Friday, 30 March 2012

OOTD - Sail Away With Me

Top, shorts, sunglasses, shoes - Primark / Nails - MUA & Barry M

How sad. All Primark.. again! -sigh-

This crop top was a complete steal for £3 though! Love the little boats. : )

I have to say, it's been such gorgeous weather, I couldn't resist getting my legs out, even after 10mins of being outside I got cold & ran inside for my leggins! I refuse to put jeans on though!

Hope you're all well lovelies. : ) & of course, like most outfit posts, this wouldn't be complete without a snap of my Honey Pot.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Oh What A Wonderful Saturday. (JLS!)

So, on Saturday, I had the most amazing day.

For those of you who don't know, I was lucky enough to get tickets to go to the Sports Relief concert at the 02, where JLS, Oli Murs & Rizzle Kicks performed. I haven't been to a concert for just over 3 years - I have to say, I've totally missed the buzz of seeing a band live, singing your heart out & just generally taking way too many photos.

Offft look at the first one of Oli, delicious. ; )

Yes - Miranda Hart!

Absolutely amazing. : )

Still can't believe Miranda came on stage & started 'dancing' behind them. Lol.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Week In Photos #3

Boop's champagne / Free shampoo in Glamour / Sunny garden / My gorgeous shoes I wore out Saturday that KILLED ME / Leopard outfit / Mother's Day present from Honey / Current nails / My personalised Easter egg from Muffin / Mum's Mother's Day flowers / Honey enjoying the sun / Our cards / Cathy's weird eye. 

I know you're all probably sick of these updates.. but.. I'm seeing JLS, Rizzle Kicks, Oli Murs & Gordon tomorrow! It's actually been a month since we last met up 'cos of his uni & my work.. but tomorrow I get to see him & my favourite boys in the flesh - so excited. : )

Hope you're all well lovelies. I'll post photos from the concert & Jack's birthday next week. Hope you all have fab weekends! Oh & if you want an amazing new blog to follow & read, check this girl out. Erika blogs over at Retro Flame & is so lovely & down to earth. I want her wardrobe! 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Update #8

Quick update for y'alllll. : )

# We had the show Celtic Dream at work on Sunday, they're an Irish cast that performed a mixture of songs & dances from Ireland. It was actually really good until the group of guys came out into the audience & made everyone sing, then commented 'Even staff have to sing as well' & pointed to me. How embarrassing. Over 300 Irish loving people, staring at me to sing. I was like.. 'Mmm leaving now..' To add to the embarrassment of that night, I spent half of it walking around with my flies un-done displaying my lovely glittery cupcake underwear to the world. Lovely.

# I still haven't broken my Lent yet! Amazing I know..

# I got my first Easter egg from my friend, Muffin. He personalised it completely, from the box, to the writing on the egg & the tray it was sitting in. So adorable.

# It's another birthday coming up this weekend, my friend Jack is going to be 22, so I'm predicting another heavy night on Saturday - photos to follow as always.

# How was everyone's Mother's Days? I bought my Mum some daffodiles (her favourite flowers) & we spent the day up with my grandparents then I headed off to work in the evening.

# Oh & not forgetting.. I'm seeing JLS this Saturday! I'm SO EXCITED!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Forever Love By Next

Every girl remembers their first perfume, right?
Mine was from Avon, in a tiny white plastic-looking tube, about 3 cm high. My mum gave it to me to try when we went out for a family meal one night. I remember it being so strong that I had to wash it off half way through the night as I was convinced people could smell it from the other side of the room & were looking at me funny! After that night, I tended to stick to body sprays for a while..
I always thought perfumes were just for posh nights out. Up to a couple of years ago, I would wear my trusty Impulse Body Sprays during the day & then splash out on a perfume if I was going to a posh meal or event. (Which happened once every couple of months). Now, I have a perfume for the daytime & one for evening wear.
Of course, finding the perfect perfume isn't an easy task. I remember going with my best friend to Boots, trying every scent on a tester & getting her to sniff them all to chose her favourite. Obviously a completely pointless exercise as she chose totally different ones to me..
I wanted to show you my new favourite daily perfume. I got a gift card for Christmas to spend at Next. I've bought perfumes from them previously & it's a bit mix & match. For a day time perfume, I don't tend to spend a great amount, (as long as it smells nice, doesn't matter how cheap it is) & Next perfumes are very reasonably priced.
So, here's the one I chose. It's called Forever Love.

Obviously, it is the smell that matters the most, (nobody gets to see the bottle when your wearing it) but I won't pick up a bottle to sniff it unless it has a girly, pretty edge. I absolutely love this bottle. How cute is the little heart, bow & shape?! Adorable.
Anyway, like I said, the most important part about a perfume is the smell. On the box, this is how it is described:
"A romantic floral fragrance with fruity top notes leading to a pretty floral heart of rose petals & magnolia with a white musk & amber base."

