Monday, 1 February 2016

Life Lately #97

Hello lovelies,
Just look at that view! This is one of my favourite places I've discovered in my local area recently. It's a small café that looks out onto a lake, you can hire out a cabin for the night or take a rod & flask down & go fishing for the day. Myself & Ricka met up for lunch there & we can't wait to head back in the Summer. They have decking that goes around the edge of the lake, so it'll be perfect for those warm Summer nights with a glass of wine!
I've been massively sorting my makeup / clothes / life out this month. (If you want to see a review of the Tanya Burr lip gloss, you can view it here) I managed to have a clear out of all my makeup last week & today I'm sorting my wardrobe. It's actually ridiculous how many clothes I own but don't wear anymore..
Last Wednesday I travelled up to Gloucester to see James. We had a lovely long weekend together, filled with food & watching The Walking Dead. It scares me & I spend most of the time hiding behind James or a cushion, but it's slightly addictive as well.. (don't tell him I said that!) We took a trip to town on Friday & went to Nandos (thanks Auntie Jules for our voucher!) & managed to see a few of James' friends at the pub Thursday night.
I headed home yesterday & got ready to go out for Kym's birthday meal at TGI Fridays. I managed to squeeze myself into a skirt I no longer thought would fit (yay me!) & headed out to dinner. We had the most delicious meal, burger & chips for me followed by brownies & then headed home. I love catching up with my tea ladies, they always have so many stories to tell.
& finally, as well as clearing out my wardrobe, today I'm going to relax. I've had a total of 6 days off work & I've really needed it. I've put myself under a lot of pressure recently to work every shift available & with the looming feeling of knowing I'm going to be making the biggest purchase of my life soon (can read more about my thoughts here if you like) I've completely worn myself out, so much so, it's been dragging me down. I do need to remember to take time out from the business of day to day life & just relax & take time for me. I'm one of those people who just wouldn't function without taking a moment or two to reflect.
How was January for you lovelies? Here's to a wonderful February! : )


  1. WOW the café over the lake looks absolutely gorgeous, I wish I lived closer but it sounds nice to rent a cabin I would love to do that x I love having a good old clear out too it just feels SO good, and TGI's my fave place! xxx

    1. Awwh thankyou for your lovely comment babe! I'm obsessed with TGI's now as well! Only went for the first time at the beginning of January xxx

  2. I need to clear out my wardrobe as well... Sounds like you had a great January and loving your little snaps :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  3. The pictures are all so pretty! I also need to organise my stuff.


  4. Oh my! Talk about a beautiful view! The lake looks absolutely gorgeous and ever so peaceful, I would LOVE to hire a cabin there :).
    TGI Fridays is so yummy, it's definitely one of my fav restaurants hehe! I hope that you had a nice meal out and fun catch up with your friends :D.
    I've been having a little clear out too, I love sorting through my old clothing :).

    Have a great weekend my dear :) El xxxx

  5. Ah how amazing does that burger look?! xx

    Gemma |

    1. Oh my gosh I know, it was delicious! xx


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