Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Life Lately #94

This update is full of celebrations & food! Definitely my favourite time of year : D
Elisa & Jamie hosted their yearly Christmas dinner on 12th December & we all brought an element to the Christmas meal. We had such a fun night, opening Secret Santa presents & playing games. Bo also made this amazing cake which was peppermint flavour. It was amazing.
I met up with my tea ladies the following day for our Christmas meal at our local pub. They do the most amazing food at such a reasonable rate. I had brownie for pudding & we had another Secret Santa exchange.
James is now back from uni! We've been working most of the time as it's been the lead up to Christmas & we have pantomime at work, but we managed to squeeze in a trip to see the new Star Wars last Friday. It was absolutely amazing! It was one of those films you come out off & want to go straight back in & watch again! So so so good, have you seen it?
I met up with my girls for a final meal before Christmas at Nandos last Sunday where we swapped pressies & had a catch up over some delicious chicken!
Last night was our work Christmas do. Myself & Nicola organised a three course meal with the lovely ladies on our box office at our local pub. I had the salmon to start, turkey for main & finally a chocolate mousse for pudding. My mum wrote us a quiz, which included a surprise baby round for Elisa as she leaves work tomorrow to give birth to bump. I'm so excited, but so sad to lose my best friend at work.. tears will be coming tomorrow!
Oh & look who's getting in the festive spirit.. Honey loves Christmas! She's been helping me with the wrapping this year & gets excited everytime a present goes under the tree. I can't believe how quick December has gone..
I hope you all have a lovely Christmas & Happy New Year! : )


  1. Aww Honey is absolutely gorgeous! She looks so cute and full of festive cuteness :D. I know exactly what you mean lovely, December has flown by! I can't believe how fast this month has gone, it's crazy!
    Oh my! How good is the new Star Wars?! It's so AMAZING! I can't wait to watch it again already hehe!
    I hope you're all sorted for Christmas hunni, I still have a few little bits that I need to sort! Wish me luck haha! Have a wonderful time dear :) El xxxxx

    1. Thankyou so much for your lovely comment babe, hope you've had a wonderful Christmas! xxxx


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