Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Life At The Moment #31

Honey in the snow / Pawprints / Harv in the snow / Birthday Nandos / Models Own shop in Westfields / Birthday cake / Snow with my boy / Preti in the snow / Presents! / Breakfast in bed / Milk Tray from my nan / Manicure from James / Birthday meal with the girls / What I ate / Girls :)

Soooo, it was my birthday last Wednesday. A whole week ago today, which seems so weird.
I went to London with James for the day. It was so lovely, we managed to visit all the places on my list, including Covent Garden, Westfield shopping centre, Nandos & Hamleys. We had a curry to finish the evening off & collapsed in bed as soon as we got home about 9pm!
Thursday I stole Pete for the day & we did some baking. On the way back from town to my house, Alan's back wheel exploded & we had to call my Dad for roadside assistance. It took him an hour to reach us! The day got better though, I had a meal with the girls in the evening, in a gorgeous pub not far from my home town. Our table was right next to the fire place & we came out to a light sprinkling of snow. Felt more like Christmas than a birthday but still lovely.. : )
Friday was the day the snow came. Luckily, we didn't have any plans that day except a meal with my family in the evening so we didn't have to travel far.
Saturday & Sunday were both nights out with my friends, sadly I only just made it in on Saturday for a couple of hours & couldn't get there at all on Sunday. : (
So over all a mixed week full of ups & downs..
Now I'm back at work & still watching the snow fall.. whens it going to end!? Hope you're all well lovelies. : D


  1. Aw Honey looks cute in the snow! The snow really got in the way of travel plans didn't it, ridiculous! xx

  2. Love this post, your photos of Nandos has got me very excited for mine tonight! xx

    1. :D Ooo hope you enjoyed it babe xxx

  3. You and James are such a cute couple! Wish I could have seen you for your birthday! Glad you had a lovely time! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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