, Gemma celebrated her 26th birthday! We went to a lovely Italian restaurant called Filippos. We had a lovely table upstairs with plenty of room (there was around 20 of us) & we were supplied with countless bottles of wine & food. I had the risotti el pollo for main & chocolate tarte for pudding & then we headed into town for more drinks. I wore my new favourite jumpsuit (the one from BooHoo I wore to Maria's hen do) & got so many people ask me about it. It's just the best. I've found I can eat a crazy amount of food & no one knows as it does a great job of hiding my food baby!

Last week I went to visit my mum & all the lambs that have recently been born. Just look at their adorable little faces! They are so tame, the mummies come up to you to be stroked (& obviously have a nosey around to check to see if you have some food!)

Aren't these flowers just beautiful? With moving into our new place, I never expected people to be so generous with gifts, but the amount of cards, flowers, alcohol & house-warming gifts we have received has been over-whelming, so thankyou all again! We've also had some people over for dinner; James' mum & Barrie came last week, along with our friends Boop & Seb & we have James' dad & Maria booked in for next Monday night. We aren't the best in the kitchen, but apart from a failed mushy risotto, we haven't done too badly! (Sorry Boop & Seb!)

Last weekend Char came home for brunch so we headed to one of our fav restaurants, Bills. It was so lovely to catch up with her & the girls & we even managed to squeeze in a visit to our new flat so Mils & Char could see it with a cup of tea & cookies (brunch pudding, that should totally be a thing right?)

On Monday I had my hair cut & I seriously love it! I had quite a lot chopped off but seeing as I hadn't had my hair cut since the end of December, it felt way overdue. I'm debating whether to have my balayage put back in, but not sure. I do love having a few blonde bits in my hair because I think it really brightens it up, but it just costs so much to do! I need to befriend a hair dresser..

& finally on Tuesday night, James' mum & Barrie treated us to dinner at Cote. We haven't eaten there for a while, so it was lovely to go & they have brought back my favourite pudding; the praline, salted caramel, banana crepe. Oh my lord, if you can, go try it. It's amazing.

Hope you're having a fab week so far lovelies! : ) 

Monday, 1 May 2017

March & April Favourites

Since buying these boots, they have not left my feet. Seriously. I just love them so much. Embroidery has been massive so far this year & I really hope it stays for the Summer, because it's just too damn cute. They are seriously one of the comfiest boots I've owned & only cost £18 in the sale!

Ok, so I'm thinking you'll either love or hate these! But look at them, they are so fluffy & soft! I picked them up on a recent trip to Primark thinking they'd be perfect for holiday when we are sun bathing around the pool. I've actually been wearing them around the house instead of slippers now it's got a bit warmer & they are just the comfiest pair of shoes eveeeer.

If you haven't smelt this, drop everything & get yourself down to Boots. It's just sooooo good. It instantly reminds me of holidays & I can't wait to get back into the sunshine this Summer!

Ok, so I'm reading a book. Have you fallen off your chair yet? Haha! It's rare for me to read as I just 'never find the time'. Yeah, that old chestnut. It's true though. I really struggle to sit down & immerse myself in a book. However, this one has really got me hooked & I find myself racing home to read it each day! 

To be fair, I've always loved chokers, but as they've recently come back into fashion, retailers have brought out some beautiful designs. I'm loving this bow tie one from Primark that came in a pack of 3 for £3. So affordable.

Have you ever used a lip-plumping lip gloss before? Neither had I until this one, but I'm seriously addicted to it. Nothing prepares you for the sensation of the lip gloss working its magic on your lips. It feels almost numbing but satisfying at the same time! My lips have never looked as healthy as they do when I apply this gloss! I'm so tempted to pick up a darker shade to add to my collection.


I've watched TOWIE since the very beginning, so I get extremely excited when a new series starts. We're almost at the end of this one but I'm seriously loving it as always. 

How addictive is this show? I heard loads of bloggers raving about it on Twitter so thought I'd give it a go & I'm loving it so far. 

Trashy tv at it's best right? This again has been so addictive & actually quite emotional at times.

So James & I have only just started watching this but seriously, why has nobody ever told me how good this was!? Ok, some people have but we just haven't gotten around to watching it. I'm already so invested in the characters & just want to know what all their back stories are!


At the end of March, Maria celebrated her hen do. I've written a full post if you wanted to have a read here, but we had the most amazing time eating tons of food & dancing the night away to a Michael Buble tribute! I can't believe her wedding is under 5 weeks now! I'm so excited.

