Monday, 23 June 2014

What I'm Taking To Lanzarote

Hello lovelies!
So I'm off to Lanzarote with James! I'm literally buzzing! Our flight is at 15:30 today.. so I thought I'd put this final post together before we jet off for the week : )
This is a must for walking to the beach or getting to the pool from your hotel. I'm taking two with me, one red polka dot one & the other a beautiful turquoise.
I have a serious obsession with kimonos at the moment. They are perfect for English weather.. when it's hot, it's never that hot & you'll always need something to use as a cover up in the evenings. I'm mostly going to be wearing these in the evenings when it gets a bit cooler.
Maybe the most obvious item on this list but something every girl must have when they go on holiday! I'm actually taking 4/5 with me (we're only going for a week but I'll definitely get my wear out of them all!)
Flip Flops
Again, obvious but necessary! One black pair & one white.
Sun Cream
I'm taking ALOT of this. In Boots recently (not sure if the offer is still on) but they have sun cream at half price. I managed to pick up two medium sized bottles & a after sun that's a spray on. Perfect as I hate feeling all sticky from applying lotion.
We're going to be doing a lot of sitting by the pool side & on the beach so sunnies are a must.
I only recently got my Kindle but now I wouldn't be without it! I've recently downloaded the 'Now' Series (rom com) & The Fault In Our Stars. I've heard the book is amazing despite being a tear jerker! Maybe not the best holiday read but I want to read it before seeing the film!
Are you going away this year? What are you taking on holiday with you?

See you all in a week!


  1. I'm so excited for my holiday! I'm getting a kindle soon too and I can't wait to get into reading again now that college is finished <3

    1. Awwh fab, they are so worth the money :) Where are you off too? xx


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