Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dave & Debbie's Wedding

Hello lovelies,
Just wanted to do a quick post to update you on a few things before I head to Gloucester for the weekend.
If you read my previous post, you would have known I was chief bridesmaid to my Uncle & his new wife, Debbie, the weekend before last. I was totally honoured & privileged to have been apart of their wedding, it was simply beautiful. They got married in a old-fashioned church, followed by their reception in our local country pub. I love how weddings bring families together & I've managed to contact some of my cousins I didn't even recognise! (slightly embarrassing smiling at them not knowing who they were till I was introduced.. or should I say re-introduced..) & before we move on from the wedding.. how adorable does James look?! I managed to get his tie on Ebay for £1.99 & it matched my dress perfectly. Total bargain. ; )
Last week was half term & I survived. Yes, I'm one of the lucky ones. Working in the cinema has it's negatives.. half term is one of them..
Oh & Valentines! I managed to get all my gifts around to my girls (except one.. Boop yours is still in my fridge!) & myself & James went to Pizza Express for the most filling, delicious 3 course meal you can imagine. How did you celebrate?
I'm about to rush around now & pack my bag tonight as I'm off to Gloucester tomorrow straight from work! Hope you're all well lovelies & I hope you have a fabulous weekend. : )

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Valentine's Day Preparation

Hello lovelies, how are you all?
Now I know some of you will hate Valentines Day. I personally love it. You're probably thinking "Yes Cat, because you're in a relationship". And yes. I admit, Valentines Day is a lot better when you're with someone, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate it.
Every year I try to make all my girls feel special, this year is no exception..

I'm in the process of wrapping their gifts & they'll be delivered this week. It's only something small, but I think everybody should know they're loved on Valentines.
If you're like me, you will have probably;
- planned your outfit (for day time & evening)
- planned day & evening activities 
- painted your nails with a valentines theme
- & finally bought & wrapped your valentines presents.
Am I a little obsessed? Maybe..
However, this year is slightly different for me (& more exciting!) I'm going to be chief bridesmaid at my Uncle's wedding this Saturday, so Valentine's Day will be spent at the rehearsal at the church, followed by blowing up 150 balloons for the reception. However, myself & James have managed to squeeze in a romantic dinner at Pizza Express before hand!
How are you all celebrating?
Lots of love

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Wishlist - So In Fashion

Hello lovelies, happy February!
Thought I'd share a few pieces from this gorgeous website I've recently discovered. After seeing one of my favourite bloggers Katy modelling a beautiful dress from there, I just had to check out the other items they had to offer.
1 - Floral swing dress - I don't actually own any swing dresses, which is crazy because I'm madly in love with them. I think this will look adorable in Summer.
2 - Lace top - How beautiful is this top? I think it would look so cute under a jumper for Winter or just paired with disco pants for a night out.
3 - Lace clutch - This caught my eye because it's such a unique item & will jazz up any outfit on a night out.
4 - Triangle necklace - Another beautiful piece to add a statement to an outfit.
5 - Fluffy cropped jumper - I've seen so many of these jumpers around recently & most of them are double the price of this one. -cough Topshop cough- I actually adore this sleeve length, adds something different to just a plain jumper.
6 - Polka dot skirt - Anything black & white I immediately think of work. I don't have a uniform, it just has to be smart, presentable & either black or white. Midi skirts are my favourite things to wear.
7 - Monochrome skater dress - Again, so so so pretty & it's in the sale! I couldn't say no.

Have you bought anything from this website before? What's your favourite item? : )