Gemma & Ollie welcomed baby Alice into the world & she is absolutely beautiful. She's so tiny & soft. I wish I still had baby skin!

James & I went to see Craig David at the beginning of April & oh my word, that man has still got it. He was absolutely incredible on stage & performed solidly for 2 hours. Tinie Tempah  made a guest appearance as well which was such a surprise.

& finally James & I moved in together! I'm sure you already know this as it's been plastered all over my social media & blog but yay! Definitely a highlight for me & probably the biggest adult thing in my life to date. I'm already so in love with our little flat & can't wait to make some memories there.

How has your month been lovelies?

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Life Lately #128

Hello lovelies,

It feels like ages ago since we caught up! How are you all?

So if you didn't already know, James & I moved into our first flat together! I'm sure you've experienced moving house & know everything is a bit chaotic, so I haven't been able to blog properly since we've been living together! I miss it so much, so it's been lovely to finally sit down with my laptop & write this. We have finally got settled in with just a few boxes left to un-pack, but what I'm hating most of all is all the paperwork. Urgh. Can someone come & organise my life please?

Gosh Easter seems like a distant memory now.. how was it only the weekend before last?! I luckily managed to only work 2 out of the 4 days over Easter, so had Easter Sunday & Monday off. Easter Sunday was spent tidying the whole flat for James' family to come over in the afternoon, before we headed to my Grandparent's house for dinner. It was so lovely to spend time with our families, but equally heart-breaking when I had to drive back to our new flat from my previous home. Felt so weird & I think that's when it finally set in that I wasn't living at home anymore.. Since then though, I've been absolutely fine & our little flat is really starting to feel like home.

On Easter Monday, James had to work, so his family invited me to go to the Plumpton Races with them. It was so exciting as I'd never been before & I had no clue how to even place a bet. After a few goes, I got the hang of it, but sadly none of us won much money! Some didn't win anything at all.. :') We had a lovely picnic; soup, rolls, hot cross buns, salted caramel cheesecake & of course lots of tea.

Last Tuesday, Cathy, Muffin, James & I went to see the new Fast & Furious movie, which is absolutely insane! One of my favourite ones so far. Have you seen it? We also had a BBQ at Gemma & Ollie's house so I got to catch up with some of the group who didn't go to the film.

On Sunday, my tea ladies & I headed to Littlehampton to visit our friend Lorna. We try to go twice a year & luckily, it was a very over-cast day, but it didn't rain! We usually do a walk on the beach, followed by fish & chips & of course a trip to the arcade. All hail Kym; Queen Of The Keyrings! : D

Hope you've all had a wonderful April so far lovelies. Kkeep a look out for some more posts coming soon featuring some flat updates & my monthly favourites!

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Lush - Over & Over Bath Bomb

Hello lovelies,

Today's post is all about this beautiful bath bomb, called Over & Over.

"No it’s not all in your head. This enlivening cocoa butter coated lime and fennel oil bomb will perk you up and leave you thinking ‘bout it over and over again. Be mesmerised by its hypnotic rocking and rolling, as a vibrant citrus firework of pinks, oranges and golds unfurls into your bath."

I know I say this in most of my reviews, but how beautiful is this bath bomb? The colours it produces just amazed me.

When you pop the bath bomb into the water, it starts rolling around (over & over surprisingly!) & starts producing yellow & pink bubbles across the surface of the water. After about 5 minutes or so, you start to see some oranges coming through, quite subtle at first, but if you swish the water around, the bath is bright orange underneath the pink, yellow & white surface.

What I loved most about this bath bomb was how long it lasted. Some of Lush's products whizz around the bath for a few minutes & don't tend to last very long, but this one I was seriously impressed with.

It has a gorgeous scent (I'm afraid I'm terrible at describing it) but it's quite citrus-y & refreshing. It reminded me on lemonade!

My skin felt very soft after using this bomb, as unlike some of Lush's bath bombs, this one acts as a bath oil as well, similar to Never Mind The Ballistics, which I loved!

It retails for £4.25 & I can't wait to head back to Lush to pick up another one!

Have you tried this bath bomb? What did you think?

Sunday, 16 April 2017

We've Moved!

Hello lovelies!

Firstly, I'd like to say..


I hope you're having the most wonderful day & have over-indulged on all those Easter eggs.. I totally didn't have one for breakfast..

