Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Week In Photos #16

Naughty shopping trip.. again / OOTD / NOTW / Night out for Elisa's birthday / Night out for Elisa's birthday #2 / Getting ready / I bent that fork with my magically powers.. honest.. / Apple pie / Honey & her new collar / DEER / Summer garden / Posing sausage / Ombre hair / Burger King / The actual Burger King.

This week has been fabulous. Seriously.
First of all, my hair! If you haven't seen my post on getting the ombre done, you can check it out here. I'm thinking of getting more done - my hair has always been so boring, I'm getting so many compliments & questions about it that's it making me think I should have had it years ago!
I had the best weekend out I've had in ages. It was Elisa's birthday so we were out on the town, taking way too many photos & drinking way too much. Most nights during the week I spend at work with the occasional one chilling at home & don't ever feel the need to go out. As soon as a birthday comes along, BOOM. Getting dressed up & having a few drinks with the girls is all I want. : )
Also went on another cheeky trip to Primark & New Look. New Look have a buy one get one free on all jewellery at the moment, so make sure you check that out!
I'm also thinking of starting Youtube again. Total fresh start though. What do you guys think?
Hope you're all well lovelies. : )

Monday, 27 August 2012

Ombre Hair

Hey lovelies!
So you might remember me posting a while ago, saying I'd finally booked my hair appointment. But not just any hair appointment. An ombre appointment. Dun dun dunnnnn!
As wimpy as this sounds, I've actually wanted ombre hair ever since I started blogging. I think the original culprit for getting me addicted was Zoe - I always remember going onto her blog & just falling in love with her hair more & more each time. (sounds weird I know!) Also, Lily - who's blog has been one of my favs since the beginning.
I guess you can say ombre hair went on my 'wish list' because of these ladies & many other bloggers. I'd always comment & say how gorgeous it looked, but I was never brave enough to take the step of getting it done. Until last week!
I have really long hair & it's taken me ages to get it to this length. I was terrified of having it done, it going wrong & having to chop the whole lot off. Luckily, that didn't happen & I love it. I'm actually tempted to have more done.
So.. what do you think?
I seriously couldn't be more in love with it. : )
Do you have ombre hair? Or want it?

Friday, 24 August 2012

Week In Photos #15

OOTD - Blue Tac / New shoes / Shopping trip / Gorgeous flowers / McFlurry / Nuggets & chips / Pudding / Most yummy dinner I've had in ages / Male & female carrots / More rain / Cupcake socks / Multi-coloured yogurt / My 'friend' that decided to scare me / OOTD / Deeeer, obsessed? yes.

Again, another week full of food & flowers. : )
I've literally just got back from the hairdressers, got my hair done! Ombre has been something I've wanted for ages & I've finally had it done after alot of mmm-ing & ahhh-ing. Dedicating a proper post to it next week so make sure you check back for that. : )
Also, managed to see Brave during the week. Quite scary & emotional but such a beautiful film. I ended up crying at the end when no one else was.. : / Slightly embarrassing.
Hope you're well lovelies!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

OOTD - Blue Tac

Top - Primark / Skirt - Unknown / Necklace - Gift / Shoes - Tesco / Lipstick - Revlon Lip Butter
Hey lovelies. : )

I think demin is my new obsession. Saying that, it's not actually a new obsession, it's just come back into my life after being away for some time. I found this shirt at the back on my wardrobe & had to pull it out for the hot weather we're having in the UK at the moment.

Also, check out my shoes! How pretty are they? My Nan went shopping with my Mum last weekend & came back with these shoes for me. Love how they match the buttons on my top. : )

Seriously; floral, demin & polka dots - all in one outfit. My life is complete. : D

Hope you're all well ladies. : )

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Week In Photos #14

Chocolate pretzels / Awesome beer bottle / Ross made me.. pudding?! : ' ) / Lorna's birthday cake / Table decorations / Girls / Gemmmmma / Fosters anyone? / Girls #2 / Puddings / Honey & Strawberry asleep / Cheesecake.
Hey guys, I've been so busy with work I just haven't had the time to blog recently. Manic couple of weeks with work & birthdays!

It was Lorna's 21st on Tuesday, so we went & had a meal at our local pub. It was gorgeous & Lauren made the most epic cake - total chocolate overload!

I've also booked my hair appointment that I've been um-ing & ah-ing for months & months. Yes, I'm finally going to get my hair dip-dyed. So excited it's unreal. Also a little scared it'll go wrong & I'll have to chop off my long hair I've been growing for years.. mmm..

What do you think of ombre-ed hair? Have you ever had yours done?

Thursday, 9 August 2012

OOTD - I Heart You

Playsuit - New Look / Sandals - New Look / Necklace - Unknown / Bracelet - Primark / Nails - Barry M & Models Own

I love this playsuit, simple as. : )

I picked it up from the New Look sale about a month ago, for around £12. I featured it in my guest post over at Emily's blog week before last on a wishlist. It's so comfy & perfect for summer days. The heart print just adds to the cuteness.

Now these shoes, how can I put them into words? I saw them in New Look a while ago & couldn't decide which colour to buy. (They come in the coral colour that I'm wearing & also a brown). Anyway, I forgot about them for a while then spotted them in the sale for half price, so I bought both colours. I've only worn them a handful of times, they are so comfy & don't even feel like your wearing a heel, but the straps rubbed on the top of my foot. Probably best to wear with tights, barefoot just didn't work for me.

Hope you're all well lovelies - I'm off to herd chinchillas. (But that's another post..) : D

Monday, 6 August 2012

Week In Photos #13

Hello Kitty : ) / Hedgehog in Ross' garden / Cathy dying my hair / Fish #1 / Fish #2 / Rosie / Chocolate strawberries / Aztec nails for Cathy's 21st / Jamie's 21st (before he threw up..)

Wow, I haven't blogged in over a week..

There are so many birthdays this month + I've been working like a mad person, I just haven't had the time to, which is a shame because I miss it.. : /

It was Jamie's & Cathy's 21st this weekend, so we were at the pub on Saturday night for Jamie's, then Cathy had a bbq at hers last night. Luckily it didn't rain & stayed quite warm through out the evening. Mix that with awesome friends & birthday cake - made it perfect.

Last week we bought some more fish for Ross' tank. We now have 6 new fish, (who are the most awkward things to photograph ever..) 2 'pinstripe' catfish & 4 guppees, which I just call paintbrush fish because of their beautiful tails. : D

Hope you're all well lovelies, promise I'll try to blog a bit more regularly from today onwards. : )