Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Life At The Moment #41

Oops.. / Got my fringe back! / NOTW / Honey waving / Night out / Gorgeous walk / Pizzzzzza / & pudding / Kisses / Pimping out Logan / Fav lipstick / View from my window / Pudding / Hello / Fast & Furious 6 OH MY GOD / Cinema lunch time date OOTD / NOTW / Hot choc at work / Kym's little cutie / Summer purchase / Presents from my boy for our 6 months / Meal out for our anniversary #1 / #2 / #3 / Oh My Love package came! / NOTW / Chocolate orange ice cream, we made it ourselves! / Very blonde hair..
I bet every blog post you read this week from a UK blogger will have mentioned the weather & needless to say, I'm no different! Yay - our Summer has arrived! Meaning I have already purchased a pointless number of summer dresses that will be put away again after this week..
On Saturday, myself & the boy celebrated 6 months together. We had some vouchers for Cote left over from my birthday, so we treated ourselves to a three-course meal & some wine. Cote is one of my favourite restaurants so it was a perfect evening out. I'd recommend going if you haven't already!
I also treated myself to some new polishes this week.. a girl can never have enough right? Reviews coming soooooon. : )


  1. Glad you had a cute 6 months celebration, congratulations :-). Lovely photos, I will forever have hair envy of you! x

    1. Oh babe, these are just good days.. my hair is messy 99% of the time! :'D x


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