Monday, 14 May 2012

Dear Readers

I've seen these posts on quite a few blogs lately & love the idea of them, so I thought I'd try one on this rainy Monday.


Dear Mr Postman; Thankyou so much for delivering Pete's birthday present. I can finally stop stressing & checking Ebay every day. I'm sorry Honey usually manages to tear apart the mail after you put everything so slowly & carefully through our letter box..

Dear Becky, Gemma & Cathy; I can't actually wait for our holiday. Bring on the sunshine. And the men. ; )

Dear Weather; Why are you so sunny when I'm working & rain on my days off. It's not cool. Please start being more considerate. Thx.

Dear Honey; I love our morning cuddles, but hate the fact you try to remove all the mud from your morning walk on my bed. Its not nice to roll in during the night.

Dear Pete; Thankyou for looking after me so much these past couple of weeks, I don't know where I'd be without you. 

Dear Quiz Master Pat; You better have hot chocolate this week or I'll be bringing more instant packets in. No, I'm not joking..

Dear Cole; Thankyou so much for my ear cuff, I seriously love it & haven't stopped wearing it. : )


  1. this is lovely :) might do it myself now!x x

  2. Thank you !
    Ahww, this is so lovely (:

    1. You're welcome, thanks. :) xx

  3. Really good idea, might have to start doing something like this, even if it is confined to my work diary or something, its just nice to reflect!

    joanne from


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