It is such a gorgeous sweet scent & not over-powering at all. If you love floral, sweet scents, you'll adore it.

It only costs £10 from Next, (you can view it or order it online here) they also do a smaller size bottle, but this is the large, holding 75ml. I think the smaller one retails at £6.

Do you have a favourite perfume? & wear different ones for day & night?

* Please note - I didn't get asked or paid for to write this review.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

OOTD - Plain Leopard

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday, I just couldn't resist taking some photos with Honey.

Shirt - Charity shop / Skirt - Primark / Leggins - Tesco / Shoes - Tesco / Necklace - Ebay / Rings - Topshop & Primark / Bracelet - Present / Nails - Barry M Crackle

The last two photos make me laugh, Honey trying to creep in the shots, so adorable. : )

As you can still, I'm still obsessed with leopard print. I got those pumps for Christmas a couple of years ago now from my Mum, they are so adorable but are so painful. I can only wear them if I know I don't have to walk very far in them. The skirt I got just before my birthday, only £4! Seen it in New Look for about £10, so if you want a cheap one, go to Primark. It's gorgeously soft.

Today is quite a lazy day for me, I'm off to work later, going to have to sit through John Carter.. not sure if I'm too excited about that but we'll see. : )

Hope you're all well!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Another 21st..

So this weekend I celebrated another 21st birthday, my best friend Boop's. : )

Myself & Cathy

Boop, Cathy & Myself

Cathy & Myself #2

Pete & Myself

Pete, Cathy & Myself

Boop, Myself, Gemma & Cathy

I bought my dress about 3 years ago from one of those shops that appears for about 6 months, then disappears! Everyone was asking where it was from & I had no idea.. Lol. My necklace is from Accessorize & my earrings are from Topshop.


Ah & another update, Lent is killing me. Seriously. I've seen so many clothes I want to buy & can't. It's complete torture. So tempted to break it..

& who else has heard this song by Nicki Minaj? Love it so much. : )

Speak to you soon guys. : )

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Spiked Necklace

Isn't it lovely to recieve something through the post? Especially when you have given up shopping for Lent & it feels like you've bought something when you actually haven't. (I ordered this necklace 2 days before Lent started)

YES, I'm very happy right now.

I bought it from Ebay (first seen on Gabs' blog) & I just had to have it. You can see the spikes are slightly bent at the bottom, but it's totally un-noticable when your wearing it.

Oh & the seller's note made me smile. : )

I know what you're thinking, you might have seen something like this before on my blog? You'd be right, it is kinda similar to this necklace I bought from Accessorize but.. this one is obviously spikes not feathers & gold not silver.. totally different right? ; D

You can never have too many 'collar' necklaces. FACT. : D

Friday, 9 March 2012


Guess what I did?

I got Tumblr!
Still figuring out how to use it etc, but please pop over if you'd like. : )

Link is also over there ---->

(proper post tomorrow)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Usually, I'm organised. I plan ahead & think what I'm going to post about a couple of days in advance. I love walking with Honey & Harvey & just thinking up ideas to blog about. Today.. I have nothing.
I swear my shopping ban for Lent is destroying my blogging brain.. : /

So.. let's have some good old weheartit photos about amazing things I'm looking forward too.

Celebrating my best friend's 21st this coming weekend

Seeing JLS on the 24th March!

Planning a Summer holiday with the girls

Having Gords home for a year & celebrating our 3 years

Summer bbqs with the best ones

What are you looking forward too?

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Silver Feathers

I picked this necklace up about a month ago & totally forgot to show you guys. It was such a steal from Accessorize in their 70% sale, I think I paid around £3-4.

Sorry this is such a short post, I'm about to dash off to work!

Hope you're all having relaxing Sundays ladies. : )

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Week In Photos #2

Hello Kitty mug Gords bought me for Valentines / Current nails / Yummy garlic bread / Honey & Harvey drinking tea / Dad's birthday cards / Horse shoe necklace / Bathbomb from Emily / Peeling phone cover : ( / Sneaky mirror picture / Changing our current HUGE front door keys to smaller modern ones / 'Charming' by ELF lipstick melted in my pocket : ( / Seeing The Vow


Can't believe how quick February flew past! Insane.

I haven't done a post like this in ages, so thought it was time for one. I always take pointless pictures & need somewhere to post them. I really really want instagram. You ladies seem to take the most gorgeous snaps using that app. Well jel. ; )

Anyway, it's gorgeous & sunny today, so I'm off out with the dogs for our midday walk to make the most of this weather. : ) Hope you're all well lovelies.