Friday, 29 April 2011

Just Wow

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  It would have been silly for me to do a post today without featuring Kate & William's wedding wouldn't it? How beautiful did she look, seriously her dress was amazing. : ) (& notice it was lace! Relating back to my previous post!) Did anyone watch it?

  I have to admit, I did cry when she was walking up the aisle with her dad & when she saw William standing waiting for her. N'awwwwh. & their kiss! How gorgeous. Who else noticed the little girl with her hands over her ears on the balcony? LOL.
  So, William is now taken. Don't worry though girls, we still have Harry! & I loved what the Queen was wearing, I thought she looked like a little Easter chick. : )

  & the hats always interest me, some of them are so pretty, some I think go slightly over the top. I saw a few satellite dishes scattered around.. hahaha. I love weddings anyway, but a royal one & the fact she was just a normal girl, turning into a Princess by marrying her fairy tale Prince.. just sooo amazing. I could go on forever about it. : )

  It's one of my best friend's birthdays today, so I paid for her to have her eyebrows & a manicure done yesterday all ready for her party tomorrow. It was really good fun, I had my eyebrows done too. (Stupid mistake, going to work an hour after getting them waxed). To be fair, it was the only time we could have them done as it was bank holiday today through to Monday. I got a few funny looks from people, but the swelling went down pretty quickly!

  Hope your all enjoying your day off if you have one, make the most of the patches of sun. : D


  1. I got all teary too and goosebumps. I loved watching and I loved her dress.

  2. Did you like Carol's dress? I loved the colour, and I think it suited her really well :D

  3. Helen: I got goosebumps too, was so beautiful.

    Miss Tea: I loved the colour of Carol's dress, it was gorgeous. :)

  4. Aww you are such a dearie, that was a really nice birthday pressie! Pampering your friend like that. ♥♥

    I loved Kate's gown, it was so intricate and gorgeous.

    The Cat Hag

  5. awww they are so sweet! It's like the fairytale wedding we see in disney fairytales..and you are a sweet friend!<3

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    Take care and have a Lovely day!

  6. It was so beautiful. And I really loved the dress too, she's such a beautiful woman!

    /S / http://

  7. I loved every minute of it, such a wonderful day and what a beautiful bride. Absolutely stunning!
    Hope you enjoyed your friends' party, and hands off Harry, he's mine!! :) xx

  8. Hey Cat!

    Hayley here from Fashion and Me, CONGRATS you've won this month's giveaway!

    My email is I need your address sweet to send you your necklace :)

  9. I loved every minute of the wedding, she did look beautiful! Harry was gorgeous as always, I think I might love him. Hahaha. The queen looked so cute! Haha :D. I always look at the hats too! I'd love to go to a royal wedding, just as an excuse to wear a crazy hat! ;D.
    Happy birthday to your friend :).

  10. Addie: My friend loved it, so I'm just glad she didn't think I was torturing her with the waxing!

    Rose: I'll pop over to your blog as soon as I've posted this. :) I know, it was such a beautiful wedding. :D

    S: I think she is gorgeous too, I was trying to think who she reminded me of, I think it's Martine McCutcheon!

    Emily: I'll fight you for Harry! ;D
    Yeah we had a really good night thankyou, sharing wine always makes it a good night!

    Hayley: Thankyou so much hun, I've just dropped you an e-mail. :)

    Danielle: I know what you mean! I would love to go just for the hats! Maybe also to meet Harry & have a quality conversation with him. ;)

    xxxxxxxx love to you all!


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