Saturday, 24 November 2012

Star Lytes - Vanilla Creme

Ladies & gentlemen, let me introduce you to my new obsession. Candles. But not just any candles, Star Lytes candles.
This year I've already bought about 8 (oops). I know every blogger in the world is obsessed with Yankie candles - but being so expensive, I've tried to find a suitable alternative. I have to say, Star Lytes candles smell just as amazing if not better than any Yankee candle I've smelt. My favourite is the Vanilla Creme, but they do other Christmas scents, such as Cinnamon Sticks & Snow-capped Pine. They come in a range of sizes like the Yankee candles. The biggest one I own is 510g. I also bought 4 of the smaller sized ones which have lasted me ages & were in a pack for £3.99 (roughly £1 each!)

Have you tried Star Lytes? I can't recommend them enough, seriously. : D


  1. I have a candle obsession but I've never tried Star Lytes! I'll have to check it out!

    1. You should babe :)

      Glad I'm not the only one! xx

  2. these look gooood, where did you find them? I always need more candles :D xxx


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