Friday, 17 July 2015

Cadbury World

Hello lovelies!
At the end of June, myself & James travelled up to Birmingham to visit Cadbury World. I received two tickets from my parents last Christmas. It's somewhere I've always wanted to go since I was little, so you can imagine my excitement when I got two tickets!
We live about 4 hours drive from Birmingham, in the south of England, so we decided to use James' flat in Gloucester as a pit stop to stay over night. We travelled up on the Thursday night & left Gloucester early Friday morning.
I'd planned for us to go out for breakfast that morning at a gorgeous pub called The Plough Harborne. I've done a full post on our breakfast that you can read here if you like, but to sum it up, we found a real hidden gem. I wish we lived closer to one!
Our tour was booked for 1pm, so after a late breakfast, we drove to Cadbury World. As well as going round the tour of the factory, you can also experience the 4D cinema. That was actually amazing! I've never been in one before, but found it so strange. The movie showed you going on a journey through Cadbury World, on a roller coaster at one point! It felt so realistic.
The tour starts with the history of Cadbury World & explains how chocolate was first made.
You have a small talk at the beginning, but after that you're free to follow the trail on your own. We went on a "bean ride" which was a small car going through the chocolate bean's villages. You saw them fishing, skiing & there was even a Christmas scene. So cute.
We also got to walk around the factory, where we saw employees creating chocolate master pieces.
& finally we got to sample some melted chocolate with a topping of our choice! I had popping candy & James had crunchy.
We visited the gift shop & museum after the tour but still had a few hours to kill before our dinner reservation at Frankie & Bennys. There were lots of tourist flyers & leaflets at Cadbury World & we found one advertising miniature golf about 10 minutes away in a local park. So that's where we went!
I'm usually rubbish at golf, but I lost one game & drew with James on the other! Not bad if you ask me.. : ' )
We then headed to Frankie & Bennys. James' auntie lives in Birmingham, so we arranged to meet up with her for dinner, which was lovely. Despite the restaurant always being loud, the food is always delicious. I had the chicken & chorizo burger & James had spag bol.
We then headed home after a long day back to Gloucester.
I'm so happy I finally got to go to Cadbury World, I felt like a child again!
Have you ever been to Cadbury World? Or the Plough Harborne? : )


  1. I've always wanted to go to Cadburys world! It sounds amazing! That food is making me hungry too!

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

    1. Haha sorry hun! It is a lovely day out :) x

  2. Oh my, this brings back so many good memories, I loved it there! I really want to go back now! Glad you had a great time! x

    Christina -

    1. Awwh when did you go babe? :) Glad it brought back happy memories for you x

    2. I must have been about 12-13 when I last went (LONG time ago, haha!). I remember loving the little ride x

  3. Wow! Cadbury World sounds amazing! The melted chocolate samples look so yummy :) I'm so pleased you and James had a wonderful time :). I've always wanted to visit Cadbury World! I'll definitely have to go sometime in the future :) xxxxx

    1. You will hun it's such a great day out :) xxxx


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