Secondly, I wanted to share some exciting news with you today.. James & I have moved in together!

James & I have been together for nearly 4 & a half years now & we started dating just before he went to uni. I'm so proud of him for going but it obviously meant we had 3 years of a long distance relationship while he was away studying. He finished uni last May, so since then we have been staying at either my parent's house, or his dad's but not had our own space. It all seems to have come together last month as James finally secured a full time job at a local kennels & I've been saving these past few years while living at home, so when we started looking at flats, it all seemed to fall into place.

The last few months or so we have been going to flat viewings around our local area & we finally found the perfect one. We heard Monday night (much to my absolute panic) that our references had all gone through & we had 3 days until our 'scheduled' moving date (which was last Thursday!) This week has seriously been so stressful, I've had to pack my life into boxes in 3 days around working a full time job!

The flat we have found is a 10 minute walk away from my place of work & a 10 minute drive for James to his, while being near the town centre. All our friends are just down the road (scattered throughout the town) & my parent's are still only a 15 minute drive away.

It's all just come together so perfectly, I'm so excited to be living with my best friend & getting settled into our flat. It's a perfect starter place for us & hopefully after a year or so, we can look at possibly buying a property in a similar location.

I've got quite a few posts lined up, but I apologize now if they aren't as regular as normal, as we won't have internet until the 24th, but I'll keep you as updated as I can over on Twitter & Instagram! : )

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Life Lately #127

Hi lovelies,

My friend Bo was in a play called Family Planning a few weeks back & Gail, Cathy, Elisa & I went to watch her perform. It was such a good little show! Bo's boyfriend Chris was actually performing alongside her, so it was lovely to see them both on stage!

Hasn't the UK had a mixture of weather recently? Luckily the majority has been beautiful sunshine, mixed in with a few cloudy days. I met my girl Ricka for tea at our local garden centre last weekend & we managed to sit outside in the sunshine for about a couple of hours, catching up on life. We actually got so warm!

I also managed to meet up with Cathy, Boop, Gem & baby Alice for lunch after seeing Ricka. We went to Sumners Ponds, which is the most wonderful place. They have a few animals, a lake where you can camp in the summer & outside seating, where you can watch the fishermen around the lake. We had a walk after lunch & visited the cows & most importantly, had a well over-due catch up!

Ah, so I've been looking forward to last Sunday since the end of last year when I booked the tickets as a surprise for James! We drove up to London to see Craig David at the SSE Arena. It was absolutely incredible! We stopped for dinner at Nandos before hand & drove back home after the show. I can't stress how amazing it was to see him live on stage, he is such a talented man.

How has your month been so far lovelies?

Sunday, 9 April 2017

What I've Been Wearing On My Nails #40

This is one of my favourite nail arts as it's so subtle but unique. Barry M glitters are so lovely as they look really effective, but aren't too difficult to remove, as some glitter polishes can be. Hologram always makes me think of that Dre song from years ago!

Ted Baker (no name sorry!)
This was one of the shades James bought me in a gift set at Christmas time & I love it so much! Just look at that shine.. I feel so glam when I wear it.

& what makes these nails even more glam? Throwing on a bit of glitter of course! I know I literally just typed Barry M glitter polishes are my favs, but Nails Inc are seriously on a different level (even though they are more difficult to remove) Just look at that sparkle.

Rimmel London - Tangy Tangerine
Ok, so I dreamt I had orange nails, I woke up & painted my nails orange. I actually used to hate orange nail polishes, but now I find them such a statement colour to have in my collection. This Rimmel London polish is just perfect for me. It's not bright & surprisingly goes with a lot of outfits.

What have you been wearing on your nails this month?

Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Spring always brings a smile to my face.

I took these photos on Mother's Day at the end of March. It was such a bright, beautiful day, I couldn't resist heading out with my camera & snapping a few pictures. You might recognise the final image of Honey, as I posted it on my Instagram a few days ago. How cute does she look!? She's gotten so fluffy this year, her hair has almost made her double in size (she looks incredibly fat!) Anyone else have this with their Dachshund when they hit a certain age?

I also adore photographing bees. There's nothing better than capturing them whizzing through the air or perched on a flower enjoying the sunshine.

Most of the images here were taken in my grandparent's garden. It's my absolute favourite place to come when I want to relax, as it holds so many childhood memories for me.

What do you love most about Spring?
Where is your favourite place to go from your childhood?