Friday, 15 August 2014

Life At The Moment #60

Hello lovelies,
First of all, why are there so many birthdays in August!? Seriously, I have 8 this month.. how crazy is that!? Anyway, it means lots of dressing up & giving pressies so I'm not complaining!
The first image up there is what I wore to Emily's be-lated birthday meal at Strada. I'm so in love with my little laced skort, I got it from New Look last month. Paired with a plain tee & a kimono, it looks so effortless.
I managed to meet up with my girl Ricka weekend before last - we went for brunch at Bills. I have to say, it's quickly becoming one of my favourite places to eat.. brunch & afternoon tea there is such good value. It's worth going if you have one local to you.
My best girl Cathy celebrated her 23rd birthday last weekend, so myself & James got dolled up & headed to the pub. It's sad to say I'm now one of those girls who would prefer an evening in over most things but we actually had a fantastic evening as we headed to a bar / club after a few drinks.
We also went to see No Jacket Required the other week with my parents & family friends. They are a tribute band made up of about 10 musicians that perform hits by Phil Collins & Genesis. I've lost count of how many times I've seen them perform, but it was the first time James has seen them & regardless of not knowing that many songs, he really enjoyed it.
The Nandos in our local town opened this week! I luckily won tickets for myself & a guest to go & sample their food before they officially opened. I went with Dan on Monday night & it was delicious. I had the butterfly chicken with garlic bread & chips & the portion was huge! (I say this but I managed to eat nearly the whole plateful!) So excited they've officially opened now & we no longer have to travel half hour to our nearest one!
Finally, today I'm chilling at home with my gorgeous doggies, we're about to go for a walk then I'm going to start getting ready for Elisa's 21st celebrations tonight. It's a black & white party so I've got my dress ready, now just need to figure out how to have my hair.. help?


  1. I wish my birthday was August, I'd give anything to be able to have a BBQ birthday, but mines in January. I love your skort from New Look, it looks lovely on you!

    Lindsey. x

    1. Mines January too! :)

      Thankyou babe x

  2. Sounds like you have a good month coming up, 8 birthdays is impressive! xx

    1. :) Yeaaaah has been lovely thankyou xx

  3. Looks like you had a fun month! Love the lace skort and palm tree kimono! Xx


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