Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Life At The Moment #61

Hello lovelies,
Mum's been decorating the bathroom this week & every time I go in, something new & pretty has arrived. Starting to look so nautical.
James returned from his cookery course having picked up some delicious tips & tricks. We don't have much time to cook meals 'properly' because of our working hours, but one evening, he managed to rustle up this. Seriously, nom. And as you can see, he inspired me to bake some cakes in return. (much to the joy of the ladies at work)
Myself & the girls (+ a few bf's) went out for dinner last week to Chiquitos. Their steak is seriously yummy. Have you ever been? I'd definitely recommend going.
Myself & James came back from Chichester yesterday, after visiting his family & his cutie of a cat. We watched the Liverpool match Monday night, which resulted in me having a very grumpy boyfriend for the rest of the evening.. Really doesn't help me saying "It's only a game.." Yes, I've learnt from my mistake..
& finally, Elisa celebrated her 21st! The picture on the bottom row, far left is a throwback to my 21st (2 & a half years ago! Scary how time flies..) We went out for brunch on Sunday with the girls which was lovely. Oh & in my last update post, I mentioned I was off to Elisa's 21st birthday bash! So here's a snap on the end to show you what I wore. I went for a side plait with a body-con black & white dress : )
Hope you're all well lovelies!

Monday, 18 August 2014

A Very White Wishlist

Ebay Chunky Heeled Sandal
I know some people will hate these, but oh my goodness I'm in love with them! I ordered them last week & can't wait for them to arrive.
New Look Skater Dress
How cute is this dress? Perfect for Summer evenings on holiday.
BooHoo Skater Sundress
Again, very similar to the New Look dress, but so so so beautiful!
New Look White & Black Tote Bag
I am seriously in need of a new bag. I seem to carry more stuff around with me than I need & the handles on my bag always seem to break. This one is just perfect for going into Autumn / Winter.
Topshop Floral High Waisted Shorts
I'm really not into denim shorts anymore, but these ones were too cute to not include on this list, just look at that print!
Topshop Scrunchie
I'm lovin' the fact the scrunchie trend is back in, I used to wear them in my hair all the time!

What are you currently lusting over? : )

Friday, 15 August 2014

Life At The Moment #60

Hello lovelies,
First of all, why are there so many birthdays in August!? Seriously, I have 8 this month.. how crazy is that!? Anyway, it means lots of dressing up & giving pressies so I'm not complaining!
The first image up there is what I wore to Emily's be-lated birthday meal at Strada. I'm so in love with my little laced skort, I got it from New Look last month. Paired with a plain tee & a kimono, it looks so effortless.
I managed to meet up with my girl Ricka weekend before last - we went for brunch at Bills. I have to say, it's quickly becoming one of my favourite places to eat.. brunch & afternoon tea there is such good value. It's worth going if you have one local to you.
My best girl Cathy celebrated her 23rd birthday last weekend, so myself & James got dolled up & headed to the pub. It's sad to say I'm now one of those girls who would prefer an evening in over most things but we actually had a fantastic evening as we headed to a bar / club after a few drinks.
We also went to see No Jacket Required the other week with my parents & family friends. They are a tribute band made up of about 10 musicians that perform hits by Phil Collins & Genesis. I've lost count of how many times I've seen them perform, but it was the first time James has seen them & regardless of not knowing that many songs, he really enjoyed it.
The Nandos in our local town opened this week! I luckily won tickets for myself & a guest to go & sample their food before they officially opened. I went with Dan on Monday night & it was delicious. I had the butterfly chicken with garlic bread & chips & the portion was huge! (I say this but I managed to eat nearly the whole plateful!) So excited they've officially opened now & we no longer have to travel half hour to our nearest one!
Finally, today I'm chilling at home with my gorgeous doggies, we're about to go for a walk then I'm going to start getting ready for Elisa's 21st celebrations tonight. It's a black & white party so I've got my dress ready, now just need to figure out how to have my hair.. help?

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Obsessed..? Maybe..

Hello lovelies,
I don't know about you, but I take my phone everywhere. I'm not necessarily proud of that fact, but it's true. Of course, it wouldn't be "my phone" if it wasn't pink or slightly unusual. I wanted to show you some of the cases I've managed to acquire while having my iphone 4s. (I'm missing about two cases from this collection.. but this is the majority!)
I bought them all on Ebay, stretching from £79p - £4.99. Most of them are from China, you can basically get any design you want on eBay these days!
As you can see, the majority are pink, just my little blue whale at the bottom there is the odd one out. He is actually fabulous. He comes with different shaped eyes so you can choose his expression & even a tail designed for your headphones to wrap around. The cases at the top (the sparkly bling-ed up ones) were my first obsession. I still love them, but I find having a gel case so much easier than a plastic case.
My favourite one has to be the rabbit, just look at those cheeks! It looks very chunky to hold, but it actually fits to your hand so well. Oh & the pug one.. yes I agree it's ugly.. there was just something cute about it that caught my eye.. : ' )
Sorry if this post isn't really your cup of tea, but I love looking at people's phone cases. Maybe I'm just weird.. 
Have you got a favourite case for your phone?

Friday, 8 August 2014

Nails #16

Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream & Models Own nail art pens in white & gold
Summer screams floral to me! I love adding a flowers to my nails.
No 7 - Lucky Lilac
My absolutely favourite shade. Nothing beats a lilac nail varnish.
No 7 - Lucky Lilac & Barry M - Purple Glitter
Add a bit of glitter makes it even better!
Missguided - Splash
This is such a perfect red for Summer. Not too bright & not too subtle, it's a beautiful shade to have in your collection.
Primark - (No name sorry!)
A recent purchase from Primark, can you believe this beautiful shade only cost £1?! It's not great durability, but the colour is stunning.
Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream & Crackle effect in black
I totally forgot about my crackle polishes until I found them hiding at the bottom of my varnish collection! I used to wear the black as a top coat for almost every polish I put on!
What have you been painting on your nails recently?

Monday, 4 August 2014

BooHoo Wishlist

Hello lovelies!
I have to admit, BooHoo is one of those websites I forget about for ages, then suddenly remember & splurge on. They have so many gorgeous items in at the moment, I couldn't resist picking out a few of my favourites to show you.
Dogtooth Print Bodycon Dress - This dress is currently £5 in the sale & in these gorgeous pastel shades, I couldn't resist picking up this lilac one.
Floral Bandeau & Shorts Set - I don't know what it was about this set, but it just screamed Summer at me! I could just imagine laying by the pool, sipping on a cocktail wearing this!
Floral Blazer & Trouser Set - If I had my way, I'd be wearing this to work, in London, to my office, everyday. But sadly, my work uniform limits me to black & white & my local town centre. However, I can always dream..
Black Leather Buckle Wedge - These are perfect for a night out as we'll soon be getting into Autumn / Winter. I love the buckle detailing at the top.
Pink Clutch Bag - I can never resist a pink clutch, look how cute it is!
Over-sized Slogan Tee - Finally, a simple white tee paired with skinny jeans is my favourite look at the moment. It's so chilled & perfect if you want something to throw on.
Have you spotted anything you'd recommend me checking out on BooHoo? : )