Thursday, 10 September 2015

What I've Been Wearing On My Nails #25

Barry M - / Accessorize - Nail Art Pen in Dark Blue / Models Own - Nail Art Pen in White
This nail art is from my American themed BBQ back in July. I literally did these nails in 10 minutes before everyone arrived! My Models Own nail art pen is slowly dying.. need to get my hands on another one!

Barry M - Pit Stop & Silver Glitter
I tend to stick to glitter nail polishes at Christmas time, but I just can't resist this combo. The silver glitter just goes so beautifully with Pit Stop, it's my favourite design to do, despite the glitter being a nightmare to remove..

Models Own - Utopia
A classic. What can I say about this polish? It's simply beautiful. I remember it being massive in the blogging world a few years back & it's still one of my favourites in my collection.

Sinful Colors - Unicorn / Acessorize - Nail Art Pen in Dark Blue / Barry M - Nail Art Pen in Black, White & Silver.
Ok, let me be honest, I'm not the biggest Minions fan, but as I work at a cinema (& believe it or not we are still showing this film!) it was only right I embraced my inner Minion & created this nail art. I was really proud of it, despite me removing it after a few days. : ' )

What have you been wearing on your nails this month?

& on a seperate note, I'm back from France! Regular blog posts will resume soon, thankyou for sticking with me! : )


  1. I am so useless at painting my nails! You've done an amazing job :)
    Thanks for sharing (and making me jealous!)

    1. Awwh thankyou hun! Sorry for making you jealous! I've been practicing for years haha xx

  2. Your nails look so beautiful hun, stunning! I'm so in love with Barry M polish, it's such a pretty shade and I absolutely love the silver glitter over the top, it's looks so gorgeous!
    I hope you have had a wonderful time in France lovely :)
    El xxxxx

  3. I love your minion nails they are so cute!

  4. These look so cool, especially the American themed one's for your BBQ! x

    Christina Marie -

  5. You're amazing at nail art, I think you're in the wrong job! These are all so lovely, the American ones are fab considering how quickly you did them.

    Lucy x- Yellowicing


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