Sponsor? IT'S FREE!

How do I sponsor?
I want to give you the opportunity to advertise your blog, on my blog. Right, let's start off by saying this is absolutely FREE. I don't ask for any money in return for sponsoring you. The only conditions are: you are a public follower of my blog & that you return the favour by placing one of my buttons on your blog. Your button will be placed down the right hand side of my blog, under my buttons. Of course, anytime you want your button removed or make a new one you'd prefer me to use, that's fine. Just send me a e-mail to say. At the end of October, I will ask new bloggers if they want me to advertise, but if you're happy to keep my button on your page, again, e-mail me & say you'd like yours to stay on mine too. : )

If you'd be interested or have any questions, please contact me: pink.marmite@gmail.com : D