Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Life Lately #96

Ok, so who else is dying of cuteness right now?! I'd like you all to meet Lily! I mentioned that she was born in my last update post & this was the day we went to visit her in hospital. Isn't she just the sweetest little thing you've ever seen? I don't have any babies in my family, so I'm massively excited by Lily's arrival! I didn't take a picture unfortunately, but we also said goodbye to Mils & Craig the same day as they headed off around the world on their travels. I already miss them both terribly, but can't help but be super jealous of all the snapchats I'm getting of Mils sitting on a beach.. how unfair as we currently suffering -5 degrees here in the UK!
Last Wednesday, I met up with Gemma for an early birthday lunch at Sugar & Snow. I was trying to be healthier with my diet since the new year, but that's gone out the window this past week! It's impossible to diet when it's your birthday! We had a lovely catch up, along side a tea & chocolate filled pancake. Was so delicious.
Our Race For Life photo was in our local newspaper this month! You might remember me posting about our day last year when we ran as a group from work. My lovely friend Shez who has organised it for the last 2 years left work middle of last year, so it's been left to me to organise this year's event. After meeting up with her last week, I'm actually so excited about organising it & we've already got some people signed up. If you want to take part this year, you can join in January for £10 as opposed to £14.99. It's such an amazing experience to take part in, I'd highly recommend it.
It's been so warm up until this week in the UK, we've had all the Spring flowers popping up in the garden! These were shop bought daffodils, but my mum gets them every year on my birthday. If you didn't see my post earlier this week, it was all about turning 25 & how challenging this year is going to be for me. If you fancy a read, you can view the post here. Thankyou for all your lovely comments, I never thought it would get the response it has. Really does mean a lot to me to know you guys relate to it as well.
Which leads me nicely on to my birthday celebrations! James travelled back from uni in Gloucester last Thursday & took me out for dinner at The Giggling Squid in the evening. I've raved about this restaurant before, but if you haven't heard of it, they serve the most delicious Thai cuisine. We had such a lovely evening & headed back to mine for some wine & pudding!
On Saturday I celebrated in style at my Disney party! I've literally been planning this night for months so you can imagine my excitement when Saturday came round! I hired a local venue for my event & decorated it with balloons, fairy lights & party poppers, complete with games such as pin the tail on the Eeyore & kiss the frog. We also did a quiz & connected a laptop to a projector so we could watch Disney films! It was such a good night & I was surrounded by all my amazing friends. I got to wear the most beautiful dress & was able to become a princess for the night! (A life long dream of mine!)
On Monday night I met up with my girls & we went for dinner at Cote. I've never sampled the early bird menu but it was such good value for money, definitely recommend it if you get the chance to go. I had a three course meal; pate to start, steak for main & chocolate mousse for pudding.
How has your 2016 been so far lovelies?
Thankyou so much again to everyone that left me a tweet, message or text for my birthday. I'm still in my little bubble of happiness from Saturday. : )


  1. Sounds like a really fun start to the new year :) And happy belated birthday!!
    Love from New York,
    Charlotte Luisa |

  2. A Disney Party- what an awesome way to celebrate :) It sounds like you had a fabulous birthday. And the baby is so adorable

    Rachel xx

    1. Thankyou babe, she really is :) xx

  3. Lovelies pics! ^^


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