Sunday, 15 September 2013

Adventure Time - Crabbing!

Hello lovelies : )
So, yesterday was a sad day. I had to say goodbye to my boyfriend as he headed off to university for a possible 7 years to become a fully qualified vet. Last Thursday was our last full day together as I was working Friday & he left yesterday, so we decided to go crabbing, something I'd never done before & always wanted to do.
So we packed up the car with a bucket, some bacon & my camera & headed to the beach.
My lovely excited face at the end there, haha.
We actually managed to catch about 15 crabs in under an hour, which isn't bad seeing as I was like an excited child & kept pulling my line out before it had even hit the bottom! They seemed to love the bacon (& just incase anyone is wondering, we didn't use a hook & we threw all the crabs back into the sea after catching them). They also had a nice bucket of water, complete with some shells & seaweed to play in.
After crabbing, we went out for dinner at our local Chinese & then headed to the pub to meet up with some friends.
I wore my beautiful new dress from ASOS which luckily had an elastic waist as we ate far too much at the all-you-can-eat buffet.
Have you ever been crabbing before? : )


  1. Don't be sad, there's still
    many possibilities to stay in
    touch with your BF c: Nice
    pictures! Xx

    1. Yes we're planning to see each other every 3 weeks & it's not like he's going to Africa all over again! Thankgoodness!

      Thankyou :) xx

  2. Elastic waists for the win! I'm sure you'll get to see him lots, my friend is studying veterinary in Liverpool while his girlfriend's in Bristol/London so if they can do it, anyone can!xxx

  3. I've never been crabbing, looks like lots of fun though!xx


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